Chapter 1416:Lord of Pets

: Dog Head・Ghost Mastiff

"Then set fire to kill him!"

The Sun Priest Rabbit nodded its chin, and without hesitation raised the Sun Scepter, and smashed it down towards the void with a bang.

In an instant, the sun's light waves spread in the form of a circle, and the body of the Nine Lives Tiger seemed to be stuck in a quagmire. The more violent the struggle, the more intense the pain of restraint.

The fierce son licked his ** lips, threw the Demon God's Blade, and with the help of the Hunshi Dragon God, easily pierced a face under the belly of the Nine Lives God Tiger.

"Although he is the king of gods, he is mentally incompetent and almost meaningless."

"Besides, there is a tiger head, this guy's strengths and weaknesses can't be hidden, let's kill him quickly, and hurry up to snipe the pale hand!"

Emperor Shu nodded, knocked down the mirror of master, missed twice, and successfully destroyed a face the third time.

The Nine Lives Divine Tiger has one of its biggest killer features.

If one ignores the face under the abdomen and kills the head directly, even if the head is completely separated from the body, it will not die.

Even, every destructive death can be offset by the life corresponding to a face.

And every time it is revived, its attributes will be strengthened in a short period of time.

If you die eight times in a row, and only the last life remains, the superimposed instant power is even qualified to directly counter the pale hand of the heyday, the natural disaster of origin.

This is the incomparable value of the Seven Lives Tiger Clan.

Fu Tianxie Shenhu thinks day and night, if this group can be carried forward to fight against the evil spirits of the beginning, it must be the mainstay of the super group.

But the past has become empty, and today's dreams have long been shattered, and everything is a mirror image.

With a look of desolation and grief, he told his partners that the enhancement would not be triggered if the face was damaged first.

However, the Nine-Life God Tiger without strengthening blessings exploded in vain, and its defense was relatively weak, so it could not stop the siege of so many strong men of the same level.


With a final roar, Shenhu fell down.

His death was also different from the standard God-King of the Extraordinary series. It did not cause any visions. It was like a mass of distorted rotten flesh that gained vitality for a short time. Now it is just ashes to ashes and dust to dust, returning to its original appearance .

Futian cracked Shenhu sighed, and closed his eyes again.

The team maintained a way of supporting each other at any time, and continued to explore the scarlet depths.

"Hey, look at this section of the river, there is no evil texture, only illusory haze!"

Emperor Shu seemed to sense something, and suddenly pointed to a branch.

Sun Priest Rabbit stopped beside him, pointed at the golden light, nodded after a while and said:

"As we expected, the vastness and mystery of the River of Reincarnation is by no means something that can be truly occupied by a pale hand that has settled for a hundred thousand years."

"Chaos and order coexist here. The apparent loss of control is just the tip of the iceberg of the river of reincarnation. If we really want to subvert all the laws here, let alone the extraordinary inside the door, even the outside will fall apart."

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

"I'm not wronged, right? A beautiful and lovely long-legged priest! A hairless iron mouse, Little Didi! Is it you? Is it really you?!"

During the calm interval, there was a strange ancient sound transmission, which reflected into Bai Wushang's sea of ​​souls.

He stared wide-eyed, the texture of this language can only be expressed by the miraculous family who are favored by the sky and favored by the earth.

"Which one is this?"

Bai Wushang turned sideways, aiming at Sun Priest Rabbit and Emperor Mouse.

Surprisingly, the former's eyes narrowed slightly, as if a cold light flashed away;

As for the latter, his body was slightly stiff, as if he had stepped on shit, and his face was unhappy.

"Damn, this ** is really not dead, who is he calling his little brother? You deserve it too?!"

Emperor Shu cursed and cursed, and the solemn mood that had been suppressed until now was shattered in an instant.

Looking at the battle, it seems that the street gangsters who raised their sleeves and rubbed their fists, wanting to fight hard, the spirit of the ninety-five masters has completely degraded to an unsightly ruffian.

"Okay, okay, my brother mouse, my sister rabbit, come and get me!"

"One hundred thousand years, I've been in this ghostly place for one hundred thousand years! As the guardian of miracles, I'm really about to be drained..."

The ghost mastiff's voice became weaker and weaker, until it was almost inaudible in the end.

Sun Priest Rabbit stabilized the beating corners of his eyes, was the first to get up, and flew towards the place where the perception link was.

"A dog's head still has a will, which is a blessing in misfortune."

"From this point of view, maybe the situation we were worried about before will be slightly better than imagined."

"Damn it..."

Emperor Shu's eyebrows were twisted into twists, and while galloping, he muttered:

"How did this ** do it? The Pale Hand already has the ability to interfere in the world. For this guy, it has been corroded for 100,000 years, but it can't be killed?"

"The ghost mastiff holds the power to suppress evil spirits. Compared with me and the sanctity of the sheep's head, and the hotness of the chicken's head, it is more inherently restraining evil spirits. This is an unavoidable fact."

Sun Priest Rabbit whispered.

As for the ghost mastiff, it seemed that he didn't like to see him too much, and he could catch the faint dislike in his brows with a little discrimination.

But for the law ability possessed by Ghost Mastiff, he seemed to be sincerely admiring it. With such contradictory emotions gathered together, not to mention Bai Wushang, even the vicious one could only scratch his head and scratch his head, so as to cover up his inner astonishment and absurdity.

"The dog's head that I've been thinking about, is it reliable or not?"

"Legends say that UU Reading's first generation of Demon God reached an agreement with him, but the first generation has long since fallen..."

"And the dog's head is trapped in the first restricted area, and his life and death are uncertain. Combined with conjectures, I'm afraid it will be more or less ominous..."

"I didn't expect that there is still the ability to perceive miracles from a long distance. This is really a hundred thousand years? This is no longer a problem of monsters..."

Suppressing random thoughts, even with the nine-eyed shrimp and the dragon ** of the world.

The extraordinary elite team was emotionally pumped, the fear of the unknown was greatly dispelled, and a large beam of bright light of hope was cast on the dark spiritual world.

"Ehhh? It's really you guys, I finally met my companions! Aww—"

I don't know how long the flight took, but more and more puppets of the evil ** were killed along the way, and they became denser and denser.

Finally one day, a lingering black appeared in the uniform bright red world.

A scrawny, sickly old dog, panting on its stomach in the void, taking in less air and letting out more.

"Quick! Damn it! Hurry up and give me some source!"

"I have worked for 100,000 years! A full 100,000 years! Is there a model worker who is more dedicated than me? No! Impossible!"

"Ehhh? Isn't this my priest sister! She's still so elegant, she's still such a lady, I miss you!"

"Eh, this is the emperor mouse? Ma De, I haven't seen a normal life form in a hundred thousand years. No matter how you look at it, you have a beautiful face. I'm so mad, vomit..."

The legendary miraculous guardian—the dog's head and ghost mastiff completely overturned Bai Wushang's cognition.

He stared in a daze, this guy who had only one breath left and felt that he was about to die, spoke the most vulgar greetings of the human race, cursing the world and everything in the world.

It wasn't until Sun Priest Rabbit's face became colder and colder that he thought of something, wagging his tail, and shut his mouth quickly, his cloudy eyes full of anticipation.

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