Chapter 8198:Master Dan Dao

Of course I dare not

But in such a short moment, Admiral Yan's eyes suddenly lit up, because he saw Feng Tianxing finally stopped these confusing operations.

I saw Feng Tianxing stood up straight, straightened his clothes, put one hand behind his back, and gave him a special look.

It seems that the play is over here.

"Back to normal?"

With a bit of apprehension, Admiral Yan still took the initiative to send a voice transmission to Feng Tianxing.

But Feng Tianxing didn't respond, just coughed lightly.

"Friends above, can I borrow a seat?"

As Feng Tianxing's voice fell, a demon from the upper wind poked his head out and looked down.

"Come on, my son has been waiting here for a long time."

Feng Tianxing glanced at Admiral Yan rather embarrassingly.

"Have you invited my servant?"

The demons returned directly.

"Come up together."

The corner of Feng Tianxing's mouth raised slightly, when he looked at Admiral Yan and turned his back to the demons.

"In that case, thank you very much."

After finishing speaking, Feng Tianxing walked up the detour and came to a rather quiet pavilion. In the pavilion, a demon was pouring tea with one hand and waving a fan with the other.

Looking at that appearance, he has the posture of a nobleman.

Admiral Yan was puzzled. In his jurisdiction, he had never heard of any son who dared to come to Jiuyue Mountain to enjoy the beautiful scenery at this time.

The identity of this person is really suspicious.

But he couldn't figure it out, and saw Feng Tianxing saluted, and walked to sit down opposite the demon clan.

"Young master is still here to enjoy the scenery today, it's so elegant."

The other party just smiled faintly, and when he looked at Feng Tianxing, there was some appreciation in his eyes.

"I can come today, and you are here, isn't it fate?"

Feng Tianxing nodded silently, picked up the teacup, and took a sip slowly.

The taste of tea is obviously not that delicious. These are the products of the failure of the demons to learn from the human race. Although the taste is not good, it is considered one of the unpopular preferences among the demons.

Feng Tianxing silently looked at the demons in front of him, and suddenly changed the subject.

"I heard that Void has already appeared in Huicheng and its vicinity. I'm afraid it's not safe here. If this young man wants to enjoy the beautiful scenery today, I'm afraid he will miss it."

The demon stopped for a while, put down the teacup in his hand, and several demons who were guarding nearby turned their heads to look at him.

Feng Tianxing looked calm, and put down the tea cup in his hand with a determined face, and then sighed.

"The void is coming. Obviously, this is not a good omen. I just don't know whether the rumor is true or not. If it is true, I was mistaken by this beautiful scenery. It can be regarded as a chance."

Feng Tianxing's emotion made the demons on the opposite side suddenly grin.

"It's true, only this beautiful scenery can't live up to it."

Feng Tianxing groped for his chin, his eyes swept over the opponent.

"You are very like a man I know who loves beautiful scenery."

The Demon Race smiled.

"You are also very similar to a demon I know. He is very treacherous and hard to guard against."

The words of the two stopped completely after this moment.

Feng Tianxing knew that the consciousness of the void creature he wanted to find was right in front of him, sitting opposite him.

But at the same time, problems also appeared in front of Feng Tianxing.

This void only has his own consciousness, and there is no conscious group. In other words, the current void does not belong to his command.

For such an unexpected thing, Feng Tianxing could only sigh slightly.

And Void obviously calmed down a lot at this moment, just watching Feng Tianxing silently.

"Actually, I was on guard for a long time. I thought I would return empty- handed this time, but I didn't expect to wait for you."

Feng Tianxing sighed, then shook his head.

"The main body and the consciousness are separated. I thought this was the most outrageous operation you can do, but I didn't expect that you are more ruthless than I expected."

"It's the demon I met earlier. He has left this mountain with all your consciousness in the void."

Void didn't hide it, just made a gesture of invitation.

"If you want to chase, I will never stop you."

Feng Tianxing just shook his head, then looked at Admiral Yan who was beside him.

"After watching the show for so long, it's time to work now. I told you to chase me just now. If you didn't chase me, I missed the time and the opportunity."

Hearing this, Admiral Yan burst into flames instantly, turned into an afterimage, and swept away into the distance.

With such a fast speed, the hands of the void in front of him slightly tightened.

Broken Body Realm Middle Stage.

This strength is already considered good, and most importantly, it is much higher than his expectation.

Only then did Feng Tianxing look at the void in front of him.

"Actually, there is a purpose for me to stay here. You'd better stay here obediently and wait for news from outside."

This Void dared to leave one of his consciousness here, which meant that he was sure enough to defeat Feng Tianxing and Admiral Yan, at least he had made plans in this regard.

The void just shook his head.

"Don't worry, I want to wait another half a moment, then I can enjoy the beautiful scenery of September purple flowers."

Feng Tianxing also nodded.

"I'm not in a hurry. If I act too early, those demons will not die enough to make me happy."

Neither of them was in a hurry, and Void had no other means.

There is only one consciousness, and his strength is limited. If he wants to defeat a formidable enemy like Feng Tianxing, he has to wait for the opponent to attack, and he finds an opportunity to counterattack from it.

The strength gap between the two sides lies here, but any mistake will cost one's life.

Kong Kong didn't dare to be careless, so he poured tea again.

Feng Tianxing smiled lightly.

"When it comes to using poison, my Poison Jade Bloodline is not afraid of anything. Even if it is not the body, it has extremely high resistance. The poison in this cup of tea must be increased by at least ten times to affect my actions."

After Feng Tianxing said these words, Kong Kong stopped pouring tea and shook his head.

"You're a little trickier than I thought."

"It's not the main body, then you should be in the same existence mode as my Void, no wonder you know my methods so well."

Feng Tianxing nodded lightly.

"Indeed, but what you should worry about now is where is my body?"

Void shook his head directly.

"What's the use of worrying? Is it possible that I can still overcome the obstruction of your avatar and return to the battlefield?"

Feng Tianxing laughed loudly, and with a quick move, a column of water gushed out from the lake beside him, and the lake water rushed into the teacup. Feng Tianxing threw a few pieces of tea leaves in the Xumi ring into it, and then raised his hand to Dan fire to cook.

After a while, the fragrance of leisurely tea permeated the air.

Feng Tianxing put the teacup in front of Kong Kong.

"I dare drink your tea, my cup of tea, how dare you drink it?"

Void was silent for a while, but still shook his head. "Of course not."

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