Chapter 8196:Master Dan Dao

The battle is imminent, did it go to see the scenery?

After Feng Tianxing's order, the demons present had already started to act.

If this point is placed in the hands of other admirals, it will definitely not happen. Even if Admiral Yan is suppressed by force, these demons will at most have some reverence for the demons who defeated Admiral Yan, but that's all That's all.

After all, they are still Admiral Yan's subordinates, unless they want to leave Admiral Yan, they will not do such a thing that violates the military order.

But now, they all did.

Because of Feng Tianxing's previous words, he explained to them the necessity of this battle, which was a matter of life and death, and convinced them.

They are now convinced of Feng Tianxing, and they will not have any dissatisfaction or complaints.

As for Admiral Yan, he himself is almost becoming a fan of Feng Tianxing, and he doesn't care about such little details. "Hurry up, don't worry about it, you should carefully consider what Admiral Feng said earlier, our battle is not only related to our own honor, but also related to the peace of the demons on this big road.


With Admiral Yan's words, the demons present knew what they should do and what they should not do.

Each of them carefully looked for traces that might be left around.

Feng Tianxing and Admiral Yan found a place with a wide view and observed the surroundings.

It wasn't until this moment that Admiral Yan asked.

"Admiral Feng, what did you think of just now? Why did you suddenly change the purpose of the search?" In Feng Tianxing's initial plan, he found the void creatures hiding in the Grand Canyon, and then took the opportunity to kill them. After he personally concluded that the consciousness of the void creature is not here, he should have retreated, but he chose to stay


Feng Tianxing explained lightly. "Do you still remember the previous battle in Gray City? I talked to Void's consciousness there. He is very special and doesn't care much about the battle. I just thought that if his consciousness is not in this body, but is more consistent

Fits my perception of him. "

"If it were you, would you be willing to wait and hunt in a place you don't care about? You can't have some fun within your ability?" "The main task of this void is to dig through this grand canyon, so that void can Taking into account both inside and outside, so it is absolutely impossible for them to make any changes in this place. He will only be here, and with his character, he should be in four

wander around. "

Feng Tianxing analyzed, his eyes kept searching the canyon below.

According to common sense, it is very difficult to trace such an opponent, because the location of his consciousness is not sure at all, and it is very likely that he left this place on a whim to visit elsewhere.

Arranging a person with such a personality in this key position obviously does not meet the commander's requirements, but he bumped into the key gate of Feng Tianxing's plan by mistake. As long as the consciousness of the void is not caught, then he and the void under his hand can always exist. With the existence of countless consciousnesses entrenched in the void, every time he kills, he can only kill insignificant units. Row

It is quite unfavorable for Admiral Yan.

When searching, their spirits were tense, for fear of missing any little details.

Feng Tianxing thought for a while, but he didn't squat down to the consciousness of the void, thinking for a while.

"Is there any place near here that is more famous, no, relatively famous, but not famous." According to Feng Tianxing's knowledge of the other party, he is very likely to travel around now, and traveling is often to find the best scenery. , and now several months have passed since the Void Invasion, the famous places around here are probably all

Been hanging around by him once, and the rest are just places with less obvious reputations.

These places need to be stripped from their memory by his annexation of the demons, and he estimates the time. Now is the time for him to have these place names and play around.

After thinking for a while, Admiral Yan's eyes suddenly brightened.

"You mean places that he hasn't visited yet, but are very famous?"

Feng Tianxing nodded affirmatively.

Admiral Yan clapped his hands.

"I know, on the top of the mountain in September, there will be countless purple flowers blooming tonight, and we have specially set a festival here for the time when these flowers bloom."

Feng Tianxing frowned slightly.

"How often does it bloom?"

Admiral Yan returned with certainty.

"once three years."

Feng Tianxing's eyes brightened.

All the remaining places here are not as tempting as this one brings to the void.

"how far?"

"Thousands of miles."

Feng Tianxing took a look at the sky, after all the busy work, they wanted to let the army rush over together, but it was too late, so he said.

"Admiral Yan, you go with me. This time the credit is on your head. Call your men and let them prepare here. After three hours, that is, when it gets dark, the general attack will start."

Admiral Yan quickly ordered to go down, and Feng Tianxing looked at the huge worm below, feeling somewhat displeased.

It was these void creatures that disrupted his plan, made him stand on the opposite side of the void, and forced him to accept the position of Demon Emperor in desperation.

Without these void creatures, Feng Tian Xing Da wouldn't have to be so troublesome, he just needed to survive and develop.

It is completely impossible to say that there is no personal hatred for these void creatures.

Leaving a few magic circles behind, Feng Tianxing instructed a demon next to him how to use them, and then set off.

These magic circles are enough to destroy most of the void creatures. Even if they are not operated properly, they still have a certain power and can pose a greater threat to these void creatures.

The two immediately rushed to Jiuyue Mountain.

Speaking of which, Jiuyue Mountain is actually still under the control of Admiral Yan.

After all, this place is already close to the edge of the natural danger of Gray City, just one step away.

The two flew extremely fast, and it took them two hours to arrive. The sky had already started to get dark.

If it weren't for the fact that the void creatures were on guard all the way, Feng Tianxing's avatar and Admiral Yan's speed would only be faster. With the arrival of the two, there were not many demons showing up on Jiuyue Mountain. After all, the news of the void attack has spread. run

Here comes the wave.

Jiuyue Mountain, at first glance, is just a towering mountain, without any special features.

Admiral Yan pointed to the distant sky.

"According to previous observations, that's the best place to observe. You can see the nine-round moon lighting up on the mountain." "What will Admiral Feng do next? There are still some demons here, and it's hard to tell who is Void for a while." .”

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