Chapter 2787:Invincible Copy System

public opinion

They have nothing to say. Anyway, it has reached this point. There is no need to make these things like this. Even if they do this, someone will explain these things clearly in the future. There is no need for us in this situation. Say more, if we say more in this situation, I am afraid that some people will be disadvantaged to us, especially in the current situation, so they are also extremely unhappy in their hearts, and you can't make them all believe it. If we were to convince them, we might not know what to say about the future results. This is also a real thought of these people at present.

In the actual thinking of these people, perhaps these things cannot become a reality, but they have already achieved this level, so even if they are not satisfied, they can only do this for the time being. We have no way to change other things. , if someone can change it, maybe some supervision is not like this. In the eyes of other people, when we do these things, we may be doing these things very incorrectly, but if we follow these things in accordance with Do what you want to do, and there will be many situations in the future that will be different, so in such a situation, even if their thoughts are completely different, we have to listen honestly.

When we can do it in such a situation, some things are actually not easy to handle, so in this case, everyone can understand. As for what we should do, some things are not what we should do. Think about it, so in such a situation, they also know what the final result is, there is no need to listen to them in this situation, if they listen to them all, maybe there will be no good results in the future. is the most important thing.

If we can't handle these things, then there is really no way to say the future situation. This is already the most helpless result for us. If we follow this method throughout the whole process, the future will indeed be not very good. Good-looking, if you think these things are good, then you have to figure out this thing, if you can't figure it out, then the final result is nothing to say, so in this case, We should all understand, if we don't understand, it means that this matter can't go on.

As for what role we will play in this matter, it is probably their own business, and it has nothing to do with us. It is not convenient for us to express our position on this matter. If it is convenient for us to express our position If you do, many results in the future will be completely different, especially in this case, we must compress everything to a minimum. Even if you don't believe this, you must take a good look at it. Clearly, in some days to come if you think these things will work out.

We can indeed give you a little more chance. As for whether you can solve it, for the time being, it is that your own affairs have nothing to do with us. We will not listen to you all on this matter, but we can Treat this matter as a small matter, and make the big thing into a small thing. This is not difficult for us at all, so in such a situation, you'd better believe it all, it is a good thing for everyone. The good thing is that if you don't believe in these things, then the results in the future may not be easy to say. Don't think that we may not care about this now.

But if we really do these things, your face may not look good in the future, so in this case, no matter what the final result is, we have to listen to them, when we don't want to listen to them , In the end, we can only see that no one can do all of our things well. If someone can do it well, other results in the future will never be like this, so in this case, everyone All must be seen clearly, there are many things that may not be as we think.

Then we have to give them certain benefits. If we are unwilling to give them benefits, then what will this matter be done in the future, I am afraid that we people will not be able to say. There are many things in the world that are We can't understand, so when we want to make some decisions, we have to consider the thoughts of these people around us. When you don't consider the thoughts of these people, many things have already come to an end, and we don't need to It's not a good thing at all, or even a disaster if we do it this way.

When this disaster occurred, everyone's hearts were probably very depressed, so that's why.

In this case, there are many things that can only be seen by not many people. If they all feel good, then we can understand some situations. Not many people can understand this, but most people can See clearly, if some people are willing to solve this matter, it may not be a bad thing for us, but we may not take this matter as his business, if someone thinks it is a good thing.

Then he can solve it by himself. When he can't solve it, there are many things that have nothing to say in the end. We can't connect everything. If we rely on our own people for everything, I'm afraid this will happen. There will be no good supervision for this matter, and many people present can't find a solution, which is quite embarrassing for all of us, so under such circumstances, no matter what they are thinking, Since we have achieved this level, many things in the future can only be like this, so in such a situation, they must listen carefully, as to whether anyone is willing to solve it in the end.

It doesn't matter for the time being. Since we have been able to do this, it means that someone will take care of this matter in the future. Someone will always pay for your current efforts. If human society wants to develop for a long time, someone must be there. Make certain sacrifices for these things. If everyone doesn't want to sacrifice, then this is not a good thing for everyone, so at this point, even some people's thoughts are not correct.

We should also understand this. When we don't understand this, some people don't know what to say. In everyone's impression, we have actually done a very good job. As for why this happened in the end In this way, this is probably their own business. We have no right to deal with this matter at all. Some people may not care about this at all. As for what they are thinking, we can't figure out what they are thinking, because these people act a lot. Things don't report to you, and you don't even know what's on their minds when we're doing something like that.

All the people avoided it at all. It is a great insult to us, so in such a situation, no matter what they think in their hearts, it is impossible for us to do this well. This is also the most important point at the moment. If these things can be done well, of course it is a very sensible thing for everyone, but the question is can you manage so much?

If you can't handle that much, then I'm afraid this matter is over, when we want to solve this matter.

We also have to see if we have enough strength. If we don’t have enough strength, it means that there is nothing to say about such a situation, so they actually understand this point very well. Among these people’s impressions, there are many Things can be understood. If you don't understand, then there is no way to tell the future situation. In their impressions, everyone sees it very clearly. If you don't see it clearly, then I'm afraid this This matter is over, and no one wants to talk too much about it, because no one will listen to it, so under such circumstances.

It's best for everyone to be honest. There is no need to say all these things. If you say all of them, then I am afraid this matter will be pulled down. Some people can understand this, so their lives are very good. Good, but some people don't understand this at all what their life is like, presumably some people now know it, there is no need to say more about this matter, if only someone can say it clearly , This is also their own business, we don't need to open up about this matter, if you open your mouth indiscriminately.

You should understand what kind of disaster this incident will bring to everyone. It is not easy for us to have the result we have today. There is no need to attribute everything to others. It is a very helpless thing, so under such circumstances, no matter what these people are thinking in their hearts, they cannot do it.

It's wrong, if someone makes a mistake, I'm afraid it's hard to tell. No one can go back to the past. This is also the most helpless thing. What will happen in the future depends on them. .

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