Chapter 1419:Lord of Pets

: Horse Head・Spirit Pegasus


Huh? Ghost Mastiff stared wide-eyed, dumbfounded. After reacting, he straightened his face immediately, and said righteously: Just kidding, we are just kidding. Chicken head, that is the well-deserved little princess among our twelve towns, smart, quick-witted, and a collection of thousands of talents. Thinking about it, he is the only one who has conquered the world for 100,000 years and still stands alone, enjoying the respect of the world and the admiration of the extraordinary. Later, I must ask Ji Shou for advice on how to cultivate an excellent guarding character and make up for my spiritual emptiness of a hundred thousand years... In short, study hard and make progress every day! laugh! The emperor mouse laughed out loud, eating soft and afraid of hard, that's all it has to offer! How? Ghost Mastiff picked his nostrils, even though his eyes were a little guilty, he said calmly on the surface: Sister Priest must have faced unimaginable difficulties to get to this point. All of you are so downcast, it must be that your skills are not as good as evil, not only losing the face of miracles, but also the face of heaven, and so on, I just babble and complain, don’t you agree? allow! allow! Can't you? Emperor Shu snorted, squinted and asked: Then I want to ask for advice. Guessing and guessing, why don't you care about the horse's head? You lick the heads of rabbits and chickens, but how do I remember that the thing you wanted to lick the most back then was actually the elf Pegasus? Did you already know that in these hundred thousand years, the kingdom of the elemental gods has been destroyed, and the entire lineage of the elemental elves has become a thing of the past, completely erased from the extraordinary genealogy? Of course I know. Ghost Mastiff's nostrils were turned upside down, and when he mentioned this topic, his teeth itched with anger. It's not that I want to play map cannon, but how can you make such a low-level mistake? ! Back then, on the only day we were together, we finally tore apart the natural disaster of origin and divided this super trouble into four suppressive seals. The results of it? After all the calculations, this guy was able to escape and set off a * storm again. Isn't this a slap in the face? ! As the guardian of Miracle, I am so angry that my head hurts, but the family of all elemental elves has not been destroyed, why is Chaofan's current situation so embarrassing? Why have I lived so hard for tens of thousands of years haha? What's the meaning? The Sun Priest Rabbit remained silent. When he heard this, he raised his brows slightly, and the sacred radiance from the sun was all concentrated in the eyes of the Ghost Mastiff. Priest, we are in charge of the power to suppress evil, and when it comes to preventing evil from polluting this function, the effect must be the best, right? The ghost mastiff sticks out its tongue and complains frantically: But in the past 20,000 years, new puppets of * kings have been continuously summoned around Pale Hand. For example, recently I saw a * of orcs, a * of giants, and a jellyfish. All the big guys of the deep-sea vortex clan became pawns of Pale Hand. Pulling the timeline a little further, the most troublesome puppet clustered around Pale Hand is the Queen of Elemental Elf. Yes, you heard it right, the elemental elf queen who participated in the sealing ceremony of the Pale Hand at the beginning has become a puppet of the Pale Hand! What's more, the imprint of the horse head was originally attached to the queen's remnant soul. This should be the backhand left by the queen and the horse head. There is a chance to help them reincarnate and counteract the power of the curse. Once the reincarnation is successful, the elemental elves would have a chance to reappear in the extraordinary world and embark on the road of revival. But what the * is that the pale hand cut off the beard, referring to this cause and effect, forcibly polluting the queen's will and the horse's head's will. The old ghost intends to obstruct the intervention, but because he has been struggling for so many years, the consumption is too serious, and he has more energy than energy. When I saw the queen again, she would bear the imprint of a horse's head and basically become the most powerful puppet of the evil * under the Pale Hand. , not at a disadvantage. This is almost the last straw to crush the old ghost. I never dreamed that the pale hand has such a great ability to pollute the laws guarded by miracles for my own use... A few times sporadically, as long as the elemental elf queen appears body, let me intercept it, and consume the source out of thin air; if I don't intercept it, the pollution of the river of reincarnation is getting more and more serious, it really hurts the brain... Ghost Mastiff knocked on his forehead with his sharp nails, and let out a mouthful of depression : Huh, it's much better now, and finally I'm no longer the only one who bears the burden! When the chicken head joins us, let's discuss how to regain the mark of the horse head. We can't let the guarding force always be attached to the king of evil gods, right? Can the pale hand summon the Queen of Elements? Bai Wushang fell into a trance for a moment, and then summoned the Eye of the Sky Demon, Queen of Time, Ye Duoer: Just over ten years ago, with my help, Duoer briefly ascended to the realm of the ** king. And Duo'er, who is in the highest state, is in charge of the ultimate mystery of the law of time, and accidentally summons the projection of the queen of the elemental elves. what's the problem? From a realistic point of view, the Queen of the Elemental Elf has been revived by the Pale Hand in a different way, and has long been reduced to the puppet incarnation of the law. But Duo'er was still able to go against the time and pull out the lineage of elements from the River of Time, together with the oldest and most incredible elf queen, UU Reading to manifest the power of the king of gods, this... is too outrageous! The way of time...Ghost Mastiff glanced at it, not concealing its astonishment, shaking its head and inferring: Time, as the supreme law of all, has something special. Maybe the elemental elf queen on your side represents a normal queen in ancient times. Regardless of whether she has wisdom manifested or not, she belongs to the extraordinary camp in principle. And the pale hand, with the help of the river of reincarnation, not only contaminates space, but also contaminates time, fate and all other messy fusion laws. The Queen of Elemental Elf in Him represents the Queen of Destroyed Elements who came back to life after death, but her soul and will were completely polluted. Although such a Queen came back to life, she is not her at all. It is impossible to generalize. Is it possible to gather our source of miracles, perform purification, and reverse the effect of pollution? Sun Priest Rabbit murmured to himself: If it is the queen of the elemental elves, even if she pays a relatively high price, as long as she can return with a sober will and bear the imprint of the horse's head, there are only benefits and no disadvantages for Chaofan. The old ghost is not sure at all. The ghost mastiff hangs its head, in fact, when I take you deep into the river of reincarnation, you will find out immediately. Beside the pale hand, there will even be a mutilated Titan, a ten-winged angel of nature, Tiana, and a great Nian at its peak... As long as it is an extraordinary creature that has perished in the past one hundred thousand years, it is almost inseparable and pale. Both hands have the ability to recover, but the recovery method is particularly distorted, and there is no way to match the image and personality of the past. It can be seen from this that the power in charge of the river of reincarnation is too terrifying. As the king of evil gods, the pale hand, once he is out of trouble at this time, even if the four parts split by the original natural disaster merge into one, I am afraid that he will fall behind him in rank For a short distance, the distance between the two is enough to be called a gap.

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