Lord of Pets

Lord of Pets

Black Pepper Fairy

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[Pet] [Imperial Beast] [Summon] [Contract] [Evolution] [Mutation]

? This world is the world of monsters.

Monsters, demons, angels, giants, elves, ghosts, elves, witches, orcs, zerg… countless races, endless branches, infinite mystery.

? The human master can sign a petting contract with monsters.

Therefore, subduing, nurturing, advancing, evolving, mutating, fighting… is their daily life!

[Currently available evolutionary form]

■Clay giant? Sand giant? Stone giant? Dark iron giant…

■Small flame bird? Great flame bird? Red hot bird? Flame bird…

■Four-winged bright angel? (Fallen evolution) Six-winged dark angel…

■Magic Ape? Three-eyed Demon Ape? Dark Gold Demon Ape?……? Eight-armed Evil Dragon Demon Ape…

■Big Wildfire? Nightmare Horse (fusion evolution)? Ghost Rider…


In the Dagan Dynasty, a young man named Bai Wushang unexpectedly became an autonomous awakener. His natural beast was… Moon Rabbit?

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