Chapter 5299:Martial God Asura

The Hidden Truth Behind the Tragedy

Chapter 5298: The Hidden Truth Behind the Tragedy

Chu Feng’s words astonished the crowd.

“Heh…” Jia Dongqi sneered with a darkened face. “Young friend, are you snubbing me and the Pill Dao Immortal Sect?”

He had intentionally brought up the Pill Dao Immortal Sect to heap pressure on Chu Feng.

“This is a grudge between me and the Situ World Spiritist Clan. You’re the one who stuck your head in a place where it doesn’t belong,” Chu Feng scoffed.


Jia Dongqi burst into arrogant laughter. He emanated an aura of cold hostility reminiscent of an enraged beast. When he finally looked at Chu Feng once more, his eyes had already turned wintry. It was a complete change of attitude from before.

“The ignorant knows no fear. Chu Feng, I know that you have the strongest token with you. While it can protect you from death once, what about the second time? The third time? To put it bluntly, the strongest token is nothing more than a death exemption token. Our Pill Dao Immortal Sect has received it at least a hundred times by now.

“You might have won the favor of the Totem Dragon Clan in the tournament, but that’s all there is to it. You’re no use to the Totem Dragon Clan with your current level of cultivation. In contrast, do you know how much our Pill Dao Immortal Sect has done for the Totem Dragon Clan?

“Chu Feng, you should know that the world of cultivation is a pragmatic one. You shouldn’t expect everyone to bend over for your sake just because you are talented. Whether you’re talented or not is none of the Totem Dragon Clan’s business. They won’t protect you just because you have that bit of potential in you. I am already showing you a lot of respect here. You should learn your place,” Jia Dongqi sneered.

This was Jia Dongqi’s true nature. He had never had a high opinion of Chu Feng. His earlier polite attitude was nothing more than an act out of deference for the Totem Dragon Clan.

“Are you trying to suppress me with your influence? You think too highly of yourself,” Chu Feng scoffed fearlessly.

Without any hesitation, he channeled the power of the ‘Offense’ formation to slaughter everyone from the Situ World Spiritist Clan, but it was to no avail.

Jia Dongqi had released a flood of spirit power that enveloped the sky with a divine radiance. His spirit power had blocked Chu Feng’s attempt to massacre the Situ World Spiritist Clansmen.

He was a Saint Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist, making him comparable to a peak Half-God level cultivator.

“You said that I think too highly of myself? As long as I’m here, you need not dream about hurting anyone from the Situ World Spiritist Clan! Ignorant brat, I’ve already shown you more courtesy than you deserve. Since you refuse to reciprocate, I’ll force you to use your strongest token here. You’ll know from the attitude of the Totem Dragon Clan’s protector just what kind of standing our Pill Dao Immortal Sect has in the Totem Galaxy!”

With a point of his finger, Jia Dongqi’s powerful spirit power began gushing toward Chu Feng.


Halfway through, his spirit power morphed into thousands of armored spearbearers who stood at over a thousand meters in height. Despite the relatively smaller sizes of the spearbearers, each of them wielded the strength to utterly devastate realms.

They were like an army of celestial soldiers who had descended from the sky to apprehend a sinner.

In response, Chu Feng gathered the formation’s energy inside his body. With a wave of his hand, he released a burst of light that looked even more divine than Jia Dongqi’s.


The rush of energy instantaneously obliterated the thousands of spearbearers.

Chu Feng then thrust his palm out. The formation’s energy manifested into a massive hand that grasped at Jia Dongqi.

Jia Dongqi flicked his hand upward. Countless massive beasts that were over ten thousand meters tall manifested in front of him, holding humongous shields up high. They formed an impregnable fortress that protected an individual from all harm. It was an extremely powerful protection formation.


Yet, Chu Feng’s massive hand crushed through the protection formation with hardly any resistance before proceeding to grab hold of Jia Dongqi.

It looked almost as if a mere ant had been picked up by a humongous giant. Jia Dongqi struggled with all his might, but it was to no avail.

Even those who knew nothing about world spiritist techniques could tell now that Chu Feng was stronger than Jia Dongqi… but who could have thought that a Saint Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist would be defeated that quickly?

Was Chu Feng’s formation that powerful?

“That fellow!”

Even Situ Kunye dared not to underestimate Chu Feng anymore. No matter how much he detested the latter, he had to admit that Chu Feng was indeed a prodigy.

