Chapter 2784:Invincible Copy System

unscrupulous person

In the current matter, many people may not know what to do next, but if someone can understand, there are some things that people like us should not think about. If someone wants to think about this matter, we can completely Give him some supplements on this matter. As for how he wants to do this in his own heart, it is probably not something that we people should manage. The most important thing is that we people can't control this matter. If we can even manage this matter, then there is nothing to say about the rest, especially in the current situation, so when someone talks about this matter, many people don't know what to do, no matter what their hearts are There is no way to make it clear what is in the mind, if someone really wants to make it clear.

For the time being, there are many things that we should not ask. Not many people can understand this matter. If you really think this matter is very important, then you can solve this matter yourself. You can say such things. If you can say it, then it will be a good thing for everyone. When we can treat these things as serious things, you can do what you want. Do it, if you can do it well, everyone present will treat you as a serious person, because ordinary people can't do it. The situation is inconvenient to say, and it is precisely because of this, when we want to do this.

In the end, we must have no way to do these things well. Maybe we already have a series of ideas of our own in many aspects, but the problem is that under the current situation, how can you do it? It is impossible. After all, we don't have the kung fu to put everything on you, even if we are on you now, who will admit this problem in the future?

If no one admits this problem, it is difficult to say the outcome of some situations, and we have no way to regard this matter as a good thing. If someone can decide this matter, it is not a bad thing for us. , even all of us can understand, but the problem is that you can't solve this thing, you can't talk about it, and we can't talk about it.

Maybe some of the things we say are true, but you have to give us some ideas, and if you don't give us ideas, just do what you want on this matter, then I'm afraid some things will It’s hard to say, we don’t have to listen to you all about this matter, and we even have to do things according to your wishes. There is nothing special about you. If we insist on doing this, then I’m afraid In some cases, you just need to figure it out by yourself. Don't put this matter on our heads. We don't have the skill to manage this matter for you. I don't know how to say it, we don't want to think about it, and it will make everyone look bad. If it makes everyone look bad, then what kind of result will this matter be? I'm afraid it's yourselves. thing.

It has nothing to do with us people, and we don't think about how much benefit we can give others in this matter, let alone this matter can't give much benefit, don't think it's very easy, if someone really wants to do it This matter, this may not be a good thing, so in such a situation, everyone has to have a series of ideas of their own. If there is no such idea, you may not know what the final result will be. When you understand this matter, they also know the final situation. They can't think of what these people think, and they don't know what to do with this matter. If you can understand this matter, then I'm afraid that is what you are Said, if you don't understand this thing, then the future results.

There is no way for us to say more, and we will not listen to you on this matter, and we will not put everything on you.

When this matter forms a system, maybe no one is willing to do it, but if you say this, it is indeed something you are doing wrong as a human being. In their impressions, There are many things that are completely different from what you think. If you want to do what they think, then you must have enough strength now. If you don't have enough strength, then this matter will be in the future. It's hard to say what the result will be, and it's impossible for us to listen to all of you on this matter. If we all listened to you, then I'm afraid this matter may be messed up. Those of us are currently This situation is already very difficult. If we listen to you, and we screw up this matter in the future, who will protect our losses?

If someone protects our losses, then this matter naturally doesn't matter, but if they can't protect our losses, and this matter will bring them great trouble, then I'm afraid there is nothing to say about this matter. Well, we will never succumb to such a trivial matter, and we will never listen to other people's rumors on this matter. If other people's rumors are correct, then what are some intelligence agencies doing?

Let's just follow these rumors, and we can get some good results in the end of chemistry. There are many people in this matter, but they can see it very clearly, but some people may not be able to see it. It's clear what these people are thinking.

I am afraid we are not very clear, so in this matter, there may be many people who can understand this, but some of them do not understand this. If you want to make them all understand, for the time being, it is true It's not easy, so at this point, no matter what our final thoughts are, we can't take it too far, because if we do it too much, it's nothing to us at all Benefits, this is also the most important thing at the moment. If someone can solve it, maybe the future results will be different, but if these people can't solve it, then no matter how terrible we do things, these people will You may feel that it doesn't matter, and in their impressions, many people don't take this matter seriously, and they do it according to their own ideas, if they want to be like this.

