Chapter 179:Living Next To The Male God

Extra 9

Set a world of secondary differentiation. When you reach the age of 18, you will be divided into ordinary people and mermaids, and mermaids can have children.


Tang Jinyu had a low-grade fever since a few days ago. He always loved to get sick when he was young, and he slowly got better when he was older. He can run and jump, and he is not so thin. But this year intermittently, there will always be some minor problems, (body shen) has become weaker, and going to the hospital to see a doctor only said that his resistance has become weak and he needs more care at home.

Xia Ye drove him to school, and halfway through the road (touching Mo), he clicked his forehead and frowned, "Don't go, I'll take you to the hospital."

Tang Jinyu shook his head. He only came out of the hospital yesterday, and the doctor couldn't find out anything.

Xia Ye turned around and said to him, "Then go home. I'm not worried about you going to school like this."

Tang Jinyu sat faintly in the co-pilot. He was exhausted and did not speak for a long time. Xia Ye took a moment to take a look and found that the child was drowsy again (sleeping Shui), as if he had been more addicted these days ( Sleep Shui).

Xia Ye took him back to their small home, which was still the previous apartment. Tang Jinyu used to come here to do homework. She lived here for a long time. Xia Ye once wanted to change to a bigger house, but she looked reluctant to give up. , And delayed again.

After entering the house, Xia Ye put the person in the bedroom (bed chuang) and went to the kitchen to boil some sweetened pear water for him. In the past, his brother liked this when he caught a cold.

But when Xia Ye was cooked and brought over, there was no one in the room.

The thin blanket on (bed chuang) was lifted and the pillows were still there, but there were no people in (sleeping Shui) there. Xia Ye put down the small bowl and called him by name in the room. Sure enough, I heard a little water coming from the bathroom, and there was a little response, "Brother, I'm here, you, you don't come here!"

Where did Xia Ye feel relieved, he immediately looked for it: "Why did you take a bath while you were still ill?" He opened the door and stepped on the water. Tang Jinyu didn't have any T-shirt soaking in the fish tank (off tuo) , Sticking to her body wet, Xia Ye obviously felt that the water was cold, and was a little angry for a while, "What's the matter, (xi) bath does not need hot water..."

Halfway through what Xia Ye said, it was silenced. He looked at Tang Jinyu in the bathtub in surprise. His upper body was the same as usual, but his lower body shorts had been torn off and thrown aside. At this moment, his legs became a golden (color). )'S fish tail, the scales are shining, exuding a dazzling and charming light under the bathroom lights.

Tang Jinyu lays hands on the edge of the bathtub, her hair wet, probably just like a mermaid. His skin (color) was originally white, but now it was even more shiny and smooth. A few drops of water rolled from his chin to his collarbone. Then, it seemed to be flustered. The moment Xia Ye met him, he only felt that he was bewitched. He didn't care about anything, just wanted to comfort him.

Xia Ye bit the tip of his tongue and made his eyes clearer. He had only heard that the differentiated mermaid had a great influence on ordinary people, but he had never thought it would be so powerful.

Tang Jinyu's face is more beautiful than usual, her skin (color) is fairer, and her eyebrows are more prominently set off. She looks younger and looks like a little mermaid who has just split into adulthood. His face (color) was flushed, and his eyes were not consciously moist. He looked at Xia Ye and said, "I don't know what's going on. I was all hot just now, so I wanted to soak in water. Then I ran to the bathroom. Come and let the water soak for a while... It's like this, brother, what should I do?"

Tang Jinyu is 22 years old this year. He has already passed the differentiation period. He is panicking now. When he is in a hurry, Fishtail is not obedient. It shakes it by itself, and brings out some water from the bathtub to sprinkle outside. Tang Jinyu hurriedly went. Pressed his own tail, but the bathtub was too small for him now, Tuan slid his head up in it and choked on water.

Xia Ye quickly went to help him up, and said with his arms around: "It's okay, it's okay, I'll take you to the hospital, and we will find a doctor to check it." He thought about it, and his tone became firmer, "You just didn't keep up with nutrition when you were a kid. , The development is slower, just like other people."

Xia Ye took the blanket and wiped (gan) the person, then found a bathrobe to wrap him up, and hugged him out. He was also inexperienced in contacting mermaids for the first time. The teacher probably taught some things before in school. But it is also some popular science, and there is no detailed instruction on how to take care of mermaids.

Xia Ye originally wanted to wait for his brother to split up at the age of 18, to see if there was a chance to learn it, but his brother has been showing no signs of splitting, so he did not learn.

Natsuno regrets it now.

Especially after arriving at the hospital, he found that his brother's fish tail was probably due to the moisture (dry gan) on it, so he changed back to his legs.

Fortunately, there were one or two spare clothes in the car. Xia Ye brought a pair of looser sweatpants and put them on for him. Tang Jinyu just broke up and couldn't grasp the balance for a while. Not only could he control the tail of the fish, but now he has no strength to walk. A pair of legs are as soft as noodles.

Xia Ye put on socks for him, without shoes, and took him to the hospital in person.

He went to a mermaid hospital, and many people were walking with their partners, so it was not too strange.

