Chapter 1418:Lord of Pets

: The head of a dog who is dissatisfied with desire (3,200 characters!)

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The ghost mastiff licked its black lips, and its big pink tongue spit flying all over the place:

"Monkey Head has given everything and has made the best effort!"

"Then, Monkey Head, sleep well. When you wake up, either our army will be wiped out, or the old ghost will take you to see us. We are looking forward to a bright and prosperous world of 100,000 years in our hearts!"

"Well, I look forward to that day."

The Extreme Intent Monkey was quick and straight, and really returned to A Zhou's body, hibernating and sleeping soundly.

"Tiger head, pig head, ox head, don't you guys have fun too?"

"Huh? What's the matter with the pig's head? Why are you so dumb, not showing any energy?"

The ghost mastiff first glimpsed the posture of a living dragon and a living dog, and circled around the other few imprints.

His attention was quickly attracted by the pig's head imprint on the top of Sen Po's head, and he sniffed with surprise on his face.

"Good guy, I always thought that the pig's head was a potential stock. I never made a statement on weekdays. Like me, I am a selfless and dedicated soul."

"I didn't expect him to be so miserable? What about the soul? What about the original will? Why is there a blank mark left? The transformation ceremony of the guardian spirit shouldn't be so cruel..."

"A hundred million accidents." The mouse head snorted, shaking a wisp of soul, and mentioned the cause and effect in one stroke.

"It's too miserable, the pig's head is too miserable!"

"Old ghost swears! I must take the humiliation and regret of the pig's head and overthrow the evil spirit! Slaughter the evil clan!"

The ghost mastiff screamed, and suddenly plunged into the mark of the pig's head, drinking water like a cow, drinking tons and tons of water non-stop.

The corners of Emperor Shu's eyes twitched, and he opened his mouth to stop it.

Are you kidding me? Is it too arrogant to plunder the source of the miracle?

However, considering the current situation, the ghost mastiff who is in charge of the law of suppressing evil is more important than him and the priest rabbit in a sense.

Only when his state is adjusted and recovered as much as possible, will he have more confidence and higher self-confidence in the face of the pale hand.

The Emperor Mouse remained silent, seeing that the Ghost Mastiff was full, and only left the last bit of origin for the pig's head to help him maintain the stability of the imprint.

"Not enough, tiger head, cow head, can you help the old ghost?"

The ghost mastiff's body creaked, and the shriveled flesh and blood bulged again, becoming full and plump.

The bloodshot eyes in its pupils also became less and less, more and more dim.

But the ghost mastiff still had a pitiful expression on it, and poured bitter water on the Futian cracking ** tiger and the vast sea demon cow. The grievance looked like a dog seeing a dog, and it was really unavoidable:

"The old ghost has selflessly guarded the river of reincarnation for a hundred thousand years. Although the guard failed, he still failed to stop the pale hand from making waves."

"But the old ghost feels that if we are united, we will not be able to fight!"

"Tiger head, ox head, you have lost your fighting power anyway, why not sleep with the monkey head, only by giving me all the excess source, can I re-use the power of law that belongs to me, so as to snipe the pale hand, go Fighting for the last chance of redemption..."

"Rabbit Head, Mouse Head, do you want to add something?"

Hushou glanced at the rabbit, saw her shaking her head slightly, three points of helplessness, and seven points entrusted:

"All right, all right."

"I'm the most failed one in the guard."

"Next, I will act as a spectator. I wish you all to break through ten thousand layers of obstacles, restore extraordinary order, and protect our homeland!"

"Long live, I'm going to sleep too."

The Hanhai Demon Bull arched the head of the Long Live Jade Beast.

Even though the illusory body has no real touch at all, the faint warmth is still very clear.

"Next, it's up to you."

"How I hope that you can break through to the peak of the ancestor, and face the king of evil gods with a cultivation base of 100,000 years."

"At that time, with your ability, you may be able to surpass the king of gods and reproduce the more mysterious state of life before the world first opened..."

The feeling of loss gradually disappeared as the source split and was continuously injected into the ghost mastiff's body.

The projection of the Vast Sea Demon Cow became dimmer and dimmer until it finally disappeared, the surroundings were quieter than the sound of a needle dropping.

This time, Ghost Mastiff seemed to be full of energy, and also slept for three days and three nights.

When he woke up again, he exhaled a long breath of foul air, and the extremely oppressive momentum converged like lightning, and all gathered in the center of the body.

"The long-lost state is not easy..."

The ghost mastiff stepped on the void with all four limbs, its back naturally straightened, and its eyes opened and closed like stars.

At this moment, descriptions such as weakness and exhaustion can no longer be associated with Him, and what is majestic is only mighty and domineering.

"Tell me, River of Reincarnation, Pale Hand."

"That's right." Ghost Mastiff looked at Sun Priest Rabbit and shook its tail unconsciously. "Back then, we worked together to lure Pale Hand and planned to seal him in the river of reincarnation to achieve permanent suppression."

"The front end of the plan is very smooth, especially Mi Lingzi, who gave up everything he had without hesitation and used the power obtained from the sacrifice to impose the first layer of sealing barrier."

"Later, Dragon of Destiny, Queen of Elements, Titan, Tiana...everyone took action."

"Especially the Dragon of Destiny, I suspect that he is the one who consumes the most of all ** kings. Even if Mi Lingzi pays death, it may not be worth the price it bears..."

"By the way, in that era, we still had the ancestral artifact left by Ren Zu."

