Chapter 178:Living Next To The Male God

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Xia Ye didn't worry at all when he heard them talking so much.

After Song Yi stayed with him for a while, he found that Qin Ke was not hostile, so he left with Yin Qing, leaving only the three of them here to talk about computer technology. Manager Song can do everything, but the technology is really not good. Stay here. I can't talk a few words.

Qin Ke deliberately showed off, but when he saw Xia Ye, he didn't dare to be too blatant. He picked up the interesting things during the previous mission and talked to Tang Jinyu, but when it came to it, he felt boring again, because the last party would always be Summer wild.

Qin Ke (gan gan) said baffledly: "That's probably it, you don't know much if you don't play the computer..."

"I understand!" Tang Jinyu threw his arms to Xia Ye, excitedly, "My brother taught me a lot!"

"Oh? What did he teach you?"

"Honeypot, it's great to deal with puppet machines!"


Qin Ke suspected that he was taunting, but looked at the other side's serious and happy expression, and was a little uncertain.

The corners of Xia Ye's lips raised a little, and he also discovered that his children still have such naughty times. Qin Ke can't take advantage of his brother's side. Even while his brother is gossiping, he is still trying to protect him, just like the puppies in the enclosure, it looks quite likable.

Because of this, Xia Ye didn't reject Qin Ke very much, and it was rare to see him favorably.

Usually small fishes are very sweet, but occasionally they taste good when they are slightly vinegar.

Sitting in the middle, Xia Ye felt the taste of sweet and sour fish. It was very interesting, and he didn't stop them from talking.

There was a bit of chill in the mountains at night, Tang Jinyu sneezed, Xia Ye (touching Mo) gave his arm, got up and went to the RV to get him a coat.

Qin Ke sat there without moving, still trying to catch fish, trying to bring people (gou) to his side, "I found a secret."

Tang Jinyu said: "What's the secret?"

"I remember seeing the boss's name xy for a while. At that time, I was curious for a while. When I went out on a mission, I heard his real name and thought he was particularly narcissistic, so he left his own name, and later I saw that it was not." Moved closer, blinked at him and said, "Is it the little fish in'A Little Fish'?"

Tang Jinyu didn't expect this at all!

He blushed immediately!

But I was happy while blushing, and took the initiative to praise Qin Ke: "You are so careful, I didn't expect it, but you can read Tongshun according to you, Qin Ke, are you guys so good at programming, I I really admire your major...Wow, did you teach yourself? Did you drop out of business school to learn painting? It turned out to be an art artist. I can also be regarded as I play the piano, but I don’t know how much you do. , You are an all-rounder!"

"Normally." Qin Ke was very happy to be praised.

Tang Jinyu asked again: "I heard that your family is in hotel business, right?"

"Yes." Qin Ke said at random, all of them are quite famous hotels at home and abroad.

Tang Jinyu immediately joined the audience and said: "I have stayed here, it is very good, and the service is also attentive. Every time my teacher takes us out for a game, in order to let us rest better, he specially booked the one! I did not expect that these two are also Qin From the group, is that also the playground of the same name in the Shanghai Stock Exchange?"


Tang Jinyu has never been there, but this does not prevent him from closing his eyes and talking about it. Qin Ke himself has never been. He just knows that there is such an amusement park. He is praised and loved more and more in his heart. Sugar. Qin Ke looked at the other person, and felt that the person in front of him was beautiful, his mouth was sweet, and he could talk. Every compliment was said sincerely. Even if he knew he was holding you, he felt comfortable in his heart. Such a baby. No wonder Xia Ye hid for several years and refused to let him find him. He was willing to raise him if he changed. He was very happy to talk and talk every day, and he wished to go out with a group every day.

After a compliment, Tang Jinyu paid attention to the movement of the RV, while actively leaning over to ask about Zhuang Ya in a low voice.

Qin Ke glanced at him and smiled: "That's what you want to ask, right?"

Tang Jinyu blinked and said a little embarrassed: "I've only vaguely heard of it, but I don't know exactly what happened (fa). Are you not from the Qin family? I thought maybe you know a little..." His brother never mentioned anything about his mother, but Tang Jinyu always worried that Zhuang Ya would cause a little trouble. After all, he checked so much information. Later Song Yi and Qin Ke were targeting her intentionally or unintentionally. It's not easy to be in the Qin Group.

