Chapter 2783:Invincible Copy System


In their impressions, many things may only be carried out in this way, but if it were explained in other ways, I am afraid there would be no such supervision, so under such circumstances, no matter what their hearts Whatever they think, they must be solved in this way in the end. If they want to solve it in other ways, it is probably their own problem, so in this case, no matter what they make in the end It seems that there is no way to achieve the best result. Some people may think that this method is not a good thing, but for them, it is quite good to be able to do this. As for what they will choose in the end Way.

They can't explain it clearly now. We don't need to tell you about this. What's more, even if we tell you, this situation is not suitable for you. It's better to find other ways slowly. If you can think about it It is also a good thing for us, but if you don't understand, then this matter is basically over, there is no need to discuss the result with us, let alone we have no People are willing to talk, so on this matter, even if some people think it's correct, they don't dare to say anything. Even if everything you say is correct, then how should you say it in the end? Can this be solved again?

This is a very important thing at the moment. What's more, even if everyone knows these things, they may not be able to follow your will in the end. If they follow your will, many situations will make everyone in the future. There is no way to get along.

Especially in the current situation, many things that you do have no good results. Once these things make other people's faces look bad, I am afraid that some people will come forward and look for trouble. I am afraid that they will find trouble, but after a long time, the final situation will be completely different. No one will think that these things are correct. When these things are said, everyone basically knows what the situation is, so in the current situation, what they say may be incorrect, but they really want to start researching this matter. If so, we can't treat it as a trivial matter.

So in some cases, some people should know what to do. If they don't know, then let's not talk about this matter and think about it slowly in the future. As for who we are What do you think, no one is thinking about this for the time being, and there is no need for us to figure it out. If we want to figure it out, the future results will be another matter. Some people may not understand this, But when they understand, many things are too late, don't care if you can bear it or not, even if you want to solve this problem, it is not so easy for the time being, everyone has already done this. For the sake of it, if some things can be solved so easily, I believe they will not be so anxious, so under such circumstances, many people are not in a hurry. As for what they are thinking, we will not worry about it for the time being. Not so much, if only we could manage so much.

Some situations can be viewed from elsewhere. This is what these people are most satisfied with. Some people can be satisfied with these things, but some people are not satisfied with these things. There is a situation that we can fully understand, but some things should be I don't understand. In their impression, there are many things that can go on, but if they don't say anything, then it has nothing to do with us. We don't need to talk about this matter. There are too many, even if you say too much, it is of no use. Don’t expect everyone to take this as the same thing, because in everyone’s impression, we actually need to develop slowly. As for us in the end What will it be like.

That is probably their own business, and it really has nothing to do with us.

Even knowing this can't be too accurate for me right now, and if you do, you're going to suffer a lot yourself in the future.

Some people's impressions of the situation are completely incorrect. As for how we can do this well, it is really unclear for the time being. If we can all make it clear, maybe the result in the future will be another time. Well, whenever we want to talk about these things, many people will stop us from behind. As for why they stop us, some people really don’t want us to have an accident, so they think about it for a long time, hope It can help us to some extent in this matter, but what the other group of people is thinking, I'm afraid we won't be able to tell for the time being. These people do things completely differently. If you want to give them If you get in touch, it's probably a very bad thing.

Therefore, in the current situation, we can only stand by and watch. As for when we can see, this is probably their own problem. There is not much to say with us. This is also the most critical issue. , if we can all understand this problem, maybe the future situation will be completely different, but the current situation is not easy to say, so we have no way to understand, once we understand this matter, many future The matter is actually very helpless, so in this matter, everyone can only watch from the sidelines. As for whether we can do our best, this is probably not something we can imagine. In their impressions , some things are indeed true, but if you do it all according to this idea.

