Chapter 1:Inverse Sword God

Lin Xuan

Xuan Tianzong, practicing Jianfeng.

In the open mountains, dozens of young boys in white are practicing swords, and their dazzling spiritual power is wrapped in long swords. The sword's edge cuts through the air and trembles in the air.

Not far away, a group of linen teenagers stared indulgently, eyes full of envy.

"If only I could be one of them, then I can learn swords and practice swords and think of it!" Said Mai Mai.

"Dream! People are Xuantianzong disciples, and we are swordsmen, how can they practice swords like them!"

"I want to be a disciple of Xuan Tianzong, it's simple, just study Lin Xuan!" A strange voice of Yin and Yang sounded.

The juvenile Mai Mai smiled in a ball, but all looked at the same place.

Walking in the woods, there was a juvenile boy, about sixteen or seventeen, with a clear face and a thin body. He held a black iron sword and stabbed out. The sweat had already wet his shirt, but he didn't know it.

"Lin Xuan? Huh, because of his waste, he can't be a disciple of Xuantianzong for a hundred years! Don't say, among us, he is the bottom one. What should he do to become a disciple of Xuanjianzong? "

"Yeah, I heard that he wanted to impact the Ningmai environment a few days ago, but he failed, he vomited more blood, and Xiu Wei fell to the third level of the refining body, and he hasn't recovered yet!" taste.

"As for him, he has practiced the same skill every day for the past three months, and it is still the kind of bland, it is estimated that he has practiced silly!"

Many people's voices are very loud. Lin Xuan heard these words, a bit of bitterness appeared in his heart, but the hand holding the sword became stronger, he stretched a small face, and continued to practice the sword.

Through martial arts, refining is the foundation, and Ningmai is the entry point. Only by opening up the spiritual veins in the body can you have the opportunity to go further on the martial arts road.

"Wang Brother is already the ninth stage of refining, if you break into the condensed veins, don't forget us!" These sackboys saw Lin Xuan indifferent, scolded one another, and then began to please the one around them. Teenagers.

"That's for sure, Brother Wang can break through in two months, and maybe he can become a disciple of Xuantianzong!"

Wang Yang dismissed Lin Xuan with a disdainful glance, and then said: "Without two months, at most one month, I can break through!"

"Really? Brother Wang is mighty ..." The sackboys around him slap their farts.

"Wang Brother, look at how arrogant Lin Xuan is. You might as well teach him."

Wang Wangyang had long been dissatisfied with Lin Xuan. He glanced at the disciples in white who practiced swords and estimated that it was still a long time before they rested, so he got up and walked towards Lin Xuan.

The juveniles in linen followed suit, preparing to watch Lin Xuan's joke.

Lin Linxuan practiced his sword with all his spirits. He rushed forward and stabbed the sword straight in his hand. The sword flashed, leaving a sword mark on the trunk.

In fact, they don't know that Lin Xuan has been practicing this trick for three years. Since that day, he has practiced this technique every day, no matter what the situation, he has never stopped.

Huh! A stone flew to the back of Lin Xuan, sounding the sound of breaking the air, the force was so shocking.

Lin Linxuan leaned, avoiding the attack dangerously and dangerously, he stopped and looked angrily. I saw Wang Yang with a group of juveniles standing not far away, looking like he was looking for something.

"Well, you are good, can you avoid it?" Wang Yang said with a smile.

"What's the matter with you?" Lin Xuan said with a long sword in his handshake. Just a moment ago, if he was slower, I'm afraid there would be a blood hole in his head. He and these people have no revenge, but they are so vicious!

听说 "I heard that you practiced swordsmanship for three months. I think it is very powerful. Let us show it."

Lin Linxuan looked at them coldly, without words.

"Why, dare? Or did you practice for three months without any effect?" Wang Yang laughed very arrogantly.

"Brother, show him a hand and let him know how good you are!"

"Boy, let me tell you what swordsmanship is!" Wang Yang stepped out, exhaling a strong breath, like a dull volcano, which can erupt at any time.

"It is indeed the ninth step of refining the body, and it makes me uncomfortable even with my breath!" Many Mai youths said in shock.

Wu Wangyang sneered, he pulled out the steel sword, danced a sword flower, and then stabbed at Lin Xuan.