Tang Jinyu lay down in Xia Ye’s arms and watched the people around him all the way, regardless of whether he was a man or a woman. The occasional single merman was accompanied by his parents. Otherwise, it will be difficult to survive the breeding period... Tang Jinyu also learned these basics when she was studying, but she never blushed like she is now.

He is different from these mermaids. He is the first to split after marriage, right?

Tang Jinyu was too nervous. He secretly covered his lower abdomen, as if his brother got a lot in last night, what should I do? Will he already have a baby?

Xia Ye took him to the doctor. Tang Jinyu had just become drowsy (Shui Shui), especially in the office. He started to doze off (Shui Shui) soon after he came in, but still opened his eyes very hard. Go listen to what the doctor said.

The doctor is a very kind middle-aged man. After seeing it, he said to Xia Ye: "He is rarely seen in this situation, but occasionally one or two cases will occur. It will not harm (body shen) body. On the contrary, after differentiation, His (body shen) experience is healthier than it is now, and he can take him bubble water appropriately."

Tang Jinyu started to fight with eyelids again.

The doctor said: "You can hold your little partner and let him sleep more (Shui) for a while. The loss of physical strength just after differentiation is huge."

Xia Ye hugged the person in his arms, Tang Jinyu smelled his breath much more relieved, and soon buried his head in front of him (chest xiong) slowly (sleeping Shui).

The doctor smiled and said, "He is very dependent on you, how long have you been together?"

Xia Yedao: "We are already married."

The doctor was a little surprised, but he only understood the age on the medical record sheet. That's right, he just reached the legal marriage age, and now the society is relatively open. This is the first time he has seen a young couple who binds his partner in such a hurry. The doctor told him some precautions for caring for mermaid, and prescribed some moisturizing ointments, as well as nutrients for the maintenance of mermaid scales. At the same time, he told him: "The reason why your partner has a low fever this month, It's because he is preparing to split, and at the same time he does not rule out that he has received enough (body shen) body (thorn ci) stimulation..."

The doctor aggravated the word "enough" and looked at Xia Ye coughing the doctor, suggesting him.

Xia Yedao: "Can't live a married life, right?"

The doctor said: "How is it possible that the mermaid will enter the breeding period in the second year after differentiation, especially when he is his current age, and it will be time to need you immediately. I mean you should also prepare yourself. Other mermaids After a year, your family may not be able to wait a month."

Xia Ye came to realize that he had just thought about it, but he was still worried about Tang Jinyu's (body shen) body. After repeated inquiries, he held it and did a full-body examination before he was relieved.

Tang Jinyu didn't know this. She was drowsy (sleeping Shui) all morning, and waited until almost three o'clock in the afternoon to wake up, only feeling that her body was full of strength, better than before.

Someone was talking in the living room outside. Tang Jinyu wore a (Shui Shui) suit and stepped on slippers when she went out and saw Tang Hongjun and Chen Suling.

Tang Hongjun was cooking with an apron, and Chen Suling came over immediately after seeing him and took him to the sofa to sit down, feeding fruit and water again, she was very nervous, "Baby, does it hurt?"

Tang Jinyu was at a loss, and smiled when she watched her kick her legs carefully: "Mom, it doesn't hurt, but sometimes it itches, and it's fine if you scratch it."

Chen Suling immediately said, "That's not okay. We went to a special store to buy some moisturizers (lotions) on the way here. You will apply some moisturizers later. Remember not to be lazy. This is not a trivial matter."

Tang Jinyu nodded. He looked around and asked, "Mom, where is my brother?"

"Go buy a house."


"You little stupid bug, there is no swimming pool here. We said to pick you up. Your brother refused to agree. He just went out to pick a house." Chen Suling nodded the tip of his nose and said spoilingly, "Don't go out by yourself when you go out. , Need escort, you know?"

Tang Jinyu nodded, he still knew this.

Mermaids are still relatively rare in society nowadays, and occasionally some people will "poach" mermaids. The government has also issued a special protection law for these people. However, under heavy money, there are still people who take risks. Even if they are not these people, Mermaid will also release things like pheromones. People who see them will be attracted, confused, and want to take possession of them.

Illegal imprisonment of a mermaid is a felony, but this is another knot that cannot be solved. Many people can do everything after they fall into crazy obsession. Therefore, most mermaids will find an engagement partner after they are adults, and get married after a few years.

Generally, mermaids abandon each other, and have never heard of mermaids being abandoned.

Of course, the abandoned people are also particularly miserable.

You can't forget your mermaid for a lifetime, and there are many who kill sha.

After Tang Jinyu got married like this, he and Xia Ye have a very good relationship. After more than ten years of accumulation, they are not just partners, they are more like relatives. Now that he is divided, their relationship will only be better.

Xia Ye bought a single-family villa with a swimming pool that afternoon.

The security of the community is very well done. In addition to the indoor swimming pools on the first and third floors, there is also a large outdoor swimming pool, which is specially built for the companions of man and fish. Surrounded by tall trees, the concealment (sexual xing) is also very good, and it will not let people see the daily activities of the house owner.

Xia Ye quickly moved with Tang Jinyu.

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