"One of them possesses the power of faith. Under the joint spellcasting of hundreds of mythical ancestors, it also gives the river of reincarnation a seal."

"In this way, the pale hand was seriously injured and trapped, struggling in every possible way, really unable to break free from the shackles of the river of reincarnation, seemingly imprisoned in the deepest part forever."

"As for me, because I am in charge of suppressing evil, I took the initiative to stay and become the guardian of the seal, preventing the pale hand from doing evil in the world..."

Ghost Mastiff narrated the ancient secret leisurely, and at the end, he sighed heavily:

"Facts have proved that we still know too little about the pale hand."

"Thinking backwards now, I'm afraid he entered the river of reincarnation on his own initiative, rather than being coerced and lured by us."

"And his purpose is obvious. As long as he can control the river of reincarnation, the so-called gate of breaking the world will be useless. How can it prevent the invasion of the evil spirits of the beginning of time."

"At that time, endless fighting will break out in the entire Transcendence, and finally the evil will overwhelm us, the lives will be ruined, and the vitality will be extinct..."

"If we don't stop it, this day will not be too far away from us."

Sun Priest Rabbit interrupted: "You need the source so urgently that you don't hesitate to squeeze out the cows, tigers, pigs, and monkeys, but there is still a plan?"

"Not sure, not half of it."

Ghost Mastiff shook his head, but there was no foolishness, only a solemn face:

"The pale hand is currently located in the deepest part of the river of reincarnation."

"He should be at the critical moment of getting out of trouble, there will be a short gap, and he cannot interfere with the outside world."

"If I can seize this opportunity, I may not be able to re-seal him, but I will definitely be able to delay his birth."

"It can only be delayed?" Sun Priest Rabbit didn't seem to be very satisfied with the result, frowning, and pondered: "Is there no better way to eliminate future troubles forever?"

"I think so too..." Ghost Mastiff spread his hands, "If all the brothers and sisters are in full bloom, they will all gather here."

"I think no matter how rampant the pale hand is, it will not be able to break through the suppression of the twelve guards."

"But today, we only have so many bargaining chips left. We can only do what we can. How can we dare to expect more."

"Then..." Sun Priest Rabbit paused, "The River of Reincarnation, sitting in the name of the first taboo area, can there be rare heaven and earth spiritual materials and super treasure medicines?"

"If no matter the cost, help the life master break through the realm, the emperor's ancestor peak, all the ** kings, will we have the power to fight?"

"One hundred thousand years of exploration, the river of reincarnation, indeed has a treasure."

Ghost Mastiff shook his head, "But that thing called 'Nirvana Rebirth Grass' can only change fate against the sky and help resurrect the creatures that just died."

"The problem is, this thing is too rare, I only saw one plant, and I accidentally stepped on it, it's too precious..."

"You are so reckless!" Emperor Shu scolded, "Such a treasure, no matter who you give it to, it is equivalent to an extra life, and you ruined it like this?"

"That can't be helped." Ghost Mastiff rascal said, "Who knew it was so fragile."

"I guess that this kind of most sacred and holy thing cannot be picked by creatures with impure hearts. Only the priest sister, who is like a miracle like a fairy, guards it. It is not stained by mud, and it is not demonized. It is qualified to touch it with your own hands."

"Tch..." Emperor Shu bared his teeth, and almost cursed out the word licking the dog.

The ghost mastiff dead dog was not afraid of boiling water, so he shrugged and scratched his paws.

Only when he caught a glimpse of Sun Priest Rabbit's unfriendly face, Fang coughed and asked curiously:

"Where are the heads of dragons, snakes, sheep, and chickens?"

"Well, let the old ghost guess first. I think that with the ability of the dragon head, it is impossible to be as down and out as the pig head. After all, in the era when I was active, the dragon clan hatched three top gods, who are in charge of fate and time respectively. , space, how prosperous it is..."

"Snake head... this guy is a bit dark, he likes to poke secretly."

"I'm guessing that either he has made great achievements and made brilliant achievements;"

"Either you are lost in the crowd, and you don't know where you fell, and you can't even find a person who retrieved the corpse..."

"The head of the sheep? Since the head of the rabbit is standing here, I think the head of the sheep has gone to the angel clan. According to the particularity of the angel clan, the place where the blood hatches needs to be guarded by miracles. The head of the sheep should be in the lair of the angel clan. There is no way to get out at will, right? ?”

Ghost Mastiff swears, his tone is very firm.

When it came to the chicken head, he hesitated a bit, but he still deduced carelessly:

"Chicken head, this proud little sister is not an old ghost, and there is a high probability that she will suffer because of her arrogance!"

"I guess he's a bit down right now. UU Reading may not be as tragic as the pig's head, but I guess it's quite miserable. The old ghost needs three minutes of silence..."

"What did you say?" The voice seemed to be squeezed out from between the teeth, piercing the heartstrings of Bai Wushang and the ** kings at the same time.

The dog head Ghost Mastiff suddenly shuddered, bared his teeth, and said in surprise:

"Eh? Could it be an auditory hallucination, I seem to hear the sound of a chicken head?"

"Oh, wait until you die."

Emperor Shu sneered, "The head of the chicken is full of vigor and vigor, and it is immortal for a hundred thousand years. It is better than us."

"You dare to speak ill of her behind her back, and He heard it. This is because you have just recovered your original source and your self-confidence has inflated?"

"Anyway... I will mourn for you for three minutes."

"I hope that when we meet face to face, brave old man, not afraid of difficulties, repeat what I just said." Mobile phone users please browse and read, palm reading is more convenient.

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