Chapter 1664:Marvel: I Can Control Metal

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The * "Leo" instantly turned into a * light and shot out. The distance of 100 meters in the middle was only a moment, and in the blink of an eye, he had quietly stood behind Leo.

Leo, who was still watching the movie, didn't notice it at all, and devoted himself to the small mobile phone in front of him.

The blood-colored figure slowly enlarged, fierce eyes protruded from Leo's shoulders, and his hands were silently supported on Leo's shoulders. The ten fingers did gradually become tiny bloodshots, and they separated to turn into Leo's body.

And Tong Kong has also changed from a blood ring to a ** whirlpool, like an undercurrent whirlpool in deep water, which will pull in everything that enters it. If it is outside, ordinary people can swallow their souls in just a moment. The spirit is instantly wiped out.

It is expecting Leo to turn back, it only needs a flaw, a flaw to hold Leo back, a pull on the spiritual level, it has the help of the whole space, and there is still a glimmer of hope for success, at least, compared to the incomparable before. Looking at the desperate situation, it is now many times better.

The blood on the ten fingers gradually wrapped around Leo's entire shoulders, and gradually turned towards the body, but it was still surrounded by a faint golden light.

And it was also at this time that it heard a sigh from Leo in front of it.

"I was going to let you go, maybe you can survive here well, you can share my spiritual memory, at least, you won't disappear."

"But you are still forcing me to do it, forget it, let's bury you completely first."

Leo naturally turned off the screen of the mobile phone in his hand, and then raised his right hand lightly, and a violent golden light bloomed from Leo's body in an instant, dazzling like the sun in an instant.

To the ** 'Leo', the intense golden light was like a weak vampire facing the scorching sun at noon, and like a broken piece of wood suddenly hit by a bomb, the whole person flew backward in an instant.

The whole body was directly torn into several pieces in the air, and flew more than ten meters away in an instant.

However, those incomplete body parts began to quickly gather towards the center the moment they landed, and within two seconds, they recondensed into a mass of dark red limp matter.

Even though it looked so soft and rotten, under the incomparably tenacious spirit, the remaining matter slowly condensed into a human form.

But at the moment when it was condensed, the human figure couldn't help kneeling on the ground, using both hands to support the body, panting heavily, and the current appearance seemed to be unable to support it to stand up.

Leo looked at what happened in front of him indifferently, and with just a slight lift of his right hand, a golden blade formed in front of his palm.

As long as you swipe down with your palm, you can instantly divide the half of the field in front of you into two halves, and the ** figure in it is of course inevitable.

Just before Leo was about to wipe it out with one blow, he suddenly saw the ** 'Leo' looking up at him with unyielding eyes, without any flinching or fear in those eyes.

With that kind of eyes, and his face exactly like his own, Leo's right hand standing in mid-air could not be dropped for a long time.

As Leo stopped, the ** 'Leo' over there also gradually climbed up from the ground. The blood on his body was already very scattered at this time, and it was even difficult to gather together.

At this time, the two sides are still in a somewhat broken golden mask, but the main body still exists.

So much so that the ** 'Leo' who was seriously injured wanted to absorb energy from the surrounding environment to heal himself, but he couldn't do it.

"It seems that you know how this body came about, tell me."

Looking at the other person looking at his figure without saying a word, Leo finally put down his right hand and said to the ** 'Leo'.

"Is it meaningful? Reality or illusion, how do you define death and existence, and is the world you are in now real? You seem to be very confused about all of this."

Bloody didn't answer Leo's question at all, but looked at Leo with both eyes and said slowly, the ** energy that was gradually dissipating from his body was also under his control and gradually condensed.

It's only been a few tens of seconds, and his body has gradually taken on a physical appearance, and it doesn't look like an illusory figure that will collapse when the wind blows.

Leo listened to the words of the ** 'Leo' in front of him, and then looked at the surrounding environment, the golden mask that was gradually breaking, and the golden halo around him that was gradually shaking and restless.

There was also a smile on his face, and as he waved his hands, a golden light shield covering a huge space surrounded him. The cracks and gaps that appeared on it were densely packed as if the light shield would completely collapse in the next second, but in the With a wave of Leo's hands, they instantly condensed into their original appearance.

All the gaps and cracks were restored to their original state in the blink of an eye, and even more brilliant light bloomed.

The originally oscillating space instantly stabilized, and the blood-colored energy that the blood-colored 'Leo' could absorb through those cracks and gaps also lost contact in an instant, and all of them were blocked by the golden mask.

As for the golden halo around his body, it also changed from the original high-speed vibration frequency to a halo with Leo's wave of his hand, but it just bloomed with dazzling light, as if this golden light had existed since ancient times .

"Yes, I did have doubts. Even from the first day I came to this world, this doubt has been deeply buried in my heart."

"Although I have always had this doubt in my heart, I no longer care about the answer to this question, so this question has never caused me any trouble."

Leo actually didn't refute the ** 'Leo''s words, but continued to follow its words.

"After all, when I feel the love, the touch, and everything that can be felt here, then this is real."

"This memory will always exist in my mind, and that's enough."

"So, although I don't know where you pulled this body out, of course, if you just want to use this to break my spiritual defense, UU Reading, then your thinking is too simple."

Leo stood up straight, and the body behind him slowly moved in front of him.

"However, because of the appearance of this, it makes me more sure that this world is real."

"As for this body, I'll keep it as a souvenir."

Leo clasped his hands together, and the body in front of his eyes flashed with light, and disappeared into the world in an instant.

And then he stretched out his hand to grab it again, and the golden mask that originally covered the entire football field began to quickly gather up, wrapping towards the ** 'Leo'.

In the end, a small ball of light was directly formed, enveloping the entire blood-colored 'Leo' in it. Its area was only the size of a camping tent, but it was enveloping it in all directions.

The ** 'Leo' immediately burst into blood, and wanted to rush out, but when the blood moved, he slammed into the edge of the wall, and fell powerlessly.

"I've caught you, it's you who ran in by yourself."

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