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After Su Jiuli traveled to the interstellar world from the end of the world, he discovered that there was actually a world in a book, and he became a victim of a special frame of Vicious cannon fodder.

This cannon fodder is not only waste material, but also various scandals. Everyone is waiting to see his jokes every day.

When Su Jiuli came through, the original owner had done all the bad things and failed to awaken his ability.

Su Jiuli: It’s not impossible to divorce. As long as you become a beast, it makes me happy.

The protagonist attack & the protagonist suffer: You are dreaming.

Everyone: Shameless, that’s an intimate thing that can only be done between partners.

Su Jiuli was rejected, pointing to the majestic big white tiger on the poster next to him, his eyes flashed: This is my favorite plush, I Want to slap him!

The protagonist: You are crazy, that’s my uncle.

The protagonist: You are crazy, that is my white moonlight.

Everyone: You are crazy, that is our male god, the future emperor of the empire, are you, worthy,?


Su Jiuli is not crazy, all the people in StarCraft are crazy.

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