Chapter 1:Marvel: I Can Control Metal


Tonight's New York seems to be particularly noisy. The Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan started from Broadway on 121st Street with huge noises and explosions.

The crowd was surging, sprinting continuously, crying and screaming filled the whole street, the fire was everywhere, and from time to time a car flew out, smashing the tall building beside it.

Everyone was rushing to flee outside, only a small figure walked from the side street towards the center of the explosion, "This time it’s a bit dangerous! I think about it, it’s only 2007 now. What's the situation this time!"

A young Asian boy with dark hair and dark eyes took out a metal mask and put it on his face, "It doesn't matter, please solve it quickly. How about going back to practice?"

After not taking a few steps, a broken human body fell from the sky and smashed in front of Liu Chong. The colorful internal organs were mixed with bright red blood, and Liu Chong's upper was soaked in an instant, and a lot of flesh and blood debris was splashed on. On his clothes.

The extremely stimulating scene made Liu Chong a fiercely excited look, his eyes full of confidence also trance, looking at this, there is no human-shaped flesh and blood debris.

‘Wow’ he vomited with one hand on the wall of the shop nearby.

I retched a few times, but I couldn’t vomit anything, because Liu Chong’s stomach had never stored food before. Any food that entered Liu Chong’s stomach would quickly disappear and all the energy would be poured in. In his mind.

took off his jacket, and covered the person on the ground with his hands trembling, his steps abruptly accelerated, and he rushed over.

walked through the last street, and just appeared, a car door was like a fast- flying spinning card, slashed towards Liu, and in the next second, he would be cut in half.

Immediately, Liu Chong's fingers moved slightly, and the fast-rotating door of the flying car was set in front of Liu Chong for a split second. The distance between them was only fifty centimeters. They stopped so suddenly and floated in the air without moving. Moving, there are still a few blood stains on the edge. I don't know how many people were cut off before the car door that was originally like a saw blade came to Liu Chong.

Liu Chong was also shocked by the huge figure in the distance and didn't dare to move, "Hate, hate?"

He has a huge height of four meters, and his muscles and bones are tightly intertwined. There is a row of sharp bone spurs protruding from the spine. There are also elbows, shoulders and elbows, all of which are pierced. Root spurs come.

The strong muscles are visible, and the sudden change in the body seems to have made dozens of more bones in the hatred, giving strong protection. He is naked, and a shit-yellow bald giant is there to pull over a car. Threw it at the crowd, causing a huge explosion.

There were two military trucks around. An RPG shot at Abomination from the vehicle. The rocket with a speed of 30 meters per second was grabbed by Abomination and let it explode. There was a violent sound with fire. Overflowing.

In a blink of an eye, the hatred came out of the flame without any scars. At the same time, he was finally attracted by the truck.

grinned ferociously, then he directly blasted a car and walked quickly towards Liu Chong.

On the chaotic street, no one noticed the child with a car door floating in front of him. Liu Chong watched the tyrannical figure rushing over, and could not help but stepped back two steps. The hanging car door fell down. .

Gatling on the truck never stopped firing, and the car immediately turned around and fled back madly, while Liu Chong on the side quietly ducked away.

Disgusting strode huge steps, everything that blocked him on the road was thrown away, and within two hundred meters, he caught up with the truck he wanted to escape, hitting the car in two with just one punch, holding one high. The car shouted violently at the camera of the military truck, "Come on!"

‘Boom! When the car crashed down, the three people in the car immediately became a pool of meatloaf.

Abbey just wanted to leave, but the wreckage of the two cars in front of him suddenly climbed onto Abbey's body and locked them together. Suddenly, Abbey couldn't move.

At the corner a hundred meters away, Liu Chong sat on the suspended car door with his hands folded, facing the direction of disgust, the veins of his right hand burst and pressed down severely.

The steel wreck tied his abominable legs together, and a part of the car wreck continued to climb up the rock. In less than a second, the steel covered his head.

At the same time, a military helicopter also rushed over from a distance.

While disgust was screaming and tearing off the metal on his face, Liu Chong's pink face also had some hideousness.

"I didn't expect that this time it turned out to be the battle against the Hulk. I thought it would be five years before I would be exposed to the official plot of the reunion. This is really an accident!"

The car door under Liu Chong fell directly to the ground, standing upright on the ground, and stepping forward a few steps, the blue veins on his forehead also rose a little, but the thin figure had great strength, and his hands opened. It is struggling again.

The other three cars around Disgust also floated out of thin air, hitting Disgust with a great impact, directly knocking Disgust on the ground.

At the same time, a huge billboard was smashed down from a high altitude, and together with three cars, it fell on the body of Abomination.

In an instant, UU read www. The steel car frames above showed great deformation and distortion, as if an unparalleled force was pressed down, the ground was cracked with countless small cracks, and the steel bracket was deeply inserted into the ground.

Liu Chong's eyes were bleeding a lot, and he yelled softly, gritted his teeth.

"Why is it today! Give me three more days, and I will be able to break through 50 points in my control, and my ability should be improved a lot by then!"

After being suppressed for less than a minute, a huge fist rushed out of the metal pile, knocking out a lot of metal fragments, but it flew out less than 20 centimeters and reattached to the fist, squeezing downwards Pressed.

But it was useless, another fist rushed out, and the huge movement completely shattered the unbroken glass on the street just now.

'S hideous fists directly tore the upper body apart, and a big bald head rushed out of it, ignoring the fine metal wrapped around it, looking around, and shouting, "Who is it? Come out for a fight!"

The surrounding metal rushed up again, and was thrown out with a fist of hatred. With a few hard kicks, the surrounding metal block was kicked out, and the building penetrated several holes.

"It's useless to play these little tricks on the sidelines! Seed it!" roared aloud.

Liu Chong put down his hands and looked at the tall figure in the distance. He flipped his hands and took out two sharp silver flying knives. "Damn it! Ordinary metal can't break the defense of abomination. It's hard to get past the military." The few titanium alloy steel alloys here are really unwilling to use!"

The feces yellow hatred in the distance began to destroy the buildings everywhere again, demonstrating his incomparable power. At the same time, a small figure appeared on the helicopter above.

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