Chapter 2785:Invincible Copy System


In their impressions, there may be many things that are unclear and what to do in the end, but if someone can figure it out, then there is no need to worry about these things, but for us, these things may not be all. It's all true, even if you think these things will work out.

What it will become in the future is still uncontrollable for the time being. If you can understand it, then many things are completely ok, but if you don't necessarily understand, then some situations are not easy to say. So in such a situation, everyone is actually doing very sad.

Some people may not understand this, but they know very well what to do with this matter. If they can understand it, then I am afraid this matter is very easy to deal with. If they cannot understand it, it proves that this matter has been done. It's over, so in this case, even if some things are wrong, we can't say anything else, we don't have so much say in this matter, you may think this is a joke, in fact, these things No joke at all, some of these people have the ability to do this.

It's just that they don't want to do it, so when they want to do something, many people know what to do, and not many people are willing to stop all of this, if all If we stop, it may not be a good thing for everyone, especially in the current situation, it means that what we are doing is not important. If these people don't say anything, maybe many situations in the future are understandable. Yes, but we don’t necessarily understand all of these things. Some people have trouble doing these things, and it’s their own business that has nothing to do with us.

It is impossible for us to listen to all of them on this matter. If we listen to all of them, it just means that we people can't do serious things, which is also unwilling for all people, if anyone can agree , it may not be such a situation in the future, so in their hearts, they should be very clear, in such a situation, we have nothing to say, maybe these things we do are not important , but as long as someone says these things, then what they do is simpler.

In this situation, many people do not know what to do, but some things can be solved. As long as we do these things fairly, I believe that these people will not say anything. In the hearts of many people, As long as you can do one thing fairly, then we won't make it difficult for you, but if you don't do it fairly, then I'm afraid there will be no good results, we can't be here It's too much to do in one thing, but we can't all listen to you, if all things listen to you.

That means we can't do anything serious about this matter, which is not necessarily a good thing for us, and many people know what to do in this matter, if they don't know, Maybe the situation in the future will be difficult to handle. Many things we do are not true. If what we do is true, maybe the situation in the future will be completely different, but this problem may not be able to be solved by us. Once we can solve this matter, I believe we will not be in a hurry in the future. In short, in the current situation, many people know what to do in the end.

If they don't know, it means that they have a psychological problem. We will never say much about this matter. If we say too much, I am afraid this matter will not be easy to deal with. So in such a situation, they must understand what kind of truth it is. Once they can understand it, of course it will be a very good thing for them, but if these people don't understand, there will be many situations in the future. We can't handle it either. This is also the most tragic thing. If we all did a good job in this matter, I believe we wouldn't be in a hurry.

There are many people who have their own opinions on this matter, and we can't say too much, if you say too much.

If there are too many things, many things may not be good for you. If you think these things are incorrect, you can bring them up directly. As for what you wanted to say at the time, it is not within our scope of consideration at all. It is not necessary for us to listen to you all on this matter. If we listen to all of you, what should human society do if we go the wrong way?

How can you prove that your own paths are all right?

If you can't prove it, then it's a really bad road, so at this point, no matter what's on your mind, we can't fully agree, and if we fully agree, then It means that there is no benefit in this matter, and in our hearts, some things you may not do are correct. Do you really think you can do everything correctly?

If it's all your way of thinking, maybe some things have come to an end, and because of that, you should know what the rest of us were thinking when it all started.

When those of us don't want to think about it, you should know what the final result is. We won't tell anyone about this, but at the same time, we won't give you any benefits in this matter. This is If what we people think in our hearts, if it gives you too many benefits, it will not do us any good, so at this point, even if some people are unwilling, we cannot follow Change this thing according to their ideas, if it is to change this thing according to their ideas.

Then other people will come over soon and want to do this, so in such a situation, no matter what is on your mind, you have to face everything now, and some things may not be what you want It can be anything. If you do everything according to your wishes, then even if these things happen in the future, who will be responsible for this matter? We can’t let us be responsible for everything. There is no such idea in the matter, so these people must have some destination of their own, as for how much you want to achieve.

I'm afraid this is also your own business and has nothing to do with us here. We don't need to listen to you. If we listen to all of you, it will be a very bad thing for us, at least from the current situation. Impossible, when they understand this truth, they will also know the final situation. No one will take all these situations as their own words, and no one will take these things over them. They are so mixed up in society. After a long time, of course I know what to say and what not to say, even if I say all of them.

Some people may not think that these things are correct. When they want to do this, these people present must give them a certain conclusion, or even give them a certain benefit, and this benefit must be taken. Come to the table, don't think that you just said a few words, our matter is over, there is no such reason in the world, and we can never do it according to your ideas, if we really do according to your ideas If we do, then we will have no way to get along in this society. Don't think that what everyone has done is over. In fact, we all understand very well.

When you want to do something, you may not be able to do it right. If you don't do it right, many people will kill you in the future. Don't think it's a joke. In fact, something like this It is very likely to happen. Now it's just that some people don't want to believe it. If they are willing to believe this, they will know what their final thoughts are. Not many people dare to say this. As for their hearts In the end what is thinking, we will not be able to control that much for the time being.

Our current situation is extremely limited. If you really count on us, then I am afraid you will suffer a lot in this matter. For the time being, how these people do things, we are all very clear, you have the ability Some things are okay, but you don't have the ability to keep your mouth shut as much as possible. This is good for everyone. If you go too far in this matter, don't blame others for not giving it to you. The face is gone, and this year's face is also given by everyone, and it is impossible for someone to change it just because you have a word or two.

My own thoughts, this is absolutely a terrible thing, so in such a situation.

Try not to think too much, and don't think too much about this matter, because it's not good for everyone, so in such a situation, we must have some other ideas, if there are no other ideas If we think about it, it means that people like us will not have good results in the future. When these things are over, everyone will know what the final state is going to be. This is what these people should think at present. , some people can't think of this, then they can only be abandoned in this matter.

As for what they want to do, we can't manage that much for the time being. Of course, no one wants to manage this matter. What does it have to do with us?

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