Chapter 1:Living Next To The Male God

.First encounter

It took Tang Jinyu three days to move from the bedroom to the living room.

He had a pair of short legs trembling, holding on to the door frame of the living room and slowly letting himself slip and sit down. The clothes on his back were all sweaty.

He was very quiet, but the busy woman in the kitchen heard it, and hurriedly turned off the gas stove and came to see him, "Baby, is my baby okay?" She wiped her hand on the apron, and quickly bent over to put the child. He hugged it up, feeling distressed like something, and didn't dare to use half of his strength in his hands. "What do you want to tell mom, mom will help you pick it up, do you want to eat sweets or eat?"

"Want to... go."

He raised his fingers and pointed at his feet. Not surprisingly, he saw the woman's red eye circles but tried to keep a smile on her face and said to him: "The baby is great today, and he walked very well today. Let's practice slowly. Urgent."

While she was talking, she put Tang Jinyu in a children's wheelchair-just enough to fit a five-year-old child.

Tang Jinyu watched her shrink a lot of hands. She was in a daze for a while, but soon a piece of chocolate was placed on her mouth. He looked up at the woman and saw that she was also looking at herself nervously. She slowly opened her mouth and ate it. Seeing the woman (Lu) smiled relievedly.

"The baby is hungry, isn't it? Mom will make the meal soon. Wait for a while, a little while." The woman's voice was gentle, (touching Mo) (touching Mo) his head.

But she didn't walk two steps, then turned back and pushed Tang Jinyu's small wheelchair into the restaurant where she could see, turning her head to look at the child from time to time while cooking.

Tang Jinyu has become accustomed to the overprotection of her these days. Anyone who sees a child who has been in a wheelchair for several years suddenly stands up by himself, will feel it is a medical miracle.

Only Tang Jinyu knew that this was not the power of medicine, and that it was considered metaphysics.

He was originally an ordinary student preparing for the college entrance examination. He woke up here without knowing what was going on. Not only did the time go back twenty years, but his body was too small and he became a five-year-old. Little boy. With the same name and surname, (身shen) is not very good, and he is not sure about the specific problems, but after all, his legs and feet are a bit unfavorable, and walking is a problem, so that his parents in his current family are very careful with him and beat him a little Both of them could stare at him in fright for a while, wishing to hold them in their palms.

He looked up at the busy women in the kitchen, watching carefully.

Tang Jinyu has no experience with his parents. When he was very young, his parents died in a traffic accident. He was raised by his grandfather. His current parents looked at him nervously, and likewise, he saw them very nervously.

The woman cooking in the kitchen is called Chen Suling. She is Tang Jinyu’s current mother. Looking at her early thirties, she has fashionable curly hair and is also very fashionable. She is a very beautiful woman, like a pictorial in the 1990s. Like that. She is obviously in a good mood today, humming while cooking, with a smile on her lips.

The tube building is not very soundproof, and many people live together. Not long after, the sound of footsteps going up and down and the noise of children chasing after each other sounded. Tang Jinyu looked at the wall watch in the living room and then tilted his head to look towards the door.

If anyone is more nervous than Chen Suling for his protection, there is only one person.

Tang Hongjun went home on time at the end of get off work. He smiled when he opened the door and saw his son. He put down his briefcase and hugged him, "Xiaoyu, don't you think Dad?"

Chen Suling rushed to stop the people in front, and said, "Go wash your hands. I just came back dirty from the outside, don't push the children."

Tang Hongjun responded with a smile, put down his briefcase to wash his hands, changed his clothes and picked up the child, slowed down his voice and talked to him word by word, looking at the gentle and mature appearance, but holding his son's hand to talk At the time, they all carried the repetitive words: "What did Xiaoyu do today (gan)? Do you eat a lot of food? Would you like Dad to play a little ball with you for a while?"

Tang Jinyu shrank her hands back. He fell a while ago, and his body was much dirtier than this cheap father.

Tang Hongjun didn't dislike him at all. After taking a closer look, he began to clean up for him, patted his body, and took a wet towel to wipe his hands. He praised, "We Xiaoyu just love (dry gan). , Dad will clean it up for you, it's beautiful again, and you won't be angry anymore."

Tang Jinyu:?

He wasn't angry either, he just shrank his hand and didn't let it (touch Mo).

Chen Suling brought the food, and the family sat down and ate affectionately.

Tang Jinyu’s little (body shen) has trouble with her legs and feet, and her finger’s flexibility is also a bit problematic. He uses a small pink-blue (color) spoon. The parents who are on the side are still watching him nervously. I was afraid that he would choke after eating, every time he swallowed a mouthful of food, he praised loudly.

Tang Jinyu has never heard so much compliment since he was a child, and his ears are hot, making him a little embarrassed.

After eating, the couple did nothing but played games with the child.

Seeing that her son was not very interested in these toys, Chen Suling kept tilting her head to watch TV, so she asked her husband to turn on the TV, and the two watched cartoons together.

In fact, Tang Jinyu wanted to read the news or something else, but when he saw 1999 on the calendar, he rested his mind again.

It's 99 years now, he was born in the age when he was born after zero and zero, and it's not very useful to see it.

Tang Hongjun watched cartoons more deeply than him. While staring at the TV screen, he approached his son and told him: "Look at this is a little monkey, next to him is a little pig, and a little horse, white (color). pony……"

Tang Jinyu: "..."

Tang Jinyu blinked, watched the "Journey to the West" cartoon on TV, and looked at the young man next to him. He always felt that his dad had taken care of him too carefully, and he was five years old, and he could almost understand this by himself. Tang Hongjun and Chen Suling's attitude towards him is like a kid who just knows how to walk.

Just thinking of this, I heard Chen Suling next to him whisper proudly: "Hong Jun, do you know, today the baby walked from the bedroom to the living room by himself, he walked alone!"