Qin Ke misunderstood. Now he has not started a business, nor is he as high- profile as later. There are not many people who can find out his identity. He only said that Xia Ye had already told the other party and said to him: I know some, I just didn't get used to Qin Shuwei before, but now I think Zhuang Ya's hands are dark enough, this woman is really powerful, and she is willing to step on everything for herself."

"Qin Shuwei?"

"Yeah, it was Qin Shuwei. It was actually quite simple back then. Zhuang Ya got married after she came out of Wall Street, and she has been married to her husband and son. Others thought she had a good life with a major musician, but she was not satisfied. I want to go back to the same job as before, but in the past ten years, the pattern has long changed. Where did her wrists stand still. Someone gave her a line and introduced Qin Mingcheng, oh, Qin Shuwei's father."

What Qin Ke knew also began with Qin Shuwei.

At that time, he had just formed a bad boy club. From the very beginning, he added some people, but he also kicked out a lot. Anyway, he can drive countless puppet machines alone, and he has never lacked manpower. .

Qin Shuwei was a member of the Qin family. Originally, he didn't have any (guanguan) relationship with Qin Ke, but he was good at camping. After learning that Qin Ke likes to play with computers, he became a hacker who came to him. On the one hand, he hinted that he was the first person to break into the telecommunications system, and on the other hand, he voted for Qin Kona and wanted to join the bad boy club-Qin Shuwei didn’t understand this at all, he just wanted to get close to his family. Ke worshiped x, but never expected that what Qin Ke wanted was just a challenge.

Qin Ke wanted to replace x and become the new leader. Qin Shuwei's courtesy was useless to him. Qin Shuwei persisted in that contest for less than a minute and was embarrassed. Afterwards, in order to save face, Qin Shuwei only said that he was older than Qin Ke and wanted to hold him, but Qin Ke was bored.

Qin Shuwei didn't even pass the first level of joining the Bad Boys Club, and Qin Ke doubted him.

Everything on the Internet relies on technology to speak. It didn’t take long for Qin Shuwei to be smashed by Qin Ke. He could only admit that the person who wrote the code was not himself. As for the true identity of x, he didn’t know who he was. I didn't say anything about the psychology.

One of the reasons why Qin Ke still pays attention to him for so many years is to ask who x is.

Then Qin Ke went to participate in the secret mission and met Xia Ye.

After Qin Ke got the mobile phone, he immediately called the house. He didn't care about monitoring. After all, he only asked about the (guan) department of some people in the family. These situations were already affected by Minister Jiang when they came. Checked it clearly. Qin Ke asked about Qin Shuwei's father and son, and also about Zhuang Ya's past. The Qin family didn't know much about Zhuang Ya. The name "Xia Ye" flashed past, but after Qin Ke heard it, he immediately understood .

The reason why Qin Shuwei was bitten to death was not just because of vanity, but because someone had committed the crime for him.

"It was your brother who wrote that piece of code, but it was used by Qin Shuwei. It happened."

Tang Jinyu said, "Did Qin Shuwei tell you that?"

Qin Ke lazily said, "How could it be that he loves vanity and is afraid of things, this kind of good thing must be blown, but it is definitely not such a blow." Xia Ye was young at the time, but a person's temper was difficult to change. He always felt that Xia Ye would not To do such a thing, at most it is improper storage or someone cheated the code to use, but he checked some and found that it seemed that all the guilt was on Xia Ye.

Tang Jinyu said depressed: "Can you still find it now?"

Qin Ke smiled and said, "Who is it to check? Qin Shuwei, he committed something this year and is still waiting for bail!"

"What's the matter?"

"You kids don't understand the crime of internet theft," Qin Ke nodded his head and said with a smile, "As long as you know that your brother is stingy and will get revenge, and whatever you owe him is the same, he will get it back."

Tang Jinyu was a little bit happy, and wanted to ask again. Xia Ye came over with his coat. Seeing Qin Ke moving his hands and feet, he immediately went over and patted the back of his hand unceremoniously, "Sit back."

Qin Ke raised his hand and said innocently: "Boss, isn't it? I'll help you with your child. You just said that to me when you came. My heart is cold. I wanted to tell you some good news."

Xia Ye ignored him and put on Tang Jinyu's coat. Tang Jinyu curiously asked, "What good news?"

