Chapter 429:Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Side Story 9: Approaching Army

Chapter 429: Side Story 9: Approaching Army

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“Sect Master.”

“Sect Master.”


Upon arriving at the Xuanyi Mountain Sect branch, experts immediately lowered their heads and bowed respectfully to Su Yan.

As the current sect master of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect, not only did Su Yan have a high prestige within the sect, but she also had a high status in the God Realm. Anyone who saw her would be respectful.

The reason was very simple. Su Yan was currently the only two super experts in the God Realm who had stepped into the Dao Validation God King Stage. The other was the Heavenly Emperor. The two of them had absolute strength and could be said to be invincible.

As for Elder Mo, although he had already successfully advanced to the Dao Integration Stage, he was also in a hidden state like Qin Jue and was naturally could not be compared to.

“Sect Master, you just…”

At this moment, a white-haired old man flew over from afar with an anxious expression.

Just now, he was discussing the crisis with Su Yan. In the end, Su Yan suddenly disappeared silently, giving him a fright.

The old man’s expression suddenly changed drastically before he could finish speaking, and he pointed at Yun Xi and shouted, “You, you, you, why are you here?!”

“What? You don’t want to see me here?”

Yun Xi placed her hands on her hips and smiled.

“Welcome… welcome, welcome.”

The old man forced a smile and wanted to cry but had no tears to shed.

Others might not know, but the old man knew that this seemingly exquisite and beautiful woman in front of him was actually even more terrifying than a void beast!

Because the old man’s war beast had been eaten by Yun Xi!

That was a Half God Stage war beast!

It had already been more than a decade since this incident happened. At that time, Yun Xi happened to pass by the Xuanyi Mountain Sect branch and couldn’t find anything to eat, so she used that unlucky war beast to fill her stomach. The old man was so angry that he almost fought Yun Xi to the death.

The old man only calmed down after Yun Xi compensated him with more than ten divine fruits.

From then on, the old man couldn’t help but tremble with fear every time he saw Yun Xi, and he was afraid that Yun Xi would eat the other war beasts.

In fact, this matter was somewhat similar to the previous incident with the Grand Thunder Sect. If it weren’t for Liu Mu being too greedy and choosing to attack Yun Xi, perhaps nothing would have happened.

“Hehe, that’s good.”

Yun Xi nodded with satisfaction when she heard this.



The old man’s name was Gongsun Qing. He was the hall master of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect branch and a lower realm God King Stage expert. He was in charge of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect’s cultivation resources and various heavenly treasures.

Some time ago, the reason why those fellows disguised as experts of the Heavenly God Race had attacked the Xuanyi Mountain Sect branch was to snatch cultivation resources.

If Gongsun Qing had not activated the defensive formation in time and sent out a distress signal, the consequences would have been unthinkable.

Even so, the Xuanyi Mountain Sect branch still suffered heavy losses. Huge potholes and dilapidated walls could be seen everywhere. Even the defensive array formation had been destroyed, and many injured members had been injured. Among them, Gongsun Qing had almost died.

Fortunately, Su Yan had used a large number of medicinal pills to help treat him after arriving. Otherwise, Gongsun Qing would have died.

“Elder Gongsun, let’s continue talking about what happened just now.”

Su Yan interrupted the two of them with a wave of her hand.

“Ah, yes, yes!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a wisp of light suddenly shot over from afar and landed in Gongsun Qing’s hand.


Gongsun Qing was stunned for a moment before he immediately crushed the light and read the information inside.

A moment later, Gongsun Qing revealed a shocked expression.

“What’s wrong?”

Su Yan frowned.

“The Ten Thousand Divine Court and the Heavenly God Race have been attacked!” Gongsun Qing said quickly.


Su Yan was stunned. “Who attacked them?”

“I’m not sure, but they don’t seem to belong to the God Realm.”

As he spoke, Gongsun Qing flicked his finger and condensed an image.

It was a creature covered in flexible armor. Its facial features were somewhat similar to humans. Its eyes were very large, but there was no white in its eyes. It looked exceptionally strange.

“This is…” Su Yan was puzzled.

“According to the information transmitted back, this is the main culprit who attacked the Heavenly God Race and the Ten Thousand Divine Court.”

Gongsun Qing said in a deep voice, “And they have the ability to transform their appearances.”

“Could it be…”

“That’s right. If I’m not wrong, these bastards should be the ones who attacked this place back then.”

Gongsun Qing gritted his teeth and said, “Looks like they’ve given up on pretending this time!”

“When did they attack the Heavenly God Race and the Ten Thousand Divine Court?” Su Yan asked.


“What was their motive?”

“Same as last time, it was for cultivation resources.”

“Are the Heavenly God Race and the Ten Thousand Divine Court alright?”

“I’m fine. However, many Half God Stage experts died before I could defeat those bastards.”


After hearing Gongsun Qing’s description, Su Yan fell into deep thought.

Under normal circumstances, if an expert from the outside world had descended to the Heavenly Realm, she should have been able to discover it in advance. Why didn’t she sense it at all?

In addition, the other party had been snatching cultivation resources. Was it because their world lacked cultivation resources?

Before Su Yan could figure it out, several more lights appeared in the distance and arrived in an instant.

“Hall Master, Sect Master.”

The light dissipated, revealing the figure inside. The figure bowed.

“What is it?”

Gongsun Qing was curious.

These people were all protectors he sent to investigate. If there was nothing important, they absolutely would not come to find him.

“We captured an alien race expert that attacked the Ten Thousand Divine Court.” The young man in the lead answered.

“What? Bring me there.”

Gongsun Qing was overjoyed. As long as he captured a living alien race expert and used a soul searching technique, he would know what was going on.

Just as Gongsun Qing turned around, the young man who had his head lowered suddenly punched out at the back of Gongsun Qing’s head. With vast spirit energy, his speed was incomparably fast.

At the same time, the other experts took out their weapons and rushed towards Su Yan, preparing to attack together.

Unfortunately, they had overestimated themselves and underestimated Su Yan and Gongsun Qing.

Almost at the moment the young man moved, Gongsun Qing raised his eyebrows and directly grabbed the young man’s fist.

On the other hand, Su Yan did not even move. The pressure swept out like a wave, making the others freeze in place and unable to move.

“Chen Nan, what are you doing?” Gongsun Qing said coldly.

“How is this possible?”

The young man’s face was filled with shock. He could not accept that his sneak attack had been so easily blocked by Gongsun Qing.

“He’s not Chen Nan.” Su Yan said indifferently.

“Not Chen Nan?”

Gongsun Qing was stunned and somewhat dumbfounded.


Su Yan lightly swiped with her finger, and the young man’s facial features suddenly exploded. The strange thing was that no flesh and blood flew out and his face simply fell off like a mask.


The young man called “Chen Nan” grunted and retreated repeatedly, turning into a strange creature covered in flexible armor without any white eyes.

Seeing this, Gongsun Qing was shocked. He had never expected that the alien race experts would actually disguise themselves as Chen Nan and the others. Moreover, regardless of whether it was their aura, height, or appearance, they were almost identical.


“Chen Nan” laughed instead of being angry. He seemed to have gone crazy. “My army has arrived. All of you will die.”


Su Yan raised her eyes and looked over. Indeed, she saw many densely packed alien race figures appear in the depths of the void.. There were as many as a million of them, and they were quickly approaching.

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