Then I'm afraid we don't need to say anything more. This is also the most important thing. When we talk about this matter, we must have the last bit of goodwill. If we don't even have that bit of goodwill, then we There is no need to continue to do this. When the cataclysm happened, the high levels of human society were able to unite together because everyone felt the crisis, and in that crisis situation, we simply had no way to solve it. All of this, and if someone wants to solve all this, they have to look at the real situation. When you can't see the real situation, no matter how you want to solve it, there is no way to solve it. It is precisely because of this that many people should make a certain review on this matter, as for what they are thinking in their hearts.

I'm afraid we can't manage that much now. Even if we can manage so much, some things must be clearly seen by them. When we can all see this clearly, the next things will be another matter. , this is also what everyone can think in their hearts. As for what they want to be, it probably has nothing to do with us. We don't need to take this matter to ourselves. If we all If we take it on ourselves, then we will inevitably suffer in this matter in the future. As for how much we will suffer, this is not something that people like us can endure. Just watch it, if you don't want to watch it.

Then our future situation is not easy to say. In everyone's impression, everyone will figure out these things. As for whether they can figure it out, or whether these things can have a proper result, this In fact, everyone can't see clearly. When everyone can understand this matter, their hearts are even clear. No one will say anything more about this matter. Even if someone says it, then they are completely For those who do not understand the situation, once they all understand the situation, they will believe that many things are not true. In the impression of these people, some things are actually very appropriate. When some people understand this, we actually It is already in the past. If we insist on telling them about this matter, we will not be able to handle the situation in the future. No one will think that this matter is true, because when they do it.

Most people's things are over.

Some people may not understand this, but as long as it is made clear to them, in fact, many things can be completely solved. As for what they are thinking, we may not be so anxious for the time being. It is precisely because of this One point, when these things happen, these people present have to watch carefully. As for how we will solve this situation in the end, this is still a hard thing to say. When they can all understand this, the future Many situations are completely different. As for how we need to do this, this is also the most basic thing for them. As for whether they can solve it, this is probably not something we should think about. Clear words.

Then some situations are different, so in such a situation, what they have to do is the easiest, if they can get by, these things are the final situation, it doesn't matter what someone says, even if someone wants to say something Children, that is their own problem. When we can understand this, everyone will know what the final situation will be, so when we want to do this thing, these things have come out suddenly, no matter how serious we are. Whatever you want to do, the final result has already been done for this sake. If you really feel that it is not suitable, then you can completely save this time elsewhere. As for what you want to do in the end, be present These people have no other intentions, and it doesn’t make much sense for everyone to say it. You can just do it according to your own ideas. We can’t give you so many ideas, because on this matter.

It is not easy for us to do it. Whether we can do it well is not what we should say for the time being. As for what the future will be, it is also their own business. If some people don't understand, some things can only be done by themselves, so under such circumstances, we should also do the right thing. When this matter is supervised, it is difficult for everyone to say other things. Now, in their situation, that's what they should do. No one will take these things as a trivial matter, at least the people present don't think so, because they all know the final state of this matter. , If you don't know the final state, some situations in the future are actually hard to say.

We can't tell what these people will eventually look like. If we can all make it clear, we won't be in a hurry for many things in the future. Anyway, under the current situation, some people really don't know much about it. , but if you force them to do this, you don't know what these people will choose in the end. When they don't understand, we don't know what the result is. No one will be in these things. What more to say, even if they want to talk about this matter, they will never talk about it so briefly, this is what I understand best, no one can understand these things, as long as someone can understand If you don’t, you don’t need to worry about some situations in the future, so under the current situation, maybe some people can understand this, but most people don’t. As for what they are thinking, we will Don't dwell on this matter, if we continue to dwell on it.

It's hard to say what the future will be. In their impression, there are many things that can only be solved in this way. If you don't solve it in this way, many situations in the future will not be easy to say. The most helpless point is that if they can understand, maybe the future situation will also be known. No one will know this, but if it is clear, we don't need to worry about some situations. Let me tell you, so under such circumstances, what we have done is indeed very good. As for what method they will choose in the end, it is all free from others, and has nothing to do with us, so In this case, they should understand.

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