Qin Ke said: "We Qin has a good manager who knows how to manage ourselves... isn't it? Isn't it a well-known President Zhuang? She closed three hotels this year, and the chain of funds on hand was about to break, and she signed a gambling agreement with someone. , Tut tut, more than four billion! There are still the last few months, I am afraid it is going crazy now."

Xia Ye's expression was calm, as if listening to a stranger, "Her business has nothing to do with me."

Tang Jinyu looked up at him.

Xia Ye's eyes fell on his face, and he reached out and wiped his forehead a few times. Tang Jinyu didn't understand at first, but later discovered that it was the place where Qin Ke had just pointed his finger.

Qin Ke glanced at them, tentatively said: "You won't help her, will you?"

"No." Xia Ye frowned. "You are not anxious about the Qin family's own industry. Why should I be an outsider to help?"

"That's wrong. We raise wolves, not Gu." Qin Ke (touching Mo) smiled with his chin, "If you don't have the skills, you will be kicked out. Qin has more than one brand under her, so don't you have to use each one? Hundreds of years of Jiye rescued it? After all, it's all based on ability."

Xia Ye didn't want to talk about Zhuang Ya very much, and took Tang Jinyu back to the RV to rest after sitting for a while.

Qin Ke asked, "Don't talk for a while? I kind of like your kid, it's fun to talk to him."

Xia Ye said: "You have a generation gap with him."

Qin Ke raised his eyebrows and said: "Oh, don't you have the boss? I'm only one of your three generation gaps. It's not a problem.

Xia Ye took the person away without any reason.

Qin Ke strolled back to his side. He came today to test Xia Ye’s attitude. Even if Xia Ye didn’t take action on Qin Shuwei’s affairs, he would have to teach this person a lesson sooner or later, but now it seems that Xia Ye did not let this person go. That's it. As for Zhuang Ya, he originally wanted to see if Xia Ye would still feel soft. He helped Zhuang Ya up again, but he was also selling Xia Ye's face, but now it seems that Xia Ye abandoned the past and no longer entangled. , (Dry gan) crisp and neat (脱tuo) body.

It's a good thing.

Qin Ke stretched his waist and looked up at the starry sky as he walked. He had always liked the starry sky, and under such depth and vastness, he felt very small.

Everyone has experienced a very short life here. If you have to spend so many years with your blood (flesh and rou) relatives to bear hatred and revenge, it is really not worth it.

I met Qin Ke during the day, and Xia Ye had an unpleasant dream at night.

He saw in his dream another life of himself, and experienced a completely different ending from the present.

In the dream, Zhuang Ya tried her best to gain a foothold in the Qin clan. She fought fiercely. After offending many people, she finally entered the so- called class she dreamed of. Despite paying a great price, she still won.

Xia Ye was alone. He completed his studies in the same short period of time. After Song Yi found him, the two people had the same goals, and sooner or later they would be attracted to each other. They soon became an alliance and started business together.

It was very difficult to start a business, but both he and Song Yi supported it. When the company just turned around, Zhuang Ya found him.

Zhuang Ya was here to recognize his son. She was rarely haggard sitting there, but she still raised her chin and said to him: "What are you still doing online? I told you before that you were ten years old. Didn’t you have enough of the lessons of the year? Don’t do those shameful things anymore. Come to my company, I will teach you slowly, and the company will give it to you later."

Xia Ye said coldly: "My business has nothing to do with you."

Zhuang Ya said angrily: "I am your mother!"

"You turned around, now you want family affection again?"

"Xia Ye!"

Xia Ye looked at her coldly, without the slightest temperature in her eyes.

He felt that the woman in front of him was cold in heart and cold in blood. If she really regards herself as a mother, she should check it out. His Internet company has just started this year, and his hard work has just paid off. How dare she deny everything about him in one bite?

Zhuang Ya stubbornly wanted him to enter her company. For this reason, he did not hesitate to chase and block the company of Xia Ye and Song Yi, and made a lot of stumbling, but Xia Ye gritted his teeth to support him, and his commercial genius let him Zhuang Ya was even more excited, and when she finally found out that the hard drive didn't work, she came to find Xia Ye in person.