The juvenile Mai Mai eyes widened and wanted to see how Lin Xuan was unable to fall to the ground. They were tired of this incompatible guy. Everyone was a sword slave. What do you pretend to be?

Gao Linxuan sighed, some pale hands held the black sword, and the next moment, his eyes became extremely sharp.

Draws a sword, rises, stabs, closes.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. When everyone returned to God, they found that Lin Xuan had stolen the black iron sword and stood coldly.

"Impossible, this is impossible!" Wang Yang turned back in horror, a strand of his hair was cut off, and there was a blood stain on his neck, and blood was flowing outward.


The crowd took a breath of air, and they could not think of the ninth-order cultivation of Wang Yang's refining, and they would be defeated by Lin Xuan of the third-order refining, and they would still win with one stroke.

"What kind of person is Lin Xuan, and what sword skills does he practice?" This is the question of everyone.

"What's going on here, what are you doing here, want to rebel!" A sharp voice sounded.

"Broken, Xuan Tianzong's disciples are going to rest." The juveniles of Mai Mai trembled with smiles on their faces and greeted the disciples in white.

"Master, are you thirsty, this is Jiu Ye Ling Tea, I made it all night long!"

"Master, mysterious spirit, quickly restore strength, you eat one."

All Mai boys are humble and take care of those disciples in white, even Wang Yang is no exception. He put away the terrified expression and ran quickly towards a disciple in white.

"Master, your elixir." Wang Yang said respectfully.

The young man took the elixir, swallowed it, and glanced at Wang Yang's neck, his eyebrows suddenly wrinkled.

"What's the matter, how did you get the injury on your neck?" Asked Chen Feng, a teenager in white.

"Lord, master ..." Wang Yang's body was a little trembling. If the master knew that he had lost to a third-order refining man, I'm afraid he would be miserable.

At this time, other disciples in white also came around, and some sword slaves told what happened, and everyone looked at Lin Xuan.

"A sword slave, dare to be so bold, believe it or not, Master Ben killed you!"

"It seems you are becoming more and more unruly!"

"Master, he's Miss Tang Yu's sword slave." Someone reminded.

哦 "Oh, Tang Yu has changed swordsman? Why don't I know."

怎么 "Why, do you have an opinion?" Outside the crowd, a clear voice came, and then a young girl in a pale white tights came in.

少女 This girl has exquisite facial features, fair skin, proud body, and long legs.

Many people secretly drooled, even those disciples in white had dry lips and bright eyes.

"Lin Xuan, let's go." Tang Yu ignored these people directly, threw the sword in his hand to Lin Xuan, and then left side by side with him.

"Don't let them go like this?" Some disciples refused to accept it.

"Don't worry, Tang Yu can't move, but a little sword slave, playing him in minutes. Isn't he going to go into the mountain to prepare for that thing tomorrow, bring this guy and let him feel it well!"

"Dare to mess with me, Chen Feng, you are dead!" The disciple in white looked at Lin Xuan's back and showed a cruel smile.

Lin Linxuan followed the long-legged beauty all the way, attracting the attention of many people, of course, these eyes are mostly looking at Tang Yu.

Tang Yu didn't care about these eyes, she looked at Lin Xuan with a smile and said, "I saved you, how do you plan to repay me?"

"Well, thank you very much," Lin Xuan said seriously.


The girl bit her silver teeth lightly, her face swollen and stared at Lin Xuan badly, but she seemed to think of something. She blinked and said softly, "Lin Xuan, there is something wrong with my sword. You help Let me see."

The young girl handed a long sword, a dark green scabbard, made of good monster skin, facing up with a few gems, and dazzling in the sun.

Lin Linxuan didn't care about this at all. He grabbed the sword, pulled out the blade, and watched it carefully.

The blue-sworded sword body is like the sky, but there is a small black spot on the tip of the sword, which dims the gloss of the entire sword.

"Hey, you guy don't care for your sword at all." Lin Xuan muttered, while slicing his fingers with the sword's blade, let the blood flow out, and the fingers were lightly stained with blood, and soon the black spots disappeared. After that, Lin Xuan let the blood flow through the whole sword, and then stopped his movement.

"Okay." He handed the sword to the girl.

