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After ten thousand years, the aura tide returns.

The prosperous Tokyo is back in the Edo period, and the ghosts travel by night.

In the desert, Pharaoh took his army to wake from the eternal sleep.

Vampires and werewolves fight endlessly on the Eastern European plains.

Witches and demons walk through Europa’s downtown.

On the American continent, seven pairs of wings of feather snakes stretch their bodies and open their eyes in the cycle of death.

Humans, falling from the top of the food chain, recalled the fear of being dominated by mythological species.

In this world where demons and demons are rampant, Li Rui glanced at the monstrous zombie phantom that enveloped him, and said to the system.

“Please give me a set of Sun Flame, Blue Shield, Bingxin, Inspiring, Fanatic, Anti-injury, yes, there are gargoyle plate armor, natural power, adaptive helmet, justice and glory…”

Then he arched his hands at the trembling monsters.

“I’m not a talented person, today is going to blast your heads!”

“Indestructible grip!” +5 health

“Dark Harvest!” Damage growth +5

“Transitional growth!” +2% health

“Storm Gathering!” +100 spell power

what? You also want me to eat these strange lines? Let me tell you! I, Li Rui, just starved to death, died outside, and jumped from here without…

System: “Health +40”

“Rua~ Really fragrant!”

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