"I have a reason for you." This time she lowered her posture and said slowly: "I'm sick, cancer. Last year, it was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I don't know how long I can live, Xia Ye, that company. It’s my 20 years of hard work. I’ve paid too much for it. I know that I was sorry for your dad and you, but now my mom knows it’s wrong. I’m willing to use it as compensation. Can I give it to you?"

Xia Ye looked at her for a while and shook his head: "No, you are not using it to compensate me, but let me live for it."

Zhuang Ya's expression was stunned, "Why? Such a good career, so many industries, I am giving you money, I will give you all, why would you not?"

"You have been swallowed by it, it is not your career, it is a monster in your heart."

Zhuang Ya went crazy for her career.

She refused to give her hard work to the Qin family and his son, insisting on giving it to her son Xia Ye. She believed that only Xia Ye could do it better, and for this reason even threatened Xia Ye to expose his other hacker identity.

Zhuang Ya madly said: "You can't go anywhere, you can only come to me! I knew that today, I shouldn't be softhearted back then, I should insist on fighting for custody with your dad, and I will bring you to my side after graduation from junior high school. Wouldn't (fa) have such a thing today!"

The time she said (stabbing ci) aroused Xia Ye. He stared at Zhuang Ya and asked every word: "When did you contact my dad?"

"When you were in the third grade..."

Xia Ye slammed a fist on the tabletop, and the cup was broken. The tea mixed with the blood on his hand flowed across the tabletop. Xia Ye stared at her with red eyes, gritted her teeth and said, "You are not worthy of being my mother."

The third grade was the year his dad had a heart attack.

He remembered clearly that his father’s illness had been stable for many years, but he suddenly became serious when he was in the third year of junior high. They had no money for surgery and no support. He tried everything he could but still failed to save his father’s life. . And this woman who kept saying that she wanted to fight for custody rights did not show up after venting with his dad (fa).

She will always do it for herself.

The reason for not coming is nothing more than oneself.

Xia Ye completely gave up on the last little affection, and cut off contact with Zhuang Ya.

At the same time, rumors about his hacker identity began to appear on the Internet. In order not to affect the operation of the company, Xia Ye settled everything and entrusted it to Song Yi, and went abroad alone. That year, the hacker god, code-named "x", appeared in front of the public for the first time, and that year, he encountered an air crash while transferring flights abroad.

The memory in the back was intermittent, and he seemed to melt into a white mist, looking at it from the perspective of an onlooker.

He waited in the white mist for many years, and finally waited for a child.

He grew up with the child until he became a teenager, and watched him live happily in a simple house with his grandfather, and watched the news and current affairs with him.

It is ridiculous that Mr. Zhuang, who is known as terminally ill, has been alive and well for many years.

Zhuang Ya has been fighting against cancer. People like her are too violent to survive.

It’s just that life is not good. The Qin family’s father and son turned against her. After watching for a while, the Qin family decisively helped the Qin family father and son. Zhuang Ya was too selfish and could not compete with such a century-old family business. The behemoth was kicked out only sooner or later, just barely holding on to his face.

Intermittently in the dream, these images slowly disperse and merge into another scene.

It was still the child, about five years old, a toddler, stumbling on tiptoe to peek outside through the window glass, Xia Ye accidentally looked at him when he passed by, the little guy opened his eyes wide. Stupidly only knows to look at him.

Like a "little fool" living next door.


Xia Ye got up very early when he was exhausted by the things in the dream. When he moved, Tang Jinyu who was next to (Shui Shui) woke up. He rubbed his eyes while rubbing his corner and said with a nasal voice, "Brother, you where to……"

"It's still early, I'll go for a walk, and you will (sleep in Shui) for a while."

Tang Jinyu shook her head, sat up and said, "I (Shui Shui) is full, go out with you."

"it is good."

The two watched the sunrise together, the air in the mountains was fresh, Xia Ye watched the slowly rising sun smelling the fragrance of the vegetation around him, and the suffocated air in his heart slowly exhaled.

Tang Jinyu sat with him, was warmed by his brother wrapped in a coat and trench coat, talked to him in a low voice, and laughed without saying a word.

Xia Ye's mood improved a lot with him, bowed his head and kissed him, holding it as a baby.

It seems that with this person by his side, everything in the past is not important, he can start looking forward to a new life without burden, looking forward to the good things he will have.

