Chapter 1:Lord of Pets

: Purple Electric Dragon Sculpture

"Passengers, welcome to board the gray eagle floater. After a long journey of three days and three nights, we have arrived in the central area of ​​the endless sandy land. We are still three hours away from our final destination "Shanhai College". Please take a moment. To prepare, I’m Captain Deng Banting..."

In the gorgeous interior of the cabin, twenty or thirty people were seated in a noisy manner. They were all fifteen or sixteen-year-old boys and girls, and it was very lively.

"Looking for the stars and the moon, I finally look forward to this day!"

"Isn't it, for twelve years of diligent study and practice, what is it for? Isn't it just to open up a sea of ​​souls to become the master, wait patiently, and you will be able to realize your wish immediately!"


"Hey, what kind of pet beast do you plan to contract? I have made up my mind. It must be thunder, and the most ideal is of course an electric mouse!"


The young and tender faces are full of excitement and joy.

Bai Wushang watched them silently, a smile that was also expected from the corner of his mouth.

turned his head and saw the girl who was sleeping soundly with her arm in her arms, but Bai Wushang sighed.

"Little, little, wake up, you have been asleep for a long time!"

habitually knocked the girl's black and shiny skull, Bai Wushang said helplessly.


is probably the reason why she just woke up, the girl's face still has a faint blush.

Her face is not stunning, but she is exquisite and small enough, with an oval face, a straight nose, a small rosy mouth, and the blue silk hanging down her shoulders naturally, like the image of the little girl next door in her mind.

"Is it at the station?" Mu Xiaoxiao rubbed his sleepy eyes, muttered in his mouth, and got a little bit angry.

"It's coming soon." Bai Wushang moved her stiff and numb arm, and glanced at her eagerly, "If you go to sleep again, my arm will probably be gone!"

Mu Xiaoxiao pouted, disapproving.

"I just dreamed of a fishbone bird, it was delicious..."

Seeing that Bai Wushang ignored himself, Mu Xiaoxiao's eyes rolled, and his fingers secretly put his fingers on Bai Wushang's shoulder.

"Brother Wuhuan, let me knead it for you, okay? I have learned bone-setting massage, and the technique is first-rate!"

Bai Wuhuo's first reaction is to be unreliable.

After feeling it twice, he grinned with pain, and pushed Mu's small arm away.

"Forget it, if you have this time to play around, why don't you think about how to explain it to your cousin when you arrive at the college later?"

"Explanation, I just don't want to go to Qingluan Women's Academy. Brother Tianxing is in Shanhaiyuan, Brother Wushang, you should also go to Shanhaiyuan. Why should I go to Qingluan Women's Academy alone! Nothing at all!"

Mu Xiaoxiao stopped pinching, and instead clenched his white sleeves tightly, said aggrievedly.

"Then you can't say hello without saying, can you sneak out? The family must be worried to death..."

Bai Wushang helped his forehead and sighed.

Don't look at Mu Xiaoxiao's innocent and innocent appearance, but he is very naughty and willful. From childhood to adulthood, he has been in trouble, and even with Bai Wushang, I don't know how much he has helped her carry.

I just didn’t expect that this time I chose the Chong Beast Cultivation Academy for life events. My family arranged a more suitable Qingluan Women’s Academy for her. They arranged all kinds of relationships in advance. If Mu Xiaoshu didn’t go, he would not go, and he would secretly follow him. Boarded the float boat to Shanhai College.

Mu Xiaoxiao has a cousin who is three years older than Mu Tianxing, who is the eldest son of the current head of the Mu family. He is currently in the fourth grade of Shanhai College.

In my impression, Mu Tianxing has limited love for this cousin, Mu Xiaoxiao. What's more, it's as strict as a father-in-law, dealing with very high demands in daily study, cultivation, and doing things.

This time Mu Xiaoxiao changed academies willfully by himself. When Mu Tianxing knew, he would inevitably be scolded.

"Hehe, let's talk about it when the time comes, I'm here, Brother Tianxing can't push me back, right?" Mu Xiaoxiao made a grimace towards Bai Wushang, honey and confident.

Just when Bai Wushang planned to educate Mu Xiaoxiao further.

The floating boat that was moving forward steadily suddenly trembled violently, causing countless people in the boat to exclaim.

"Look out the window, what is that?!"

Bai Wushang followed the prestige, and saw that the blazing sun was shining, and the cloudless blue sky was dimming at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the distance, black clouds rolled, covering half of the sky.

A thick and strong purple lightning intertwined and collided in the black cloud, dancing like a snake and demon.

The sound of the thunder of lightning, even after a thick layer of ship plank, is still deafening and shocking.

"Thunderstorm weather?"

Bai Wushang was stunned, and then felt something was wrong, how can there be such a large area formed by dark clouds and lightning in just a few tens of seconds.


Amidst the dark clouds of apocalyptic lightning, there was a terrible cry of birds. A behemoth leaned out of it, with scarlet eyes looking at the floating boat here.

With the flash of thunder and lightning, Bai Wushang could see the full picture of the monster, his body froze suddenly, and his whole body seemed to have lost his soul, motionless.

It was a huge bird of prey, with a dragon head and a bird body, with a wingspan of nearly 100 meters, but there was no feather on the whole body, and the whole body was covered with purple dragon scales.

The scales are like metal pouring, full of shocking beauty and power.

Its head is very similar to the legendary dragon, with a pair of golden dragon horns winding backward, noble and holy;

'S mouth is a curved bird's beak, black, bright and sharp, several meters long, with the blood of a fierce beast stained on it, apparently just fought with something;

What's more terrifying is its claws, which are as strong as a cow, sharp as a knife, and cold. UU Reading must be able to easily tear the defensive deck of the floater!

"Purple...Purple...Purple electric dragon carving?" Mu Xiaoxiao swallowed and murmured, "How could a monster of this level appear here..."

"It doesn't seem to be in the right mood. When you look at its eyes, it's red as blood, and it's clearly in a state of anger. What has happened to make it so crazy, and it doesn't hesitate to stay away from its nest and come to this barren desert..." Bai Wushang forced He calmed down and analyzed briefly.

Obviously, the enraged purple electric dragon sculpture noticed the floating boat that was a lot smaller than it in the distance, the bright red pupils were full of disgust, and the purple scaly wings swooped over like electricity.

"Everyone, sit in place, the defense system is fully open, and the limit overload mode is activated!"

The captain's composure sounded from the broadcast, and then the bow quickly shifted and flew out in the opposite direction at the fastest speed.

The floating boat Bai Wushang and Mu Xiaoxiao took is the latest model configured by Shanhai Academy. It is very powerful. Generally speaking, it is comparable to most complete flying creatures in the outer ring of the endless sand. In the middle ring area, the safety factor is extremely high.

But, the size of this purple electric dragon sculpture is too terrifying, it is probably a monster of the ultimate body stage!

Watching the huge and hideous body of the purple electric dragon carving get closer and closer, everyone in the cabin could not sit still, and even a timid girl burst into tears.


The sharp wings shimmering with purple electric glow, like a peerless sword, split the floating boat into two.

Between the electric light and flint, Bai Wushang had no time to pounce on Mu Xiaoxiao, hoping to give her a little extra protection.

Then, after a while, the consciousness fell into silence.

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