Chapter 1662:Marvel: I Can Control Metal

'Mobile phone' from another world

All I saw was the corpse in front of me, half buried in the turf of the playground, face up, clean body, quiet face, as if she had simply fallen asleep.

Of course Kelio could sense that the body in front of him didn't have any breath of life, not even a breath of energy, and there wasn't any microscopic energy in the cells.

Leo stretched out his hand and lifted it lightly, the turf was torn slightly, and this quiet body also slowly floated up out of thin air, leaving only a clear human-shaped pit on the ground.

Of course, the body was clean and tidy without any debris.

Following Leo's movements towards this body, the hundreds of blood corpses behind Leo seemed to also move accordingly, let out a terrifying roar, and then rushed towards Leo in the center, with a strong The movement seemed to want to tear it into pieces.

Leo didn't even turn his head. He raised his right hand and waved his backhand. A golden light blade came out of his hand, but it quickly expanded a hundred times in the air, and suddenly formed a huge light blade, which was surrounded by hundreds of violent corpses behind him. fly away.

The not-too-cohesive golden light then hit the nearest three blood corpses, the powerful energy directly split the abdomen apart, and at the same time, the huge impact caused a direct blow to its hundreds of kilograms body. Knock out.

Just in the middle of the air, it was divided into two halves, and the golden light was only dim and continued to attack forward, directly hitting the flying blood corpse behind at the same speed.

The movement was fast, but in a blink of an eye, most of the blood corpses surrounded by Leo were directly divided into two pieces by the golden light, and flew tens of meters away with the corpses.

But there were more than a dozen blood corpses that jumped up at the very beginning, leaping into the air and screaming at Leo in front, rushing straight at him.

The huge body of the blood corpse formed a huge shadow in the air, forming a surrounding momentum, and flew towards Leo below.

However, Leo just stretched out his hand and grabbed all the blood corpses that flew towards him in the air and opened their huge mouths to bite him. All of them were forcibly fixed in mid-air, no matter how they moved, they couldn't move. a cent.

It was thrown back casually again, and the huge force pierced into the inside of each blood corpse. Dozens of blood holes were pierced through the body in an instant, and the whole body was thrown hundreds of meters away, flying directly to the outside of the stadium and disappearing. not see.

As for the blood corpses that were cut in half behind Leo, they didn't die directly, although almost half of them were directly separated from the upper and lower body, as if they were cut in half.

However, as a large amount of blood overflowed, these corpses still had sufficient vitality, and they even crawled towards the lower half of their bodies, as if preparing to reinstall them.

Leo's forward body paused slightly again, as if he was a little annoyed by the disturbance of these violent corpses.

With a light footstep, a golden mask surged from under Leo's feet and expanded rapidly, forming a semicircular bowl-shaped mask that expanded around Leo.

As the touch of the light mask spread to the blood corpses lying on the ground, there was a direct physical collision, and the wreckage of their bodies was pushed out, so fast that they were even knocked into the air and rolled, forcibly hitting the ground. on the stadium wall.

But in just a few seconds, all the corpses that were no more than tens of meters away from Leo were all pushed out a hundred meters away, struggling to move on the wall, but they couldn't break free from the strong ** brought by the golden mask and the wall.

After solving the blood corpses that disturbed his thoughts a little bit, Leo turned his attention to the body in front of him.

Looking at this familiar body that couldn't be more familiar, Leo's palms couldn't help trembling slightly.

At the beginning, Leo suspected that this was something created by the illusion, and he deliberately wanted to cause waves in his heart, but you must know that even Leo's memory of this body was vague from the beginning.

So many years have passed, who would remember what clothes he was wearing and what he was wearing on that day.

And all of this, when Leo himself saw the body in front of him, gradually became clearer, and the memories that he didn't want to mention at first began to slowly resurface.

Leo even grabbed it casually, and in his pocket, a full-screen Xiaomi phone flew out of his trousers pocket. On the screen protector, there were a few cracks from the previous fall.

Looking at the mobile phone in his hand, Leo began to feel a little uneasy again, because the one hundred yuan note on the back of the mobile phone case was lying there quietly.

I pressed my finger lightly, but the screen didn't light up, and the phone didn't move at all.

'Is it out of power? '

Leo muttered silently in his heart, lightly touched his thumb and middle finger, and a golden lightning burst out from between his fingers, instantly sinking into the battery on the back of the phone.

The phone felt slightly warm, but then the screen turned on automatically, and the Xiaomi phone startup animation and sound that Leo was still very familiar with appeared.

With the appearance of the familiar screensaver of the Spider-Man suit, Leo naturally put his thumb on the fingerprint power button.

But after a few touches without any response, Leo suddenly came to realize that he was no longer the original body, and the fingerprints naturally did not match.

But Leo didn't try to use the body fingerprint in front of him to unlock the lock, but naturally unlocked the phone with a pattern.

Looking at the familiar software that appeared in front of his eyes again, Leo's fingers couldn't help but pause again.

The whole scene fell into silence. In this ** world, under the huge football stadium, only Leo was left standing in front of a body and kept swiping his phone.

All of this looked so weird, and the faint golden ring around Leo's body trembled more and more following the movements of Leo's fingers.

‘That’s right, it’’s true, they’re all still there, and they all look like this...I remember it all!

! '

Leo swipe through the old photos on the phone, the familiar faces, the vague and clear looks that have been in Leo's memory, but now they are perfectly reproduced. in front of Leo.

After looking at all the photos, Leo seemed to have thought of something again. Returning to the main page, UU Reading fixed his eyes on the date and time that he hardly cared about before.

'June 28, 2019 at 2:45pm'

"This time is... When I watched the movie, did time stop at that time..."

Leo muttered in his heart, and he couldn't help but click on the video player, open the directory, and a long list of downloaded video names appeared in it.

'Iron Man 1'

'Iron Man 2'

'The Hulk'

'Thor 1'

'Avengers 1'

'Ant-Man 1'

'Avengers 2'

'Thor 2'


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