Chapter 8195:Master Dan Dao

Rotten Void Creature

What the city lord of the main city said was not bad, and it was also within Feng Tianxing's expectations.

However, this is obviously not what Feng Tianxing wants to achieve.

Taking the initiative to attack is Feng Tianxing's countermeasure after observing that Lord Luo did not call his men over in time.

If City Lord Luo made any move to mobilize troops, Feng Tianxing would not make such a bad move. After all, after harming Admiral Yan's subordinates, Void's strength will go up to a new level. At that time, he will be able to inflict some severe injuries on the Lord of the main city. After that, once he leaves City Lord Luo, his unavoidable trauma will

It will be the key to his defeat in the next battle.

Doing so can weaken the strength of the demons, and it can also provide opportunities for themselves to take power.

But City Lord Luo didn't even have the idea of ​​letting his subordinates come over in time. Doing so was just adding chips to the void. When City Lord Luo saw that something was going wrong, he retreated and put the pot on his head, then the problem would be serious.

At that time, Feng Tianxing will have to tear his face apart, and then he can only forcibly requisition the demons in the main city, which is far worse than gradually assimilating as it is now.

Between trade-offs, Feng Tianxing let Void lose. Among his choices, the only loser was Void.

The lord of the main city will not gain benefits, but he will not be defeated. Admiral Yan has gained actual benefits, and what Feng Tianxing has gained is future benefits. Based on the fact that the lord of the main city did not get benefits this time, hide the benefits of.

The Lord of the main city refused to leave when he saw Feng Tianxing, thinking that although the benefits he gave had tens of thousands of demons, in essence, it was a drop in the bucket for the main city.

It can take out millions of demon soldiers, and there are millions of demons in the main city.

It is indeed a bit unreasonable for me to give tens of thousands of demons.

"Then, give you one hundred thousand?"

Feng Tianxing shook his head.

"I want the right to recruit soldiers. I just thought about it. In the hands of City Lord Luo, every demon soldier is very important and cannot be wasted, so I want to cultivate it myself."

City Lord Luo was overjoyed.

Although those demons who are idle in the city have some talents, they are definitely not many. They are all "waste" left after being screened.

Even if such a person takes Feng Tianxing away, he will not lose a bit, and save a lot of expenses.

After thinking about it, Lord Luo agreed.

"Okay, then I allow you to recruit troops in the main city."

As if feeling that this sincerity was not enough, Lord Luo personally wrote this order with his seal, and then handed it over to Feng Tianxing.

"Unlimited number."

Feng Tianxing took it quickly, thanked him for a while, and then left the camp to take over the command of Admiral Yan's subordinates.

After Feng Tianxing left, a demon came forward to persuade City Lord Luo.

"City Lord Luo, Feng Tian Xing's plan is not small. There are millions of demons in my main city. If he recruits troops wantonly, it will definitely become the strongest one among all the admirals."

"Besides, after watching this journey, my subordinates feel that Feng Tianxing's plot is not small, and the city lord has to guard against it."

Lord Luo sneered.

"It's just a dog in front of me. If I want him to be well, he will be well. If I want him to die, all he has to do is die."

City Lord Luo's self-confidence is not groundless, but his strength lies there, he has enough right to speak, and the number of demons under him is also enough.

In the face of absolute strength, all fancy operations will be useless.

The demon still wanted to persuade him, but he didn't know how to persuade him.

No matter how powerful Feng Tianxing is, he won't be able to recruit millions of demons from the main city, right?

Even if he is capable enough to recruit millions of demons, the city lord still has more than a million soldiers, elite soldiers and strong generals, and Feng Tianxing, an admiral by no means, can resist him.

From this point of view, City Lord Luo's method is not bad.

City Lord Luo glanced at him, and suddenly let out a soft snort.

"Then what do you want me to do? Do you want you to take over the demon soldiers under Admiral Yan? Even if you take over and there is no mutiny, let me ask you, how do you fight against the void? How much experience do you have fighting against the void? "

This soul torture instantly made the demons shut up. He knew very well that Feng Tianxing couldn't be changed at all now.

Only Feng Tianxing can make all kinds of preparations to face the void.

And he is still an admiral, no different from other demon admirals.

He was able to manage this demon team well, but it would be impossible for other demons, as long as it was the demons in the main city, they would not have such an advantage.

Seeing the demons shut up, the city lord of the main city sighed.

"Of course I know that Feng Tianxing's plot is not small, but forgive him for not doing anything outrageous, so he won't dare to hit me hard, right?"

"And after this time, I will send someone to monitor Feng Tianxing and report his every move to me. I don't believe he can play tricks under my nose."

Seeing that City Lord Luo had already made his own decision, the demons shut up.

… After Feng Tianxing returned to the Demon Race, he immediately announced one thing. He needed a death squad of 30,000 Demon Race to prepare to cooperate with Admiral Yan. He also explained to these subordinates the current position of Admiral Yan and his regardless

After victory or defeat, how to deal with it.

After some arrangements, Feng Tianxing knew that there was nothing wrong with him here, so he simply brought the second soul, which is the consciousness in the current body, to the clone.

Feng Tianxing glanced around and found that he had already reached the edge of the canyon. The canyon here was basically the same as the canyon on his side, except that it was wider and deeper.

At this moment, Admiral Yan beside him pointed to the depths of the canyon.

"Is there a void body? Why is it a worm?"

Feng Tianxing looked at the position pointed by Admiral Yan, and his heart was clear. The battle here is relatively smooth, and there is no need for Void to hide its body. After the fog dissipates, you can see Void's huge body wriggling on the ground, and large pieces of soil spit out from the top from time to time.

Carried away by nearby "dogs".

"This is the void, but his consciousness doesn't seem to be here."

Feng Tianxing frowned.

The body of this void is here, but the consciousness is not there, that is to say, this time I still rushed to nothing.

If the consciousness of the void cannot be eliminated, it is only a matter of time before this so-called body recovers.

Suddenly, Feng Tianxing thought of his previous conversation with Void. This Void was obviously not so positive, and even a little bit rotten.

After thinking about it, Feng Tianxing thought of a possibility. "It is impossible for the consciousness and the main body to be too far apart. Ask your subordinates to look around to see if there are any special void creatures wandering around. If there are any, report the location immediately. Try to kill them!"

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