When they returned to the camp, Song Yi and Yin Qing were cooking. Yin Qing’s cooking skills were in proportion to her beauty. She cooked good dishes. She cooked something early and brought them to eat with everyone. It’s always easier for friends to laugh more when they get together. Song Yi talked about houses in the Shanghai stock market during dinner. Tang Jinyu looked at Tang Jinyu and asked: "Xiaoyu’s houses have been approved. Tell me where to buy a house next time. I said, I followed to buy, it is a one-for-two business, more profit than working."

Xia Yedao: "Are you also superstitious?"

Song Yi shook his head and said with a smile: "I just believe in luck. After a certain stage of things, I really have to rely on some luck." There are too many people in this world who work hard like them, not just hard work. It makes sense to succeed, to do everything and to obey the destiny.

Xia Ye turned his head and glanced at the children next to him. Tang Jinyu thought he was supervising his meal, ate the bread in his hand, and drank half a cup of cow (nai), which was very obedient.

Xia Ye chuckled lightly.

It really took a lifetime of luck for him to find him.

The three-day camping soon ended. Xia Ye took Tang Jinyu back to the Coral Hotel, and shook his head with the elders in the family, and then returned to the Shanghai stock market together.

On the way back, they met a group of junior high school students led by a teacher to participate in the competition at the airport.

At the age of ten, Tang Jinyu was wearing a uniform school uniform. Tang Jinyu was familiar with the style. After looking for a while, she realized that it was the uniform of the middle school in Pingcheng, exactly the same as the one he wore back then.

A tall and sturdy male student ran over with two chicken thigh buns, and a few tied to him (guanguan) immediately surrounded him, everyone took a bite, and the male student said generously: "You eat Ah, I ate two by myself just now, this bread is too soft, neither is full."

Tang Jinyu heard her voice familiar, looked at it carefully, and suddenly became happy.

The first one is the one in their class who likes to eat scones. When he was still studying in Pingcheng, he had to go to the school gate to buy a scones (meat rou) secretly in the evening when he was studying in Pingcheng. He also looked familiar with the few people who shared the bread over there. Some remembered their names, but some of them couldn't remember clearly, but seeing their faces knew they were right.

Tang Jinyu kept looking over there, Xia Ye couldn't help but glanced, and asked in a low voice, "What's wrong?"

Tang Jinyu stepped his feet and said something in his brother's ear. Xia Ye looked at the group of students over there and their expressions became more relaxed. He rubbed Tang Jinyu's head, "I see, I'll do it."

A few minutes later, Manager Song went over to negotiate with the other team leader.

Song Yi has already donated scholarships to many schools. In addition, their company is now so famous that almost no one knows. Song Yi negotiated with the other teacher and wrote a check to donate money to these children. Let them have fun outside of this game.

The teacher from the other party never expected to encounter such a lucky thing. He took the students to thank him, and Song Yi waved his hand: "It's okay. Later, I will go to your school to set up a scholarship to encourage students to study hard." He took a look at the students. , His eyes fell on the tallest boy and asked: "Are you Wang Hui?"

The boy was stunned, nodded and agreed.

Song Yi gave him the bag he was carrying and said with a smile: "I just heard your teacher say that you have made a lot of progress this time, and you are rewarded."

Wang Hui was a little stunned. When he took it, his face blushed. He looked at the teacher and saw that the teacher nodded before he took it, and whispered his thanks to him.

Song Yi didn't stay much and left soon.

Many students gathered around, wanting to see what reward Wang Hui got.

Wang Hui opened the bag. There was a new mobile phone inside, which caused a lot of envy from the students. Wang Hui looked up at the back of Song Yi's departure. He felt a little strange, but he was still mostly excited. Sure enough, if you study hard, something will happen! His mother didn't lie to him, she couldn't be too happy!

Tang Jinyu hid and took a peek for a while, and when he saw that the other party was happy, he smiled and curled his eyes. He folded the phone receipt and put it in his pocket. When his grandfather was sick and was hospitalized for the last period of time, this group of students helped out at school. It was a lot of money for him, and that classmate named Wang Hui sold him a smart phone for just two hundred yuan, because this made the ward a little more joyful laughter.

He can finally give them back now.

Xia Ye stayed with him again, and after Tang Jinyu finished reading, he took him by the hand and left.

Their trip is over and it's time to go home.

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