The young girl took the sword with joy and waved it a few times in the air, making a whistling sound of broken air, the blood was already in the sword body, and the entire sword was like a sapphire.

"Stand!" The girl yelled coldly when she saw Lin Xuan turning around.

"Tang Yu, the sword has been repaired for you, what else do you have?" Lin Xuan sighed and said helplessly.

"I want to practice swords, you can do tricks with me." Tang Yu pulled out the long sword angrily.

"Sister, you are a fourth-order Ningmai spirit, you asked me to practice a third-level spiritual disciple with you, deliberately want to kill!" Lin Xuan immediately refused.

The disciples who have reached the condensed state are called spirit men, while those who practice the physical state are spirit disciples.

"Rest assured, I won't exert my spiritual power." Tang Yu smiled at the corner of his mouth, turned his wrist, and the blue sword stabbed suddenly.

"This girl is really playing!" Lin Xuan was shocked, and hurriedly raised his sword to block him. A bang, the two swords intersected, Lin Xuan only felt a strong force coming, shaking him back three steps.

"I have no spiritual power!" Tang Yu said with a smile, the sword in his hand changed again, like a breeze hit Lin Xuan.

"Hee hee, this is my new breeze swordsmanship. How about you try?"

The sword in Tang Yu's hands was blasting with a blast of wind, and Lin Xuan's shirt fluttered. "Fuck, that's it, every time I learn a new swordsmanship, I will practice my hands!"

Zhe Linxuan has been here for three months as a sword slave to Xuan Tianzong. During these three months, he did not know how many times he was tortured by this little devil. Every time he practiced a sword with her, he must be wearing a lottery.

I thought of this, and only heard a stab, his clothes were cut out of a long mouth, Lin Xuan's heart was angry, and the sword in his hand began to fight back frequently.

Although he has never been able to communicate, he ca n’t really cultivate, but above the sword, Lin Xuan ’s talents are very high, and the ordinary swordsmanship has become magical in his hands, as if he was born with this ability, That's why Tang Yu often finds him practicing sword.

Seeing that Tang Yu did not use any spiritual power, Lin Xuan swung his sword, drawn a half-arc in the air, picked Tang Yu's attack aside, and then slashed directly to cut Tang Yu's wrist.

Tang Yu was frightened, and the breeze sword danced, trying to resolve the attack, but Lin Xuan's sword was pressing step by step like a poisonous snake, and her tricks were sealed with precision every time.

"Hum!" Tang Yu's heart was annoyed, and she used her spiritual power unconsciously. A blue light radiated from the long sword, and Lin Xuan shot into a fly. UU Reading at


Zhe Linxuan flew out two meters, fell to the ground, and his blood was surging in his chest. In front of the spirit, he was like a boat in the sea of ​​anger, and he would be overturned at any time.

"If I can get through the veins, I won't be reduced to such a point!" Lin Xuan thought of this, and looked dim.

"God, you have given me such a good qualification, but I can't get the pulse, you just play me!"

Seeing Lin Xuan pretending to be dead on the ground, Tang Yu walked over and kicked him: "Okay, don't pretend to be dead, I have no strength."

Lin Linxuan was in pain, and he sat up and said, "Let a miracle hurt, otherwise no one will practice sword with you in the future."

Tang Yu gave him a white look, reluctantly took out a scarlet elixir and threw it over. Other sword slaves bowed their knees and listened to the master everything, but this Lin Xuan was better, she ignored her, and was bigger than her.

However, this Lin Xuan always has unique views on swordsmanship, and Wen Yang's sword is better than other sword slaves, so Tang Yu just bullied him and did not dare to destroy him. Since practicing sword with Lin Xuan, she has improved a lot in the past three months.

"You are also a kendo genius, but unfortunately you can't cultivate spiritual power, so you just follow Miss Ben honestly and won't let you suffer!" Tang Yu comforted two words and left.

Yuan Linxuan took out a white porcelain vial, put the vermilion elixir in the vial, and carefully closed it. This is an elixir of healing. The effect is very good. He keeps the elixir every time and keeps it when needed.

After collecting the elixir, Lin Xuan walked towards his hut. He had to reach the ninth stage of refining as soon as possible, and tried to impact the vein again.

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