Chapter 1420:Lord of Pets

: Holy Spirit silkworm fairy

King among kings? On the face of Sun Priest Rabbit, there was a lingering frost, and he asked spontaneously: The king of evil gods has already reached the realm of immortality, even if I wait for the peak state, I can't obliterate the purification. A single * king fights against him, and he is even sent to the door, so there is no chance of winning. Breaking through further... Can this world still carry such power? No one responded to Sun Priest Rabbit. Those who heard it fell silent, fear and solemnity became the only atmosphere on the field. After a while, a meteor flew by suddenly, and a blazing flame came in front of him in the blink of an eye. The ghost mastiff's limbs stiffened, its stomach trembled crazily, and without even thinking about it, it just rolled over and hid behind the Sun Priest Rabbit without any image, and forced a smile on its face: "That's not the case... We are brothers and sisters, we are all children born of heaven." , not to kill each other, right? Jishou, it was a misunderstanding just now, can you give me three minutes to argue, I think I still have hope of being rescued! roll! On the head of the Nine-Turn Divine Phoenix Empress, the projection of an enlightened chicken appeared. His eyes are big and bright, and the golden-red pupils look gorgeous and noble. But at this time, the cold overwhelmed the blazing heat, and it was firmly fixed on the ghost mastiff, and the tone of his speech should be as contemptuous as possible: shrinking in this corner, a hundred thousand years of peace, there is no way to sew you up This stinky mouth? It's fine to gossip behind your back, since my aunt heard it, if she doesn't beat you up, is it worthy of our 'friendship,'? Harm, so many colleagues are watching, can you give me a little face? The ghost mastiff howled and rolled around holding his head. With that appearance, there is no such thing as a miraculous leader. It's like people in the market, who can't be more down-to- earth. Bai Wushang was speechless for a while. As long as he is just a little saint now, when he sees such a scene, his three views will be shattered. It turns out that whether they are the king of beasts or guardians of miracles, they also have emotions and desires, and they also have their own personalities. What the world sees is mostly the result of layers of halos. Only by observing them closely can we know that they may be related to labels such as unreliable and unscrupulous. Of course, Bai Wushang could also judge that the Enlightened Chicken or the Ghost Mastiff were just ordinary skin-to- shoulder battles. The latter has basically returned to its original source, and may not lose to the Enlightened Chicken in terms of ability. But He never fought back. At most, he kept running. Some minor injuries often erupted into screams, and the elements of acting and exaggeration were too strong. Sun Priest Rabbit watched blankly, like an outsider. Emperor Shu folded his arms, relished, and his long-suppressed serious mood was greatly relieved. Hey hey hey, it's almost done, give me some face! Ghost Mastiff was beaten for nearly five minutes, either begging for mercy or saying nasty good things. His eyeballs were gurgling, and he suddenly looked at the first flashing meteor line of fire, and asked curiously: Who is this guy? Kaiming, where did you abduct it? Why haven't I heard from the priest? Nine-turn Divine Phoenix Heavenly Empress paused in the void, and the Enlightened Chicken above her head flapped its wings, as if arranging its slightly messy feathers. This is the divine king who proved the Tao among the spirit race outside the territory—the Holy Spirit Silkworm Immortal. Tianhou had a fight with her, and after she was defeated, she took advantage of the opportunity to make a deal. She helped us block the evil spirits of the beginning, and I promised her that I would help find a bug-type * king and hatch offspring together. Insect God King? When Bai Wushang saw Shenhuang coming, he was followed by a vaguely familiar life form. Her body is as thick and long as a snake, with four limbs, blade-like raised scales, and a pair of butterfly wings behind her. Not surprisingly, this is the God King who glimpsed outside the territory back then. At that time, she was perched behind a waterfall that fell from the sky, with a coffin under her body. No matter how hard Bai Wushang tried, she couldn't communicate. Unexpectedly, Shenhuang and Kaimingji would find her again, and through their strength and promise, they would help the extraordinary camp to have an extra god-level fighting unit? At the beginning, Bai Wushang was delighted with such a result, but when he heard the price of the promise, related to marriage, marriage, reproduction, and childbirth, he suddenly felt bad. In Chaofan's known system, there is no insect-type * king at all. At present, the only one who can see the light of day is probably... Xiao Ci? ! thunderbolt? In the beast space, the big praying mantis, who was eating hard, raised his head in doubt. what? What kind of holy spirit silkworm fairy is this, who might be greedy for my body? No, no, Shen Huang must be joking, right? I'm not interested in having children, I'm only interested in eating... No, no, what did Chong Chong do wrong to be treated like this? Boss! Stop this terrible idea of ​​Tian Hou! Female creatures only affect my eating speed, UU reading www.uukanshu. com I don't want another bug to affect my future happy life! ...Xiaoci couldn't take care of cooking for a short time, so he greeted Bai Wushang eagerly, and wanted to reject the random promise made by Enlightened Chicken with his help. But on the other hand, the big unicorn is extremely envious, and hates iron and steel: those who can't get it are always in turmoil, but those who are favored have nothing to fear! It would be great if Shenhuang could help me find a pure-blooded mythical mother unicorn! Xiao Ci, a standard steel straight worm, how can he understand the sexual life of a beast... What a waste! What a waste of money! Playing the piano against insects is really not a problem. But seeing the light in Shenhuang's eyes, how could Bai Wushang drive away a real * king at this juncture? I have seen the white emperor of the human race. The holy spirit silkworm lowers its noble head. Although the divine body naturally exudes a terrifying aura, the spiritual transmission reveals a sense of wisdom, calmness, and seclusion. I was promoted to the peak of the ancestors in 42,000 years, but at that time, I only had the blood quality of the mythical 5-star. Relying on the particularity of my own ability, I feigned death and fell into a deep sleep. Every ten thousand years passed, I was able to increase my bloodline until I finally made a breakthrough in recent years and achieved the double-peak God King status. I see. Bai Wushang nodded, lamenting the wonder of the Creator. Suddenly I heard the holy spirit silkworm continued: Although I have lived outside the territory since I was a child, I am alone, and there is only loneliness and loneliness. In fact, I have infinite yearning for the gate of breaking the world. Now under the leadership of Tianhou, I can enter the world inside the door and spy on the extraordinary crystallization of civilization. I am overjoyed and overjoyed. If you can help Chaofan repel the evil race and survive this catastrophe. I think I am a silkworm fairy, and in the future, I will be rooted in the door and take the initiative to become the guardian of this world. Baidi, please let me take a look at my future husband- in-law. I heard that the chicken head praised him. He is in charge of the way of the gods and thunder. He is like an immortal in the sky. He is so mighty...

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