Chapter 1663:Marvel: I Can Control Metal

Bloody Leo reappears

【Marvel I Can Control Metal】【】

The names of familiar and unfamiliar movies appeared in front of Leo, and the familiar words that he hadn't seen for a long time made Leo feel a little strange when he looked at the scene in front of him.

The iconic picture on the cover of the film made Leo feel so unreal.

Different from the Avengers after the rise of the Battle of New York, the fan peripherals that have also been circulated throughout the world also have exquisite posters, toys, countless peripherals, and even some so-called fan movies and musicals, which often appear in before the eyes of the public.

[To be honest, I have been using Yeguo to read and read books recently, change sources, and read aloud. 】

But those fake pictures are far from the soul shock brought by the video in the small mobile phone in front of Leo.

Open one at random, and the familiar opening song and the huge crimson word MARVER appear on the screen.

This huge sense of unreality even made Leo's footsteps weaken, and he took a step back slightly.

And the golden halo that had been covering Leo's body trembled more violently with Leo's movements, pulling phantoms in the air.

After all, in this world, there is no such thing as the word Marvel, and the huge conflict brought about by the two consciousnesses made Leo not know what to do for a while.

The screen on the phone didn't stop because of Leo's actions, it was still playing on its own.

The picture gradually unfolds on the screen with the plot of Thor 1, and Asgard is also displayed in front of Leo again.

Although the picture only shows a small part of the entire Asgard, it is so real compared to what Billio actually saw in Asgard, almost exactly the same.

Thor, Odin, Loki, Frigga, and other characters are almost exactly the same as those shown in the picture. Leo didn't see any difference in appearance, movement, and decoration.

It's just that what is shown in the screen is a small part of what Leo saw, and there are many pictures that Leo has not seen.

But compared to Leo's own experience, all this seems so normal, it even looks like a documentary.

A completely different plot appeared in the screen, and what was shown was of course exactly the same as the original plot in Leo's memory, but it was quite different from what Leo experienced, just because of the presence of Leo.

Seeing these images that had been recalled countless times in Leo's head again, Leo was immersed in it again, even more immersive and had a stronger sense of substitution.

One by one, more vivid characters appeared in Leo's mind. Looking at the pictures in front of him, Leo didn't seem to be watching a movie, but rather like watching a video of his own family. He was completely immersed in it, even I can't help but think back to the time when I was there.

The two different memories are clearly displayed in the mind, and they also form an obvious conflict. The violent fluctuation of the mind makes the blood color of the whole world around it gradually deepen.

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【Marvel I Can Control Metal】【】

The golden ring trembled, and even the golden halo field that Leo expanded, that is, the golden mask that squeezed the ** corpses to the edge of the venue, could not help but cracks appeared, and the cracks of "Kaka" appeared faintly. Voice.

Holding the lifeless body with one hand, the whole person stood there staring blankly at the small mobile phone in his hand, not noticing the changes in the surroundings at all.

And in the center of the bare court, the layer of golden light that was suppressed on the ground also showed countless fine cracks, and even bursts of collapse appeared in some areas.

The tiny fragments of the golden mask burst apart along the cracks, dissipating into dots of golden light in the air, leaving some tiny gaps in the originally smooth and complete mask.

As the suppressing golden mask in the center broke a small gap, it might not be a gap the size of a chestnut, but there was some movement in the soil below.

Streaks of bright red aura slowly floated up from the lawn suppressed by the golden light, and then gradually condensed and formed in the air.

A full half an hour passed before the blood-red aura that kept rolling out finally condensed into a transparent human figure, which looked very weak, as if it could be blown away by a gust of wind.

'It's too scary, what kind of ability is this? If it's a little later, I will be completely digested!

! '

This figure, which was finally condensed through hard work, looked at the huge golden mask around him with great care, but there were a few gaps and holes scattered on the originally round golden mask, which looked a bit bleak .

After the ** 'Leo' dissipated, he merged into this small world, mobilized all authority, and tried to die with Leo at the last moment, although it also knew that it should be a useless struggle, but It is of course impossible for it to admit defeat so directly.

But at this last moment, it seemed to suddenly sense something, and an incomparably powerful blood-colored force appeared out of thin air, causing it to inflate a hundred times in an instant.

This huge sense of fullness of power gave it a strong self-confidence in an instant. Although it didn't know where this power came from, it already made it eager to go out, crushing and devouring Leo directly, Occupy the body and achieve yourself.

Before the pure and ** 'Leo' could go out, he suddenly felt a very strange and powerful connection. UU Reading seemed, seemed, to have a body waiting for him.

Under this incomparably wonderful temptation, it used all its strength to pull out a strange body out of thin air from that thread of connection, from nothingness, and directly manifested itself in the very center of the entire small space.

And of course it didn't hesitate at all, its figure wanted to enter the body that appeared, and it didn't even have time to check it out.

After all, a physical body can appear in this consciousness space, which can almost be called a dimensionality reduction blow.

So it didn't know what happened at all. It was clear that at the last moment, he was going to use up all his remaining strength to win a hope that was almost zero, but at the next moment, there was such a strange situation that made him turn against the wind directly.

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【Marvel I Can Control Metal】【】

But his own consciousness had just condensed on that body, giving the body a trace of his aura, and then, it was directly crushed under the field by the golden mask.

Even this golden mask is like a seal, which prevents it from moving even the slightest bit of energy in its body, and it can feel the traces of energy in the body being pressed by the seal on the head, and the seal disappears little by little.

If it wasn't for the little gap at the top, it might have been crushed to death directly.

And now it only has one-tenth of its power left.

But looking at Leo who didn't notice it at all, it instantly turned into a ** light and shot over.



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