Chapter 1:Master Dan Dao

Miss's surprise

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Chapter 1 Miss's Surprise

"Qin Yichen!"

"Qin Yichen!"

Qin Yichen opened his eyes stupidly, and wanted to see which bold and daring guy even dared to yell in front of Dan Sheng, but saw a slightly angry face.

The face of the woman ’s melon seeds is as white as sheep fat jade, her eyebrows are curved, her eyes are like black gems, her nose is upright, her lips are red, her teeth are shiny, her hair is shiny and silky like a satin.

"Sister Miao Han?"

Looking at the face hidden deep in the memory, Qin Yichen stunned and called out subconsciously.


Lin Miaohan glared at him and hummed softly, "Let you watch the fire don't go out, what good thing do you think you did?"


Qin Yichen glanced around and saw the Dan furnace that had turned off in front of him, and a row of medicine racks on the side ...

Familiar pictures, familiar people, awakened the memories that existed in his mind so long as to be almost forgotten by him.

Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind, "Is he back to the age of sixteen when he was 13 thousand years ago?"

He remembered that when his father and mother took him to live in the Lin family, his father was the guard of the Lin family, and his mother did some needlework with some women, and because he was more intelligent, he mixed a little Dan boy.

The girl in front of him was the goddess in his mind at that time, and Lin Miaohan, the youngest daughter of Lin Aotian, the owner of the Lin family.

However, at that time Qin Yichen was very inferior and did not have the courage to confess. After all, his identity is low, but the other party is a family lady. The identity of the two sides is very different.

One year later, the Lin family was unable to gain a foothold in Yuxi City. During the evacuation process, they were attacked by the enemies and almost the whole family was destroyed. His parents also died in the process. , I saw a familiar person died tragically in front of him.

After escaping this calamity, Qin Yichen's talents in alchemy slowly made him shine, all kinds of experiences, all kinds of adventures, and finally, he finally became the highest peak in this continent!

"Do you know how much you lost because of your negligence?"

Lin Miaohan's anger remained unresolved, and his wrath roused Qin Yichen, who was caught in the memories.

Usually, she takes good care of this intelligent little brother. However, recently, the Zhuangjia pharmacy opposite the Linjia pharmacy has launched a better liquid medicine, which puts the Lin family into a very disadvantaged position, almost all of which are unsaleable. So, she was irritated and angry because Qin Yichen wasted a stove of herbs.

Qin Yichen resisted the urge to hug her, opened the Dan furnace, looked at the medicine residue at the bottom of the furnace, pinched a small piece, and smelled it on the tip of his nose.

"It should be refining Huiyuan ..."

Although the Lin family is a family of refining medicines, no one can make real elixir, but only some of the most basic medicinal liquids on the mainland.

And those who are able to make elixir are respected as ... Danshi.

However, the existence of such a level, the entire Yuxi City is not enough, and it is the existence of a dedication level within the big family.

"This furnace herb is worth seven silver coins. It would have been possible to make ten bottles of Huiyuan liquid and sell it to earn ten silver coins. Do you know that the ten silver coins are almost a day's income for my Linjia medicine shop? Not to mention Now the banker is so bullying, my Lin family's liquid medicine can't be sold out anymore ... "Looking at the scum in the bottom of the furnace, Lin Miaohan shed tears in pain.


Qin Yichen's eyes flashed a cold flash.

The Lin family was forced by the banker to die, and the tragedy that followed.

"Wait, don't drain."

When she was going to dump these medicine residues, Qin Yichen stopped her and said mysteriously, "Sister Miao Han, these things are all money, it is a pity to throw them away."

These burnt medicinal residues are useless to Lin Miaohan, but to Qin Yichen, they are still the raw materials of alchemy, although it is a little bit less, but if it is only to be made into a medicament, then Still more than enough.

Refining pharmaceutical liquids is the most basic and simplest method of refining alchemy. As long as you are familiar with the medicinal properties of the herbs and use the open flame to refine the medicinal properties of the herbs, you are fine.

Although these herbs have been scorched and lost most of their medicinal properties, less than half of them remain in these residues. Although refining them into Dan will affect the quality of the herbs, but if it is only refined The medicinal properties are not difficult for Qin Yichen.

Then, he scraped down the burnt layers of medicine residue. After thinking about it, he picked out several different herbs from the medicine rack next to him, put a little weight in his hand, and These medicine residues were thrown into the Dan furnace.

"How can you add other herbs?"

Lin Miaohan wanted to stop it, and he glared at him suddenly.

It should be known that the fixed-effect liquid is configured by various fixed herbs. If other herbs with different properties are added, it will cause extremely serious consequences. The lightest effect will weaken and in serious cases, it will cause Conflicts between medicinal properties will cause the Dan furnace to explode!

Dan furnace, but extremely valuable, even if it is not an ordinary Dan furnace, it is worth hundreds of silver coins!

The Dan furnace in front of you is a low-grade Dan furnace, but the Lin family bought it for a large price. It is said that it is up to thousands of silver coins.

High-quality Dan furnace brings quality improvement. The same herbs can be extracted from ordinary Dan furnaces that are not in stock, and the most medicinal properties are one or two. However, they are placed in human-level Dan furnaces. The lowest quality of the medicinal solution is also the second grade, and can even reach the third grade.

Different quality liquid medicines will have different natural prices.

In the third product, the price is not comparable to the second product.

It can be said that the biggest source of income for the Lin family is this Dan furnace. If the Dan furnace is broken, it will bring a devastating disaster to the Lin family.

"Sister Miao Han, rest assured. I met a master yesterday. He taught me. After adding these herbs, I can improve the efficacy of Huiyuanye."

Qin Yichen said as he added charcoal, ignited, and started refining.

The alchemy and pharmaceutical level of this world is really different from 13 thousand years later.

After more than 10,000 years of development, the configuration of elixir has become more diversified, and the efficacy, quality, and other aspects have been greatly improved.

For example, Huiyuan liquid on the market, after taking it, it takes five minutes before it can exert its medicinal effect and slowly restore the strength of the warrior. However, if these flavors are added, it will reconcile the entire medicinal properties. In one minute, or even less than one minute, the medicinal properties of Huiyuan Liquid can be exerted, and the speed of recovering the vitality will be greatly improved.

Think about how good this will be for those warriors who are fighting outside!

Then, Qin Yichen's palm was placed on the side of the Dan furnace intentionally or unintentionally, and the ** of spirits was quietly operated. Immediately, the mental power in his mind spread out and penetrated into the Dan furnace. The next instant, the clear water in the Dan furnace It boils.

After touching for about a minute, Qin Yichen opened the Dan furnace fiercely, picked up the small bottle that had been prepared aside, filled the almost transparent medicine solution into the bottle, filled it with fifteen bottles, and then neatly Qi placed in front of Lin Miaohan.


Looking at the almost transparent medicinal solution in the bottles, Lin Miaohan was shocked and could not speak.

The level of the medicinal solution is to see if the impurities in the medicinal solution have been eliminated. The clearer the medicinal solution, the less it naturally means.

With the dozen bottles of medicinal solution in front of her, she could hardly see the presence of impurities with the naked eye.

In other words, the medicine in front of her is at least 50% quality!

She hadn't seen this kind of medicinal solution even in Yuxi City's largest medicine hall.

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