Chapter 1661:Marvel: I Can Control Metal

The 'corpse' of the previous life

In Leo's surprised eyes, the blood-colored 'Leo' in front of him fell backwards with a relieved and relaxed smile.

Leo didn't even have time to stop this process. With the collapse of this figure, it exploded in the air, scattered into countless blood lights and sputtered out, and instantly disappeared into the surrounding space.

The huge blood-colored storm not far away, as the blood-colored 'Leo' dissipated, gradually lost its power, converged, and seemed to collapse and disperse in the next second.

As for the hundreds of huge blood corpses, there was no major change, and their bodies were still so explosive, bloody, and their muscles were finely rolled, and they were still little giants.

But at this time, they all fainted, and they all fell from the air to the ground.

They stood up slowly one by one, but they all stood with their hands lowered. They didn't even look at Leo. They just turned their backs to Leo and stood powerless, as if they were mourning for something.

Leo opened his hand forward and held it twice, only to realize that his control over this space had completely disappeared. , disconnected.

But he didn't panic at all. He took two steps forward and looked at everything around him. During the previous perception process, he had already discovered the strangeness of this consciousness space.

It looks like an ordinary football stadium, and the huge hollow open-air curtain can also see the blue sky and white clouds, as well as the almost disappearing sunset.

Of course, it feels like there is an infinite space, but the surrounding areas are covered by the auditorium and walls of the venue, and it cannot be seen directly. The only gap is the open-air area in the center.

But in fact, the space outside this venue is only about three times the size of the venue, and the height is only about 100 meters.

Therefore, this is just a very small space, but if it is only a sensory feeling, there must be no way to directly perceive it. Even Leo is only aware of it because of his control over this conscious space.

Of course, this is not the point. It has never been a problem for Leo to break through this space.

And Leo is to find the essence of this space, the reason for the appearance of this blood-colored 'Leo'.

With its self-destruction, Leo disconnected from this consciousness space, and he could no longer perceive its existence. That is to say, now Leo has no way to judge whether it has disappeared or is in this small space. Hiding in a small space.

Leo looked at everything around him as he walked. Looking at this familiar venue, Leo couldn't find any flaws. It was exactly the same as the school venue in his memory.

Obviously, this is the venue based on Leo's memory, even if it is really different from the real world venue, but in Leo's memory, all these details are reproduced with his memory, naturally there is no any flaws.

But as Leo moved forward more and more, a very strange feeling came to Leo's heart.

This kind of feeling is very strange. The blood scattered in the turf, the rubber particles, and even the traces of blood-colored energy floating in the air all seem to have cold eyes watching him maliciously.

But those things are obviously so ordinary, there is no change.

But the feeling that something was going to persecute him was very strong, and Leo even felt as if the little rubber particles at his feet were about to jump up and get into his throat.

Leo believes that if ordinary people encounter such a situation, they must be crazy and want to flee immediately.

Because this feeling is too strong! No cover up!

However, Leo is not an ordinary person, but he adjusted his breathing a little, and his heart immediately adapted to this inexplicable slight panic.

Leo continued to walk around, and found that the more he walked towards the position where the ** corpses were facing, the stronger the sense of fear.

When Leo walked into the siege of these violent corpses, the needle-like fear could be said to be pervasive invading Leo's whole body.

He felt that every piece of plastic grass and every piece of rubber around was an evil ghost who was calling for his life. He looked at him hideously, and the sling in his hand wanted to pull it towards him.

This feeling is really terrifying. Anything around is full of this sense of fear, staring at it with malicious intent, and it is about to pounce in the next moment, but it always maintains that moment, making people afraid to move.

Only Leo still walked towards the center, and the sense of fear and strangeness around him continued to rise.

Even Leo began to feel a little turbulent in his heart in this extreme fear, his brows were slightly wrinkled, and even his eyes began to unconsciously pay attention to everything around him.

At this time, it was only a few steps away from the center of the encirclement surrounded by the ** corpses. In this case, Leo's heartbeat could not help but speed up a bit.

This kind of feeling is very bad for people, and it is enough to drive any ordinary person crazy in an instant.

Like those veterans who have stepped down from a ** battlefield, are extremely sensitive and easily excited about everything around them, the so- called post-traumatic stress disorder.

At this time, Leo's feeling was a hundred times more than this feeling.

Even the golden halo in Leo's body began to tremble slightly.

In this case, Leo stopped his steps abruptly, looking at the corpse half buried in the turf in front of him, there was a hint of darkness in his eyes.

"So, is this the fear in my heart?"

Leo looked at everything in front of him, but stood in the same place and said to himself.

Everything around, as if the molecules in the air were full of malice towards themselves, this feeling surged out of everything that could be felt around.

Leo rarely looked at the corpse in front of him and felt the silence and stillness, UU reading www. even had a hint of sadness in his heart.

"So who are you? Who am I?"

Looking at this corpse, the memory that Leo himself was about to forget was condensed and consolidated in his mind.

Familiar clothes, familiar faces, and even Leo can tell without seeing through, and in that coat pocket, there is a movie ticket for "Spider-Man: Heroes Expedition".

Except for the few bullet holes that Leo might imagine on his face, it was as if the body of his previous life appeared in front of him.

How did you feel when you saw your body?

This feeling is very complicated.

Leo opened his palm slightly, and the movie ticket floated out of the corpse's jacket pocket and flew into Leo's hands.

Looking at the familiar Chinese characters above, Leo began to doubt the whole world in his heart, and the vibration of the golden ring on his body also became larger and larger.

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