I am afraid that some things are not very easy to do. We do these things according to our own ideas. If you just think that everything is done according to your intention, then I am afraid that this thing will not go on. , we don't need to cater to your thoughts on this matter. If we really cater to your thoughts, then we don't know what to say in some future situations. In our state, they will also Knowing the final situation, no one can understand this, but these people are actually very clear. As long as they briefly summarize this matter, they will know the result immediately. When they know the supervision, many things will be It's easier to handle. If we don't do well for the time being, there's nothing to worry about at the moment. After all, someone can help us do this.

It's just a question of speed. Maybe we still don't understand the truth contained in it, but as long as we do this thing well, we will be able to list this thing clearly, when we can list it clearly. At that time, the final situation will be easier to handle. As for what they are thinking in their hearts, I am afraid we don’t need to worry so much. What is in our hearts is probably their own business. We don't need to do that much at all. Some people may not understand this, but some people actually understand it very well. When they all understand these things, they also know what the final state is. So in this case , these people have nothing to say, because in their impression, some things can only be like this, even if they have other ideas, no one will say much for the time being.

That's what they do best.

As for the final result, I'm afraid we can't say for the time being.

When no one can explain these things, we actually have some other ideas. When these ideas are not satisfied, many things are relatively simple. In this case, maybe we do It's not right, but as long as we do these things, they will know what the final result will be. When we really want to do this thing, he will know what to do with this thing. It doesn't matter, what do we want to do? What to do, but as long as we make this matter clear, they will know what the situation is in the end, if these people don't understand.

Maybe we won't be able to continue to be together in the future. This is also the most important thing at present. When they can all understand, some people will understand it. If they don't understand, then this situation In fact, it is quite difficult to say, so in this case, we cannot explain this matter, if we do explain, then I am afraid that some situations are actually difficult to handle, especially in the current situation, they also say no Okay, if they can say good things, maybe this matter doesn't need to be solved this way. If we don't understand this matter, we don't know what to do in the future. In this case, We are actually very clear. As for what they think, it is probably not what we should think, and we are not qualified to think about these things. If we think about these things, maybe in the future. situation is completely different.

We don't need to listen to them all on this matter. If we all listen to them, it may bring us huge trouble, and it is impossible for us to listen to them all on this matter. In terms of circumstances, we don't owe them anything, so why should we listen to them?

If they all listen to them, who will be responsible for this matter?

If no one is responsible, I am afraid the result of this matter will not be easy to handle, so at this point, their approach is still very correct, no matter what the final result is, we will temporarily help in this matter. You guys, as for what you're thinking, we don't have so many sweethearts for the time being, and we won't let you down on this matter.

This is the one thing we want to do most at present. As for what the result will be next, then you people can only ask for more blessings. At least we have no intention of asking you to help. If it were you If you can understand the words, then this matter is over like this. If he doesn't understand you, then this matter is not easy to talk about. These people present may not take you people seriously. In this case, their ideas will be very radical. As for what you people are thinking, it is probably your own business. There is no need for us to continue to interfere in this matter, because continuing to interfere will not We have absolutely no benefit. This is something these people understand. If you don't know, you will turn around in the future. Don't think this is a joke. In fact, the whole thing is true. Yes, we will never say much about these things.

If we say more, it will be inconvenient to say more about this result in the future, so in such a case, even if we are wrong, then we will never say anything else, if we say Others, this means that we do things without measure, and some other people will come to ask for trouble. As for what they think in their hearts, we can't say for the time being, and there is no need for this matter here. If you waste time on this matter, it fully shows that we people are really clueless, some of the things you do are all wrong, and there is no need for us to continue to do it with you, so We have to make corrections at this time.

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