Tang Hongjun was also a little excited when he heard it, rubbed his hands, watched his son smile silly, and finally couldn't hold back and kissed his forehead, his eyes were moist.

Tang Jinyu didn't know what to say, he did struggle for a few days, and finally walked ten meters.

Chen Suling said again: "I have an appointment with an expert, and I can take Xiaoyu to review tomorrow."

Tang Hongjun nodded again and again: "Yes, I'm going for a review. Dad has made an appointment in the province. The inspection will be done tomorrow. Let's take Xiaoyu to the province to check again on the weekend."


Tang Hongjun was a little excited when he said that, there was a little mist on his glasses, and he took it off with one hand and wiped it casually with his sleeve. Tang Jinyu stretched out his hand to help him. He had no parents since he was a child, and he didn't know what a child from a normal family should do now.

Tang Hongjun misunderstood, took his little hand and kissed him, smiled and said, "Dad continue to tell you, come, let's watch the cartoon."

Sitting in their arms, Tang Jinyu felt that she was thinking too much. He found that no matter what he said or did, even if he moved his fingers, the parents, who were obviously novices, would burst into tears, as if he had done something amazing.

After the meal, it is the most lively time in the corridor. This is the family room of a certain engineering institute. People who have passed by the same unit are also people who come to this house to borrow some wool, or come to return a plate and a bowl. What? Many people say hello to each other, listening to them very warmly.

Tang Jinyu tilted her head and looked at the curtains in the living room. In her ears, Chen Suling and Tang Hongjun were discussing about going to the hospital tomorrow. They were afraid to disturb him watching cartoons, their voices were much lower, and they were all talking about him. thing.

Tang Jinyu was half lying in her parents' arms, and she felt fresh. This was the first time she felt this way.

He was quite touched by himself. If nothing else, his parents are really good to him. If this is a dream, he doesn't want to wake up.

He tried to open his mouth and make a sound, but his throat still couldn't open, (body shen) physically resisted, still unable to speak.

After trying it for a while, Tang Jinyu gave up and made the appearance of watching the cartoon seriously.

Anyway, if he only watches cartoons now, his parents will be happy enough.

Early the next morning, Tang Jinyu was softly coaxed by Chen Suling. She wore a small (dry gan) dress, a small white shirt and velvet overalls, a sweater, and a small hat on her head. It's very energetic. Chen Suling was very satisfied, and took a photo with him. The child in the mirror was carved and jade, with obsidian-like eyes, with a small nose, her mouth pressed a little nervously, and she honestly reached out and hugged the adult. His neck looks very good.

Tang Jinyu looked in the mirror and thought to herself, it seemed that it was similar to when he was a child.

The mother and son packed up and waited at home for Tang Hongjun to send a car to pick them up.

Tang Jinyu sits on the sofa and plays with an electric panda. The fluffy one can move on its own, and it will make a "wiping" sound.

Chen Suling got up and went to get her bag and scarf. After thinking about it, she changed her son's kettle to a warm one, and went to the kitchen to pour some hot water.

Someone was talking in the corridor, the tube building was not soundproofed, and what was said was passed through clearly, and the cynicism was heard clearly: "They all said that they should have another one, and they didn't listen. Their children obviously had a problem. ...What else, intellectual problem!"

"I heard people say that the child is not very able to move, their wheelchair has changed two!"

"Thousands of imported wheelchairs, hey, the money is really spent, it's a bottomless pit, there is no one day to fill it up."

"You don't need to talk about the two of them, Tang Gong, the senior intellectual who returned from studying abroad, Chen Suling is also the smartest one of us. On weekdays, she is outstanding. How come these two wise men gave birth to a fool!"


Tang Jinyu: "..." Why is it not his legs, but his head?

Chen Suling walked over quickly, closed the window tightly, and drew the curtains two more levels, trying to hide her son from hearing.

Her face (color) is pale and her fingers are shaking.

Tang Jinyu initially thought that she was uncomfortable, and tried to comfort her, but she wanted to pat her hand gently, but after a long time she moved a little bit. It was Chen Suling who saw her and hurriedly moved in, which made Tang Jinyu's little hand fall. On the back of her hand, she said nervously: "Baby, tell mom what you want, and mom will get it for you."

The child was well taken care of. The white tender little hand on the back of her hand moved again, and she opened her mouth and shouted "Mom". The voice was very small, like a breath, and was hoarse with not talking all the time.

But just this sound made Chen Suling's tears fall. She raised her hand and wiped her tears and smiled. With both hands, she carefully folded her son's little hand in her palm to protect her, "Mom is fine, let's go to the hospital. After taking the medicine, our baby will be healed."

Tang Jinyu looked at her and cried, and felt sullen and uncomfortable. Chen Suling has taken good care of him these days, no matter in his dreams or wherever he is. He has never had a mother, and now he regards Chen Suling as his own.

Tang Hongjun came back after a while, and ran up all the way panting, even though the smile on his face had not broken when he saw his son through the security door, he made a grimace at the child.

Tang Jinyu giggled.

Chen Suling's face blushed, and she tweeted at him: "How old are you, why are you so troublesome? When you are outside, be careful to let people see you as a joke!"

Tang Hongjun said: "I have all gone to work and school, no one saw it."

Just as he was talking, a teenage boy came over at the corner of the stairs. The boy was not yet fully stretched, but he was already tall. He was only half a head shorter than Tang Hongjun. He was wearing a school uniform, a schoolbag on his shoulders and a mask. Covering half of his face, he lowered his head and shouted "Hello, Uncle Tang".

Tang Hongjun rubbed the tip of his nose, then smiled and nodded at him, "Xiao Ye is going to school, pay attention to safety on the way."

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