Chapter 430:Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Side Story 9: War!

Chapter 430: Side Story 9: War!


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“As expected, they don’t belong to the God Realm.”

Su Yan’s eyes flickered as she pondered.

Compared to the living beings of the God Realm, besides having a strange appearance, these alien race experts also had very special spirit energy. One might not be able to tell anything from them alone, but when millions of them gathered together, one could clearly sense the strangeness.

If the spirit energy of the God Realm cultivators was considered to be in a gentle state, then the spirit energy of these alien race experts was considered to be in a violent state and was exceptionally fierce.

On the other side, Gongsun Qing retracted his gaze and shouted, “Open!”

As soon as this word fell, invisible energy ripples spread out like a hurricane, quickly enveloping the entire continent and condensing into a transparent spirit energy barrier that looked indestructible.

Because the defensive formation had been destroyed in the last attack, Gongsun Qing could only temporarily set up another barrier. Although it could not stop the impact of a high-level expert, it could at least act as a buffer.

The commotion here immediately attracted the attention of the other experts of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect. Several higher-ups of the True God Stage immediately flew out, including the two God King Stage elders Su Yan had brought with her.

“Sect Master, what happened?” Wu Ying frowned and asked.

The current Wu Ying had already stepped into the upper realm God King Stage and was one of the two elders Su Yan had brought with her.

Without waiting for Su Yan to answer, Wu Ying suddenly seemed to have sensed something and looked into the void.

“That is…”

“The alien races that attacked this place.”

Su Yan said in a deep voice, “Prepare for battle.”

Hearing this, Wu Ying’s expression changed slightly. “They’re attacking again?”


Su Yan nodded solemnly.

She could sense a few exceptionally powerful auras from those alien race experts.

In addition, regardless of whether it was the alien race experts that had attacked this place or the alien race experts that had attacked the Ten Thousand Divine Court and the Heavenly God Race yesterday, they only numbered in the tens of thousands. Now that millions had appeared at once, it proved that they planned to completely destroy the Xuanyi Mountain Sect branch here.

“Hehe, it’s been a long time since I’ve fought. I can stretch my muscles now.” Yun Xi was eager to give it a try and said impatiently.

Ever since she advanced to the Heaven Ascension God King Stage, Yun Xi had almost never fought seriously again, so she almost forgot what it felt like to fight. Now, a group of alien race experts had suddenly appeared, and Yun Xi was simply looking forward to fighting them.

She could finally fight to her heart’s content!


Before she could finish speaking, Su Yan suddenly flicked Yun Xi’s head and warned, “You don’t have to do anything.”

“Huh? Why?”

Yun Xi covered her head with a wronged expression.

“You just have to protect Little Xiao later.” Su Yan said indifferently.

Although Qin Xiao was already a lower realm True God Stage expert, she had never fought an expert of the same realm, let alone a life and death battle. How could Su Yan let Qin Xiao be in danger?

On the other hand, handing her to Yun Xi who was at the Heaven Ascension Stage basically wouldn’t cause any problems.

As for those alien race experts, Su Yan thought that she should be the one to handle them.


“No buts.”

Su Yan said unquestionably, “No matter what, we can’t let Little Xiao suffer any harm.”

“Got it.”

Yun Xi was helpless and could only nod in agreement.

It couldn’t be helped. After all, Su Yan was her master’s wife.

“Mom, I don’t need to be protected.”

Qin Xiao pouted unhappily.


Su Yan frowned slightly and chided, “You have to listen to me on this matter!”

As she spoke, Su Yan’s palm suddenly emitted strands of divine light that forcefully wrapped around Qin Xiao and sent her to Yun Xi.

One should not underestimate this layer of divine light. Even a Heaven Ascension Divine King would find it difficult to break it in a short period of time. It could be said to be foolproof.

At this moment, millions of alien race experts in the outside world had already crossed the void and arrived outside the continent where the Xuanyi Mountain Sect branch was located. Even from afar, they could still sense the violent spirit energy aura.

Without any hesitation, the alien race experts at the front directly activated their spirit energy and began to attack the barrier Gongsun Qing had set up, emitting a deafening bang.

At the same time, all the experts above the Great Void Stage of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect Branch were gathered here. They had solemn expressions and were prepared to face the attack.

“Hahaha, give up. You…”

“Chen Nan” threw his head back and laughed proudly. However, in the next moment, “Chen Nan” suddenly widened his eyes, and his entire body suddenly exploded into a bloody mist, his soul destroyed.

“Shut up.”

Su Yan flicked her finger lightly, and the remaining alien race experts that were disguised as the members of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect immediately exploded. They were deader than dead.

These alien race experts were only around the Half God Stage. Su Yan really did not understand where they got the courage to attack God King Stage experts. If it weren’t for the fact that they could transform their appearances, they would have been killed before they could even approach Su Yan and the others.


The barrier shook violently as dense cracks appeared, as if the sky had shattered. It was a horrifying sight.

Finally, at a certain moment, the barrier could no longer withstand it and completely collapsed. Millions of alien race experts instantly rushed in.

Such power seemed to be able to swallow heaven and earth!


Seeing that the alien race experts were about to land, the surrounding space suddenly distorted, revealing an unbelievable shape like a vortex.

Seeing this, the millions of alien race experts stopped one after another and revealed surprised and uncertain expressions, afraid that they would be accidentally swept in.

One had to know that even if an upper realm True God Stage expert unfortunately fell into the Spatial Turbulence Realm, they would most likely die, let alone these Great Void Stage and Half God Stage cannon fodder.


The spatial distortion became more and more intense. Immediately after, millions of alien race experts felt the world spin. When they reacted, the continent had actually disappeared!


The alien race experts who were originally at the front immediately looked at each other, dumbfounded, not understanding what was going on.

“Look, the continent is all the way over there!” Suddenly, an alien race expert pointed into the distance and shouted.

All the alien race experts looked in the direction of the voice and indeed saw the continent from before. However, it was already tens of thousands of kilometers away and was enveloped by a layer of light. It looked even sturdier than the barrier from before.

“Someone used a spatial divine ability to transfer that continent.” Another tall alien race expert said.


To be able to move such a vast continent at once, how powerful was the other party?

“No need to search. I’m over here.”

Su Yan silently appeared in front of the alien race army. Her white clothes were as white as snow, and she looked like an immortal that had descended to the mortal world.

Behind him, Wu Ying and the other elders, as well as the experts of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect branch, all took out their weapons and began to confront the alien race experts. Although they only had a few tens of thousands of people, and the difference between the two sides seemed abnormal, they were not afraid in the slightest.

After the last attack, not only had more than half of the higher-ups of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect branch here fallen, but countless low-level members had also been killed or injured. The reason why Su Yan had moved the continent away was to prevent it from being affected.

After a brief silence, the alien race army immediately rushed towards Su Yan and the others with boundless spirit energy, looking fearless.

Facing the millions of alien armies, Su Yan’s expression was calm as she slowly raised her arm.

At their level, the number of cultivators no longer mattered. After all, only those of the same cultivation level were able to compete with each other.

In the next moment, Su Yan used her fingers as a sword and waved it lightly.


In an instant, the surrounding 50,000 kilometers lit up as if it was daytime, piercing one’s eyes!

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