Chapter 1:Invincible Copy System

Across the earth

Earth, China, Jiangzhou base city, the first middle school.

You are all 16 years old, and you are not kids anymore. Now we don’t have to hide from you. Our living space is constantly being compressed, so you must work hard to become warriors, warriors, and even gods of war, to win enough for us humans. Living space, if otherwise, all of us will die, may starve to death, may become food for beasts..."

What the hell? starve? living space? Fierce beast?

These terms flooded Liu Ning's ears, and he knew that he had come into a different world.

Crossed by yourself? Fuck, before Liu Ning could react, the teacher's words came through.

Classmates, we have lost three-quarters of our territory, and our population has decreased from 30 billion to 15 billion. We have no way out. If the base city is breached, it will be the moment when our humanity will become extinct...

Teacher Qi, who was giving a lecture, was so excited that he coughed up blood.

Teacher Qi's injuries have intensified again. The last time he was attacked by a beast was not good! "

Liu Ning learned from his classmates that the adult men in the base city have to go out on patrols to protect the farmland outside the city. They also have to search for nearby beasts to prevent them from assaulting the base city. Teacher Qi was affected during the last patrol. Injury.

Teacher Qi, you should take a break, lest your injury worsen..."

There was a voice outside the classroom. Liu Ning looked up and saw that it turned out to be three soldiers in military uniforms.

Xiaofang, what are you? "The leading soldiers are students of Teacher Qi, and Teacher Qi doesn't understand why they are here.

Sorry teacher, I am here to recruit..." The soldier named Xiaofang looked guilty.

Fang Qiang, are you crazy? You open your eyes and see, they are only 16 years old, can they deal with the beasts? "

Teacher Qi said loudly, causing another cough.

I can’t help it. In an attack last night, we lost 15 brothers. If the patrol is short of people, there will be loopholes in our area, which may affect the entire base city..."

Fang Qiang's words shocked the people in the classroom, and they lost 15 patrol members at once. This is a disastrous defeat!

How many you want? "

Teacher Qi closed his eyes, knowing that this cannot be changed.

Fang Qiang was taken away at the age of 17, but the current student is only 16, which shows that it is getting harder for humans.

Fang Qiang stretched out two fingers, which meant that he wanted two students. He was also very sad. After leaving the base city, there was danger everywhere outside. The reincarnation rate was as high as 20% for each mission.

Liu Ning... Luo Dong..."

Teacher Qi pronounced two names, which means that these two people are going to join the patrol.

Liu Ning hadn't figured it out yet, he heard the teacher call his name, and there was also a boy in front of him on the left. That guy also looked scared.

Congratulations to both of you. Starting today, you are the glorious patrols, and you can get married. "

Fang Qiang said with a smile more ugly than crying.

Liu Ning doesn't understand, what does the patrol have to do with marriage?


The super copy system is on...

Martial Skill Qianjin Fist detected...

H-class armor detected...

Do you want to start copying?

The reproduction cost is 10,000 yuan each...

When Liu Ning looked at Fang Qiang, such a dialog box suddenly appeared in his mind.

Sure enough, it was reborn... The rebirth belt system was indeed standard.

With this thought in Liu Ning's heart, he could actually replicate the opponent's skills and equipment. This system was really against the sky.

But looking at his balance, there was only a pitiful 52 yuan... The gap is too big... It seems that the basis of this system is money.

What martial arts? Armor? As the system started, a wave of memories came in Liu Ning's mind.

In 2080, a flu changed the earth.

When the virus came, everyone thought it was a common cold, but later it caused the evolution of species.

The animals on the earth suddenly have powerful forces and become fierce beasts.

Of course, humans have also become stronger, but there are more fierce beasts than humans. After a fierce battle, under the leadership of the Human Union Council, the strong humans have established a large number of base cities, which can be considered to be able to protect the bottom line of human survival. Humans have entered the era of base cities.

Liu Ning was frightened, grandma's, what kind of world is this? too terrifying.

However, Teacher Qi did not give him time to be afraid, and has already begun to explain the issue of marriage.

Be quiet, everyone. Let me explain to you. Ordinary people don’t have the right to marry. Only by becoming a patrol member or going to university can they have the right to marry. This is a reward for you..."

Wait a minute, why are we? We are not the oldest in terms of age, and we are not the strongest in terms of strength. "

Another teenager murmured, no one wanted to go out to die.

You are embarrassed to ask this sentence. You two have the worst strength and the worst academic performance. Your chances of becoming a soldier and scientific researcher are too low. If you don’t choose who you choose, this is a selection made by our human race. Standards, do you have an opinion? "

Fang Qiang answered the question in place of Teacher Qi, and with a look, Luo Dong almost couldn't stand still, too murderous.

Patrol members are like cannon fodder. They have no counterattack against the beasts, but they have sensors on their bodies. As long as these people die, human masters will know where the beasts appear. To put it bluntly, patrol members are bait.

In Liu Ning’s memory, there are also levels of human powers. Patrol members like Liu Ning are the lowest. The two soldiers behind Fang Qiang who are higher than them are on patrols for two years. The team members are also official soldiers.

Fang Qiang is a higher level, but he is not a real warrior. He is called a warrior apprentice. This is already very remarkable, only one among more than 100 people.

Above him is the real warrior, and more than 10,000 ordinary people can have a warrior, and then there are intermediate warriors, senior warriors, junior warriors, intermediate warriors, senior warriors, junior war gods, intermediate war gods, advanced war gods...

Look, that is our master Wei Xiong, the real war [biquge] scholar..."

With that shout, everyone ran to the window. In fact, the controller was already far away, but Liu Ning felt that the controller was too majestic. Among the 14,572 celebrities in this gathering point, this is absolute Idol.

However, Liu Ning is not greedy. We have a replication system. It is a matter of time to become a strong one.

Take the money well. This is your settlement expenses. Either buy some good equipment, or buy some delicious and drink, or find a woman and save yourself a queen..."

I don't know when, Fang Qiang came to the two of them and gave each of them 10,000 yuan.

In this era, paper money is still used, and the purchasing power is about the same as that on the earth. You can marry a wife with 10,000 yuan, haha!

The subsidy for each gathering point is different. Their gathering point is relatively poor, so they only have 10,000 yuan.


Found martial arts Qianjin Fist...

Do you want to start copying?

The cost of reproduction is 10,000 yuan.

Damn, when the money comes in, the system's notification sound arrives again. This system is really a vampire.


Liu Ning can't do anything when he is born again, of course, he must first have a skill.

After choosing, there was a dizziness in an instant. Liu Ning felt that he was reborn, and when he looked at Fang Qiang, he didn't seem to feel that much pressure anymore.

Taking advantage of others not paying attention, secretly poke a hole in the iron desk, really amazing!

Copy successfully!

The body strength has reached the level of warrior apprentice!

The reminder sounded in my head, success is so simple and paralyzed. Others have not been able to become warrior apprentices after more than ten years of hard work. Did you buy it for 10,000 yuan?

Live well..."

Teacher Qi gave them 1,000 yuan each, which is also the best ability to be a teacher. They only have a monthly salary of 4,000 yuan, and half of the salary is used to support the students. This teacher is also very good.


This is the voice of all patrol members.

This is too much sadness and too much helplessness.

According to Teacher Qi's experience, perhaps they will lose their lives on their first patrol, and maybe this is a farewell.

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