He had spent many years trying to grasp the Situ World Spiritist Clan’s ‘Offense’ formation, only to barely scrape the surface of it. Yet, Chu Feng gained full control of it within two hours and could even maneuver it freely. This was something he would have never imagined to be possible before.

Could there really be such a huge disparity in talent between two individuals?

So, this is Song Luoyi’s descendant…


Chu Feng tightened his fist, and Jia Dongqi’s body began to burst. Blood furiously sprayed all over the place.

“S-stop it!” Jia Dongqi cried.

He was continuously releasing his spirit power to resist the squeeze of the massive hand. If not for that, he would have already been reduced to meat paste.

“I warned you. I’ll kill anyone who stands in my way.”

Chu Feng displayed not the slightest hesitation at all. He didn’t think that there was any need to spare Jia Dongqi.

Jia Dongqi sensed that Chu Feng was really going to end his life. Panicked, he hurriedly backtracked on his earlier statement. “Chu Feng, don’t kill me! If you spare me, I’ll destroy the Situ World Spiritist Clan on your behalf!”

Those words caused Situ Kunye’s complexion to turn awful. He glared at Jia Dongqi with endless rage in his eyes. His face hardened in determination as he turned to Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, the one who killed your grandmother back then is Jia Lingyi!” Situ Kunye shouted.


The crowd was startled to hear those words, including the Situ World Spiritist Clansmen. Even Situ Tingye was surprised as well.

Jia Lingyi might be a foreign name to Chu Feng, but there was no one else present who hadn’t heard of her.

“You twisted bastard! Are you trying to frame our young miss after committing those outrageous deeds? What a load of nonsense! You’re asking to be killed!”

Jia Dongqi’s killing intent flared. He gathered all of his spirit power and activated his strongest treasures to form a powerful formation, but the purpose of this formation was not to free himself from Chu Feng’s restraint but to kill Situ Kunye.


Jia Dongqi’s spirit power abruptly dissipated before he could launch his attack, and he spewed blood all around. Chu Feng had stopped him from making his move.

Chu Feng turned to Situ Kunye and said, “Continue on.”

“Chu Feng, I’m not bowing down to you. I’m just revealing the truth behind what happened back then. Even if our Situ World Spiritist Clan is doomed to end today, we refuse to continue bearing this stain.

“Back then, your grandmother were close sisters with the daughter of the Pill Dao Immortal Sect’s sectmaster, Jia Lingyi. Their relationship was kept a secret in view of Jia Lingyi’s background, but there’s no doubt that your grandmother treated her extremely well.

“By coincidence, your grandmother and Jia Lingyi crossed paths with a powerhouse. That powerhouse favored your grandmother but snubbed Jia Lingyi. Jia Lingyi couldn’t accept that she had been outdone by someone who was born lower than her, and that bred envy and hatred in her heart. Those feelings only intensified as your grandmother grew in fame. She felt threatened by how swiftly your grandmother rose through the ranks.

“So, she offered our Situ World Spiritist Clan huge benefits to deal with your grandmother. Our Situ World Spiritist Clan does have grounds to deal with your grandmother. I won’t deny that my father viewed the Golden Dragon Flame Sect as a threat. It was a golden opportunity—getting rid of a rival while earning the favor of the Pill Dao Immortal Sect. This resulted in everything that happened afterward.

“Even so, the truth was that my father wasn’t a match for your grandmother. It was with the aid of the Pill Dao Immortal Sect and Immortal Slaughterer that we barely managed to bring down your grandmother.

“There aren’t many in our Situ World Spiritist Clan who know about this as we had to keep this matter discreet. Most of them had already died in the battle against the Golden Dragon Flame Sect. It was during my father’s final moments that I learned about this matter,” Situ Kunye said.

The crowd was stunned. They didn’t think that there would be a hidden story behind the tragedy that had happened back then. Not even Situ Tingye and the others from the Situ World Spiritist Clan were aware of it.

This was the first time Chu Feng was hearing about this too. He was surprised, but somehow, he didn’t think that Situ Kunye was lying.

“Chu Feng, don’t listen to Situ Kunye’s load of bull! My young miss is a lofty woman who lacks nothing at all. What reason does she have to be envious of your grandmother? It doesn’t make sense at all!” Jia Dongqi argued.

“Chu Feng, look at this token.”

Situ Kunye raised a token up high. Inscribed in the center of the token were the words ‘Pill Dao Immortal Sect’, and on the lower right corner was the name ‘Jia Lingyi’!

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