Chapter 1417:Lord of Pets

: stabbed the guard's nest

"I have a headache..."

Emperor Shu pinched the center of his brows, his eyebrows were clustered together, and he had a speechless expression on his face.

"It's been a hundred thousand years. When I think of Twelve Town Guards, there is such a living treasure like you, my head hurts... Sigh!"

"What?" Ghost Mastiff squinted his eyes, and suddenly stopped wagging his tail, "May I ask the honorable Emperor Shudi, have you ever made achievements the size of a pea in these years?"

"Huh? Didn't understand anything, even hung up once, forced to reincarnate?"

"Tsk, as expected of Brother Mouse, his unique ability has amazed the world, the old ghost sighs!"

The Ghost Mastiff shook his head, obviously looking as if he was about to die, but the words he said were as enchanting as they were, and as much as they deserved a beating.

Emperor Shu no longer took deep breaths once or twice to calm down his irritable anger.

He looked down at the ghost mastiff condescendingly, as if examining a dead dog, and asked angrily:

"What about you? Your Excellency Licking Dog, do you have any great achievements, worthy of being immortalized and immortalized?"

"That's too much."

Gou Shou hummed a ditty, and said in a slow tone, disdainfully:

"Brother Dog, I have worked for 100,000 years, correspondingly, suppressing the pale hand for 100,000 years."

"If it wasn't for my elder brother, I would have endured the humiliation and worked hard silently. I would have lived an unexamined and tireless life in this place where nothing ** like shit. The pale hand would have been able to get out of trouble 30,000 years ago, and it wouldn't have been delayed today!"

"..." Emperor Shu tilted his mouth, intending to refute or question.

But when the words came to his lips, he couldn't say them anyway.

The dog's head and ghost mastiff look aggressive towards the mouse, of course it is angry with the mouse.

But if what is said is true, it is impossible to turn a blind eye to the nine words that have suppressed the pale hand for a hundred thousand years.

"Have you had enough trouble?" Sun Priest Usagi Utako's calm eyes fell on the dog, and then stared at the mouse.

The two of them suddenly felt chilly in their necks, subconsciously closed their mouths, and the momentum of confrontation disappeared in a blink of an eye.

"I've lived for so many years, how come I look like two children."

"Dog head, tell me the specific situation, what happened to the river of reincarnation and the pale hand?"

"Priest sister, can you give me a little source first?"

Ghost Mastiff opened his eyelids, with an expression on the verge of fainting, he was dying and said pitifully:

"After working for a hundred thousand years, I can survive until now. Can you imagine how much pain and grievance I have suffered?"

"If I can get a little bit of the origin that belongs to the priest sister, I will definitely be able to stand up strong, revive the wind of the male dog, and fight against the pale hand for three thousand three hundred and thirty- three days with a posture of looking down on the world..."

Gou Shou didn't finish his sentence.

Sun Priest Rabbit interrupted expressionlessly:

"Shushou and I are already the only guards who can fight, and the only sources are not necessarily enough for our own use, and we cannot share them with you."

"You'd better find another leader, everyone is here, let's see who is willing to help you."

"Others?" Ghost Mastiff blinked and tilted his head strangely.

Then he saw the doors of light opening one by one, the eight-armed Titan Dragon Ape God, the Six Paths Undying Tree, the Eight Clouds Black Jade Qilin, and the Long Live Jade Beast crawling out of Bai Wushang's arms.

Four extraordinary creatures with monstrous aura or mysterious aura, with hazy light and mist all over their bodies, and four imprints floating out at the same time.

"Damn it, the extreme intention monkey... the blue pig... the Futian cracking tiger... the vast sea demon cow?"

"What the hell? Why are all the brothers and sisters linked to a human beast? I'm stabbing the guard's nest, and I'm surrounded by so many brothers watching my miserable situation?"

"Come on, old ghost, it's your temper to be happy."

Futian Lishenhu woke up again, and faintly condensed into an illusory tiger, facing the ghost mastiff, with a speechless expression on his face:

"Look at us, there is no mark, and we have completely lost the body of miracles."

"As for you, although your perception is indeed a bit exhausted, you have not participated in the transformation ceremony of the guardian spirit, and you still have your own body."

"In this case, you can't even commit suicide. After a short rest, you will be alive and kicking immediately."

"Brother, look where this is?!" Ghost Mastiff stared, "This is the river of reincarnation! The oldest forbidden place in the world!"

"If the Dao of Heaven can intervene here casually, why would the pale hand lie dormant for a hundred thousand years, erode some of the laws, and cause the current out-of-control situation?"

"The old ghost is here. He was accompanied by Mi Lingzi's Cannian 50,000 years ago, and he can occasionally say a few words."

"The next 50,000 years, it was a pure and lonely struggle! There is nothing, only emptiness, emptiness, emptiness. I am not crazy, and I am still on duty. You don't praise me, but you still want to belittle me. I…"

Ghost Mastiff spat out a mouthful of blood, even though the blood looked transparent, every creature present could tell it was an illusion.

But the atmosphere was silent for a long time, no matter it was Futian Lie Shenhu, Hanhai Demon Cow, or Jiyi Monkey, they all looked at Ghost Mastiff with complicated expressions.

"Your Excellency Dog Head, the first generation of God King of our clan... still alive fifty thousand years ago?"

It was Jishazi who broke the silence, his eyes suddenly lit up with a startled look, and he said brilliantly.

"Are you the new God King of the Demon Clan? Not bad, you have some promise."

Ghost Mastiff glanced at it, not too curious, only endless vicissitudes:

"In order to seal the pale head, Mi Lingzi sacrificed his flesh and blood soul."

"But the old ghost is not a vegetarian. He snatched back a wisp abruptly, giving him a little chance to survive."???

"Unfortunately, that lingering thought is too fragile after all. Under my protection, Mi Lingzi only survived for 50,000 years."

"When the deadline has come, it is a kind of relief for him to lose his soul and completely annihilate his vitality..."

"The ancestor is immortal, I, the demon family, will always chant his real name!"

The fierce boy's eyes lost focus for a moment, but after a second, they burst out with endless fighting intent like a lit torch.

"In the final analysis, the culprit is still the evil spirit of primordial origin!"

"This group of insidious and sinful people wish they could peel their skins, eat their flesh, and drink their blood..."

Extreme Intent Monkey sighed softly, and said calmly and forcefully:

"I have some sources of storage here, which were originally reserved for rabbit heads or mouse heads, in case of emergencies."

"Since the dog head is still alive, and UU Reading is in a particularly bad state, then I will give it to you."

The words fell, a little fluorescent light fell, and space ripples rippling around.

The dog's head, the ghost mastiff, gathered in the center, closed its eyes comfortably, and its limbs twitched, but its expression was as exhilarating as heaven-shaking.

After about ten minutes, he stood up again.

I can no longer feel the feeling of being weak and about to die.

"Monkey-headed atmosphere!"

"These origins are so pure that I don't even need to refine them, they have already been integrated into my dry blood... It's so cool!"

"It's good that it's useful." Extreme Intent Monkey nodded, "If I become a mark, I won't be able to fight anyway."

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