Chapter 1660:Marvel: I Can Control Metal

The 'release' of the blood-colored 'Leo'

【I can control metal in Marvel】【】

The more than 100 corpses in the blood-colored storm instantly shone with vitality in their eyes.

Everyone's bodies were in this blood-colored storm and began to recover quickly.

Even the huge blood-colored storm was directly divided by these hundreds of corpses, and all its blood-colored energy was inhaled into the body, and everyone's body began to swell rapidly.

At the last moment, all the corpses swelled hideously to a size of three meters, the muscles on the body were violent, full of blood-colored veins, and the eyes looking at Leo were full of hatred and anger.

It looks like a hundred little red Hulks surrounded Leo in a blood-colored storm, and these little red-hulks can also quickly move in the air with the help of the surrounding strange blood-colored storm, which brings extreme Big gain bu.

'You killed us!

It's you!

'it hurts!

It hurts!

'My head hurts!

I have a hole in my head, it hurts!

'Kill you!

I'm going to eat you!

All the corpses were screaming in pain, and their red eyes were staring at Leo, their mouths full of fangs and big mouths, and they seemed to regard Leo as a delicacy.

And the blood-colored 'Leo', hidden outside the blood-colored storm, stared at everything in the storm, 'Move, move! ', he was still muttering something in his mouth.

In the face of such a terrifying sight, in the face of such a terrifying enemy, as long as Leo moves, as long as Leo has huge fluctuations in his heart, and as long as Leo wants to kill these guys around, it will have a chance to hide.

It only needs a chance, it needs, Leo's mood has huge fluctuations, it just needs a chance.

'impossible! How could this be, there is no movement at all, is he not afraid at all, so confident? !

A few seconds later, even if the form created by the storm became more and more terrifying, as if it would be oppressed in the next second, Leo, who was fixed in it, still did not react at all.

His eyes were small, looking at everything around him, his hands could not help clenching into fists, but there was still no movement, as if he was extremely confident in his own defense.

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The blood-colored 'Leo' became more and more anxious. Perhaps relying on the scene to press Leo might also cause him to develop mental defects, but if he really got started, with such offensives, there was almost no way to break Leo's natural defense.

Of course, what it imagined at the beginning was never to use an attack in the domain to kill Leo. At least with the current background, this is definitely impossible.

But it's not even a little bit of psychological fear.

It's like an adult getting a drip and sticking a needle, he certainly wouldn't cry, scream, and scare his feet when he's getting an injection.

But when I saw the sharp steel needle in the nurse's hand, even if there was no movement on the limbs and expressions, or even a smile, my heart would tremble, and there was a moment of fear and muscle contraction.

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【I can control metal in Marvel】【】

It can even be said to be a biological instinct. When faced with fear, threats, and things that hurt oneself, there will be changes in the way of coping, will cohesion, emotions, and muscles tightening.

And what it needs is such a moment, as long as there is such a trace of fear, fear, hatred, anger, tyranny, and the huge fluctuations in Leo's spirit, this change of will is enough to cover its existence.

It is hidden.

But now, it has not found that seam, which is not a good sign, mainly because it really has no means at all now.

With just a little bit of energy, this picture that was finally created seems useless at all. It is obviously a scene that is enough to scare ordinary people directly, but it is so flat for Leo.

Maybe this is the boldness of Yi Gaoren. He really feels that the scene in front of him will not cause any harm to him at all.

The complexion of the blood-colored 'Leo' is getting darker and darker, and it feels that its body has become weaker and weaker. Even if Leo did not launch an offensive against it at all, at this time, it already has no hope of life.

Finally, reaching out a little, the storm began to gather inward, and the hundreds of violent corpses around began to launch a final attack on Leo.

But when it looked at Leo in it, the splendid golden light shot directly into the heart, and it seemed that his eyes were also stained with a hint of golden light.

Then, there was a dazed look in its eyes, looking at Leo, and then looking around, looking at the ** sky, and the huge storm in front of him.

For some reason, it suddenly felt that everything in front of it was so ridiculous, so illusory, it was clearly shaped by itself, and it seemed so real and reliable.

Spirit affects the body, even if it is only a spiritual realm, but the injury suffered here, the pain of eating here, and the loss of life here will also dissipate the consciousness of the soul.

But it just suddenly felt that illusory is illusory, no matter how real it feels, it is still fake in essence, and it is illusioned by it.

The next second, the golden light in his eyes darkened again, and was surrounded by blood again, but the heart of the blood-colored 'Leo' sank.

'I...was influenced by him!

how come! How did he do it! ? ! ’

The blood-colored eyes stared at Leo in the storm. There was nothing unusual about Leo who was shrouded in golden light. Tan Ding looked at everything in front of him, like a ** looking at a mortal, without any fluctuation.

He is his spiritual defect, he is the demon, how can he be influenced by him.

He still hasn't figured out why he is being affected, but UU reading suddenly discovered that countless corpses surged towards the center of the storm, and they lost their targets and their guidance in an instant. Stupid floating in the storm, not knowing what to do next.

But he only felt that his back was lightly poked, he turned his head to look, and saw that the upper limit of his body was covered with golden light, and Leo was standing behind him at this moment.

"I finally found you. I didn't expect that you could hide so well in my consciousness, and it took me so long."

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【I can control metal in Marvel】【】

Leo looked at the blood-colored 'Leo' that gradually emerged from the space in front of him, and said calmly.

"To be honest, I really want to get rid of you directly, but in my perception, it seems that the source of your existence cannot be erased at all, so I probably know what you are."

"Your birth is based on my existence, or it can be said that you are actually a part of me, but some parts are separated and cut out, sleep well, you can use my perception to see the outside world, but other Ideas don't exist anymore."

Leo spent so much time trying to finally figure out what happened to the self in front of him, and that's what he said.

'Ha ha. ’

The blood-colored 'Leo' looked at the golden Leo in front of him, but opened his arms wildly.

‘You are you, I am me, I will never die, hahahaha!

! ’

There was a touch of relief in its eyes, but the whole body exploded, turning into countless blood lights and dissipating in the entire space.

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