Chapter 8197:Master Dan Dao

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Feng Tianxing glanced around before speaking.

"Since we've all come here, let's just play around here and put other trivial matters out of our minds."

"Today you are my playmate, lead the way, don't think about other things."

Admiral Yan was a little puzzled, but looking at Feng Tianxing's firm eyes, he was also quite helpless.

I have no choice, this Jiuyue Mountain doesn't look big, but to accurately find every creature that exists, and to distinguish which one is the void, the difficulty can be directly overwhelmed.

He couldn't find out, Feng Tianxing's proposal became their only way to deal with it.

"This Jiuyue Mountain is actually the beauty of our place. I originally wanted to take the wind to the admiral after I was free..."

Before he finished speaking, Feng Tianxing waved his hand.

"Call me Young Master Feng."

After finishing speaking, Feng Tianxing got out a folding fan from nowhere, and fanned the breeze like that, wandering leisurely all the way, looking left and right.

Admiral Yan was overwhelmed by this, so he simply gritted his teeth and followed closely.

"Mr. Feng, look at the two sides of this road. If it was placed in previous years, it would definitely have arranged something on it to set off the beautiful scenery here. It's a pity that this year the void invaded, and the demons here have already been transferred away by Admiral Yan."

Feng Tianxing nodded, seeming rather regretful.

"It's a pity. If I had known this a few years earlier, I wouldn't have taken such a big risk to come here to see the beautiful scenery."

Following Feng Tianxing's guidance, Admiral Yan on the side quickly got into the mood, introducing the scenery here enthusiastically along the way.

Seeing that the two were about to enter Jiuyue Mountain, a demon suddenly stepped forward and said.

"You two, the void is raging now. If you don't fight against the void, what are you doing here to play?"

Feng Tianxing frowned slightly, closed the folding fan casually, pointed at the demon clan and asked Admiral Yan.

"Old Yan, is this the demon clan under Admiral Yan?"

Admiral Yan glanced at it, then shook his head.

The demons under him are not to mention powerful, at least in terms of appearance, they are much neater and cleaner than this demons.

When Feng Tianxing heard this, he immediately put on a dirty face.

"Go away, don't delay my uncle's appreciation of the scenery, my name is Mr. Feng, you go and find out, where I am going, who would dare to stop me except Admiral Yan's men?"

"Believe it or not, I'll tell my dad when I turn around, chop up all of you trash and feed them to the dogs."

When Feng Tianxing opened his mouth, he was an old dandy, let alone domineering, especially the appearance of bullying others, which was exactly the same as that of a dandy.

The demon thought for a moment, then suddenly sneered.

"Why am I not Admiral Yan's subordinate? Believe it or not, I will tell Admiral Yan later that you have nothing to do here."

Hearing this, Feng Tianxing suddenly turned his head and gave instructions to Admiral Yan.

"Old Yan, there seems to be a fool here, beat him up, my father and brother are both on the battlefield, can't I even enjoy half a moment of peace?"

"Give me a beating to death."

Admiral Yan was speechless in his heart.

Where is your strength, and you still need him to deal with this trash?

Quietly released a little bit of his own strength, no more, no less, just stuck at the peak of his body.

He deliberately didn't show his full strength, just to match Feng Tianxing's rhetoric, he is just a dude, so the strength of the guards around him will not exceed the peak of the complete body.

After showing his strength, Admiral Yan squeezed his wrist.

"What, want to be beaten?"

The Mozu was silent for a moment, then quickly stepped aside.

"You two are free, even if I didn't say what I said earlier, I apologize to you two here."

After finishing speaking, the demon race disappeared into the forest without a trace.

Admiral Yan was even more speechless in his heart, did he run away before the fight started?

On the contrary, Feng Tianxing on the side laughed.

"You coward! If you dare to fight me, I will consider you a man, but now you run away first, and I will definitely spare you today!"

"Old Yan Zhui!"

Even though Feng Tianxing was dressed luxuriously at the moment, his every move was extremely awkward, especially when he stepped over a fence, he still supported himself with both hands and turned over!

This is no problem among the human race, but among the strong demons, this is a blatant waste of behavior.

Admiral Yan sighed helplessly, then followed Feng Tianxing's footsteps, seemingly chasing all the way, but in fact, he was just following Feng Tianxing to watch Feng Tianxing act.

After chasing for a while and disappearing, Feng Tianxing was already "out of breath", and suddenly clapped his hands, opened the folding fan in his hand, and Prapura fanned the wind.

"Damn it, Lao Yan, next time you see this brat, beat me to death."

"If he can't poop, he's clean!"

These words made Admiral Yan feel that he had made a mistake, as if he had really become the guard of a dude, and he was quite helpless.

Feng Tianxing tossed his hair, then turned his head and walked towards Jiuyue Mountain.

"Old Yan, why didn't you go after him just now?"

"Are you looking down on my identity as a hybrid of human race and demon race!"

Admiral Yan was at a loss for words for a moment.

How to answer this thing?

Didn't this kill his own life? He used to yell and drink in front of others, but now, he actually wanted to perform kneeling and licking for Feng Tianxing, and he couldn't get used to it for a while.

Feng Tianxing just sneered, and then scolded.

"Then get out of the way, and don't get in the way of the uncle's eyes."

After finishing speaking, Feng Tianxing speeded up his pace deliberately, but his current speed was like crawling in front of any demons in the full body realm, which was extremely slow.

Admiral Yan followed behind with a helpless expression, the depression on his face was about to burst out. Where did he think that he was originally with Feng Tianxing and killing the void consciousness, and now that he has lost the void consciousness, Feng Tianxing is actually "ill" at this time, with his speed, let alone the void consciousness easy escape

, even if the Mozu children come, they can stabilize him.

Such acting skills naturally made Admiral Yan almost collapse.

It's still playing outside, why did it become a tour of mountains and rivers when I came to you?

Can you do things a little more seriously! But even if he was roaring in his heart, Admiral Yan couldn't do anything about it, because his right to speak in front of Feng Tianxing was too weak, no matter what aspect he was suppressed by Feng Tianxing, now even if Feng Tianxing was in hit on the ground

He can only accompany you if you are going to be a mess.

For nothing else, he couldn't do anything.

There is no way to find Void, nor is he sure of defeating Void. Even if Feng Tianxing was present and pointed him to the location of Void itself, he was not sure of taking it. All I can do is watch.

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