Chapter 8194:Master Dan Dao

How about I send you tens of thousands of demons?

In this matter, Feng Tianxing obviously has no need to lie to them.

Admiral Yan can be sure that Feng Tianxing's words are credible, but at the same time, such words also make people vigilant.

If what Feng Tianxing said is true, then his current situation has become a little more delicate.

The distance from Fengtianxing's jurisdiction is too far away, and it cannot be integrated into the huge defense system established by Fengtianxing for a while, and it is too far away, unable to form an alliance in the first place, and cannot integrate the internal forces of the demons in the first place.

Looking at the conflict between the main city and their admirals, the Void's move hit the most critical place again.

At this point, the general plan of the void to attack the demons came to Admiral Yan's mind.

Start with the weak and eat away at every step!

If there is no consensus on this cognition, all the bravery is just adding bricks and tiles to Void's plan.

Admiral Yan couldn't bear it anymore, and asked Feng Tianxing.

"Then what are you going to do? The power of the main city is here. It is too difficult for us to form an alliance across the main city."

Feng Tianxing just responded with a calm face. "The demons in the main city can be happy for at most half a month. After half a month, I should give them a showdown, but before that, I still need to make these demons in the main city as happy as possible. recruited to my men, rely on me

I want to instill in them the overall situation of the demons today, and then use my demons to dampen their spirit. Works for me. "

"Admiral Yan, I will need your help when the time comes. I will tell you what to do then."

It should have ended here, but Feng Tianxing still added one more sentence for the sake of rigor.

"The situation in the main city is that if we can't get the parts that we and Void both want, they must be destroyed. They either surrender or die."

Such harsh words instantly made Admiral Yan break out in a cold sweat.

Speaking of being ruthless, Admiral Yan was of course the number one, and he was able to kill his cronies. After that, the military orders were like mountains, which also gave him a great shock to the demons under his command.

But when compared with Feng Tianxing, everything seems so childish.

He sentenced all living demons in the huge main city to death. If they don't surrender.

This seems to be the behavior of a tyrant. Even among the demons, it is rare to attack one's own robes on such a large scale.

When Admiral Yan looked at Feng Tianxing again, his eyes were full of awe. This is a strong man, a strong man in an absolute sense.

Feng Tianxing silently listened to the feedback from these demons. Naturally, they didn't know that he had the opportunity to say what he said to Admiral Yan, and Feng Tianxing would explain their doubts to them from time to time.

In a sense, Feng Tianxing is expanding their horizons and improving their cognition.

All of this is for the purpose of annexing and merging together in the future, turning them into a stronger fighting force.

Admiral Yan suddenly turned his head and continued to lead the way.

At this moment, he obeyed.

From the beginning of knowing Feng Tianxing to the present, the number of times they met was very few, but every time, he was so shocked.

He couldn't find a place to refute every sentence, and there were countless facts as arguments for every place he thought was unreasonable.

Looking at the past few months, there is no other operation except for the formation of the defense line. After all, the void is so powerful, if you want to attack, you have to cooperate with other admirals. This is another long process.

But here in Feng Tianxing, all the alliances seem to be extremely easy, except for the demons in the main city, almost all the admirals Feng Tianxing knows want to form an alliance with him.

Even if he is himself, he has no objection to any of Feng Tianxing's proposals.

After thinking for a while, Admiral Yan finally figured out why. Because Feng Tianxing has already surpassed himself in many aspects, his strength is only the most insignificant link in all aspects, and judging from the rumor a few years ago, Feng Tianxing is also the strength of the peak of the body breaking state

, is also above most of the admirals.

Being crushed in all directions, in front of him, Feng Tianxing is an absolute strongman, and obeying the orders of the strong is the tradition of the martial demons.

Suddenly, Admiral Yan let out a wry smile helplessly.

"But since the day I was born, you are the only demon clan that has completely convinced me without fighting against each other."

Admirals from all sides caused some subtle changes in Admiral Yan's thoughts.

Three thousand demons are still moving forward, heading towards the location of the Grand Canyon.

At the same time, the city lord of the main city was not idle, not to mention anything else, his ability to explore information alone made Feng Tianxing feel ashamed.

Only four hours had passed since Admiral Yan and his avatar set off, the city lord of the main city suddenly got up and looked at Feng Tianxing aside.

"Where did Admiral Yan go? I heard that he brought thousands of demons out."

These words are obviously a temptation, the city lord of the main city just obtained some information by catching wind and shadows.

Feng Tianxing returned truthfully.

"Returning to City Lord Luo, there was some ambiguity between the subordinates and Admiral Yan in thinking about the enemy before. The subordinates want to stay here, and when City Lord Luo's 700,000 demon army arrives, they will give Void a blow."

"But Admiral Yan wants to start a counterattack against the void. He feels that the natural barrier is destroyed now. Before the natural barrier is completely restored, it is the point where the void's defense awareness is weak. He wants to take the demons to make a surprise attack."

"The subordinate had already persuaded him at that time, and told him that if he didn't change his mind, I wouldn't make a plan and manage the army for him. It's just that I didn't expect him to be so stubborn."

Hearing Feng Tianxing's words, although the city lord of the main city felt very unhappy, but when he thought that Feng Tianxing asked him to defeat Void and let him get this honor, his prejudice against Feng Tianxing became less in his heart.

Even if it was a dog, it was a dog that obeyed his orders.

It was the first time in my heart that Feng Tianxing had been elevated to the point where he recognized it.

At least, he is a qualified running dog.

But now, the army of tens of thousands of demons resisting the void cannot live without a commander, and he, City Lord Luo, will still have his own subordinates who need commanders in the future, so he doesn't like these tens of thousands of demons.

Simply persuaded.

"Admiral Feng, let's not be so stingy in doing things. Since Admiral Yan wants to try his best, let him try."

"If the army is defeated now, even if I arrive with 700,000 demons and defeat the void, what will the other demons think of me? They will think that I procrastinate on purpose." "So, Admiral Feng, you are doing me a favor , take care of these tens of thousands of demons for me, and when I turn around, I will send you tens of thousands of demons from the main city for you to choose."

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