Chapter 431:Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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Chapter 431: Side Story 10: Sidebar

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The light was like a thunderclap that lit up an area of 5,000 kilometers. It pierced everyone as it shone brightly.

In the next moment, the light turned into an endless stream that passed through the millions of alien race armies. Wherever it passed, space would shatter continuously, as if it wanted to swallow heaven and earth.

After an unknown period of time, the light finally dissipated. All the alien race experts that were touched by the light were all killed without exception. They forcefully opened a wide path among the millions of alien race armies!

Everyone fell silent!


Witnessing this scene, regardless of whether it was the experts of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect branch or the remaining alien race army, they were all shocked and could hardly believe their eyes.

Some low-level alien race experts were even trembling and did not dare to step forward again.

Only Wu Ying and the other God King Stage elder could barely remain calm. After all, they knew very well how terrifying Su Yan’s strength was.

“How dare you!”

Right at this moment, a two-meter-tall figure suddenly flew out of the alien race army. His aura was vast and deep and had shockingly reached the Heaven Ascension God King Stage.

Immediately after, there was a second, a third, and finally a fifth!

The five Heaven Ascension God King Stage experts stood side by side, causing the void to distort slightly, as if it would collapse at any moment.

If this force had been hundreds of years ago, it would have completely swept through the God Realm.

Even now, if the Heavenly Palace and the Xuanyi Mountain Sect did not interfere, they could still easily destroy the Heavenly God Race and the Ten Thousand Divine Court.

Unfortunately, the person standing in front of them was Su Yan, a genuine Dao Validation God King Stage expert!

Su Yan swept her eyes over the five alien race experts and seemed to have expected it. “Are you finally willing to come out?”

After a pause, he added, “But… I think I overestimated you guys.”

Originally, Su Yan thought that there would be existences at the Dao Validation God King Stage. In the end, there were only five Heaven Ascension God King Stage experts.

One had to know that at their level, as long as they were not of the same realm, it was useless no matter how many people there were. Thus, Su Yan was not at all afraid of five Heaven Ascension God King Stage experts.

In other words, Su Yan alone could crush the millions of alien races in front of her.

“Hmph, you’re courting death!”

The leader of the alien race did not realize the seriousness of the problem and shouted angrily, “You should be the strongest person in this dimension, right? Hand over all the cultivation resources obediently and perhaps we can spare your life.”


Su Yan felt that she could not be bothered to waste her breath. Sighing, she formed a sword with her finger and slashed again!

Compared to the world-shaking light from before, it was much calmer this time. It was like a cool breeze that blew past. It did not cause any commotion, but its speed was extremely fast!


Accompanied by a sharp bang, the leader of the alien race was immediately sent flying. A wound had appeared on his chest at some point in time, and he was covered in blood. He had almost been cut in half at the waist!


Spitting out a mouthful of blood, the leader of the alien race immediately turned pale. His aura fell in a straight line, and the bones in his entire body broke inch by inch. Even his spirit energy almost dissipated.

“How is this possible…”

From beginning to end, he did not see Su Yan’s attack clearly and could not dodge in time!


Su Yan was slightly surprised when she saw this. Under normal circumstances, that strike from before should have been able to instantly kill him, yet the alien race expert in the lead was actually still alive.

“Is it because of that layer of flexible armor?”

Su Yan pondered.

There was a layer of flexible armor on the surface of these alien race experts’ bodies. They didn’t look like much, but they seemed abnormally sturdy. It was very likely that the flexible armor had saved their lives.

At the same time, the five Heaven Ascension God King Stage experts finally realized that something was wrong. A casual sword finger had almost instantly killed their strongest leader. Without a doubt, the strength of this woman in front of them far surpassed their understanding!

It was even possible for her to have already reached the Dao Validation God King Stage!

Thinking of this, the other four alien race experts looked at each other in shock. “Damn it, how could this be?!”

“Didn’t we already confirm that this is only a low-level dimension?”

“Quickly inform World King!”


The four alien race experts continued to communicate via spirit energy voice transmissions. Finally, they came to a unanimous decision: flee!

Without any hesitation, the four alien race experts executed their divine abilities and chose to flee. They couldn’t care less about their leader and the remaining army.

“You want to run?”

Sensing the spatial fluctuation, Su Yan frowned slightly. She lightly stomped her foot, and an invisible energy ripple spread out, sealing the surrounding space.

Therefore, everyone saw an extremely comical scene. No matter how the four alien race experts used their divine abilities, they could only flash in place. Let alone crossing thousands of kilometers, they didn’t even jump a meter.

After repeating this several times, the expressions of the four alien race experts became uglier and uglier. They were not idiots, so how could they not notice the problem? However, they were unwilling to give up just like that.

However, Su Yan didn’t plan to give them too much time to think. She attacked three more times in a row and her attack easily passed through the flexible armor and killed three of the alien race experts.

“You, you, you…”

Seeing the deaths and injuries of his companions, the remaining alien race expert immediately couldn’t help but tremble, afraid that Su Yan would kill him next.

As if seeing through the other party’s inner thoughts, Su Yan smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you for the time being.”

As she spoke, Su Yan flicked her finger lightly and directly killed the injured alien leader.


The reason why she had left behind a Heaven Ascension God King Stage alien race expert was because she wanted to search his soul. The level of those Great Void Stage and Half God Stage cannon fodder was too low, and it was very likely that they would not be able to come into contact with the higher-ups.

“I’ll leave the rest to you. You can handle it, right?”

After killing a few more upper realm God King Stage experts, Su Yan turned to look at Wu Ying and the others.

“Yeah… No problem.”

Wu Ying was stunned and hurriedly answered.

After losing the five Heaven Ascension God King Stage experts and the upper realm God King Stage army, only a few lower realm God King Stage experts were left. They were nothing to fear, especially since Wu Ying was not an ordinary upper realm God King Stage expert.

“Very good.”

Hearing this, Su Yan nodded in satisfaction. Although she could deal with the millions of alien race experts alone, there was no need for her to do everything herself. After all, she was the sect master.

Moreover, she had already killed the high-level experts. With Wu Ying around, there was basically no problem.

After a short silence, Wu Ying was the first to rush out, and his aura rose steadily, instantly reaching the peak of the upper realm God King Stage. All sorts of phenomena appeared, and with Wu Ying as the source, it transformed into a monstrous wave that swept towards the alien race army.

Logically speaking, with Wu Ying’s cultivation talent, even if he absorbed the True God Stage inheritance, it was still impossible for him to reach the God King Stage, let alone in a few hundred years.

But who asked him to have an invincible Uncle-Master who could forcefully change his talent?


Terrifying spirit energy pounced into the alien race army like a primordial beast, quickly submerging the alien race army that had long been frightened and had forgotten to resist. It was unstoppable!

Seeing this, the other elder immediately followed closely behind. He had also reached the peak of the upper realm God King Stage and was not inferior to Wu Ying at all. Then, Gongsun Qing and the other higher-ups of the branch also made a move. All of them had sinister expressions and wished they could skin the alien race alive.

Su Yan didn’t care about this.. A wisp of light shot out from her fingertip and fused into the forehead of the remaining alien race expert, beginning to search his soul.

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