Chapter 1:Meeting You Is My Simple Happiness

She got cheated

The top restaurant in the city, the magnificent lobby, is full of men and women in suits and dresses, full of business style.

The high-end dining table stands on both sides, and on the small high platform in the center, the music pair invited from abroad is playing melodious music that only the rich can understand.

On such occasions, Ye Mu is the most conspicuous. She is simply dressed, looking like a cheap casual outfit, without decoration. When she came into the restaurant like this, the waiter suspected that she could not pay. However, as soon as Ye Mu came in, he ordered the most expensive drinks and meals, and arrogantly slapped a pile of cash on the table: "Is this enough for cooking?"

"Enough is enough." When the waiter saw the thick stack of banknotes, he hurriedly put away the contempt on his face, and put on a diligent look. Ye Mu quickly served drinks and meals.

Ye Mu looked down at the stack of banknotes and smiled bitterly: "It turns out that it's so good to have money, and it's so impressive..."

Today, she recognized this reality. But if she was allowed to choose, she would rather not have such a bold opportunity.

Drinking the so-called high-end wine, Ye Mu's smile became more bitter. Everything in my ears was the clamor of the man named Gu Yiming.

Just a few hours ago, the man said to her: "Sorry, Ye Mu, I am getting married."

"Did you come back to marry me?" Ye Mu was stunned. She waited for him for a few years, not just to wait for today when he came back to marry herself.

Gu Yiming raised his head slightly, his face was his usual coldness: "I have never loved you."

His words hit Ye Mu like a bolt from the blue sky, and Ye Mu looked stiffly stupefied: "It's not me?, why did you promise my father to be engaged to me? Yiming, today It’s not April Fool’s Day. Don’t make this kind of joke, OK?"

Gu Yiming did not hesitate, staring directly at Ye Mu with cold eyes, extremely cruel: "I promised at the beginning, I just wanted your father to look down. You should know this better than anyone else."

To make her father look down? Hehe, then he served as the director of her father's company as her fiancé, in order to make her father look down?

"This is the last bit of compensation I can give you. From now on, we will have nothing to do with it." When Ye Mu panicked, Gu Yiming already raised his hand and pushed a card over.

At this moment, thinking of every word Gu Yiming said, Ye Mu could only rely on alcohol to paralyze himself. She had nothing to eat, but there was not much of a bottle of wine left.

"Compensation? Gu Yiming, do you think giving some money is called compensation? Do you know how long I have waited for you? You know, what have I sacrificed for you? You big fool, you don't know anything!" Ye Mu shouted hoarsely At all, she didn't look like the girl next door on weekdays.

The melodious melody covered half of her shouting. Listening to the familiar melody, her eyes were not clear, and she walked crookedly in the happy direction.

"Mr. Mo, our Lida is willing to reduce the profit by 20%. You can save face, and depending on my friendship with my father, give us Lida this small case." The best position in the restaurant, a man Talking to the opposite man in a low voice.

But the man on the opposite side didn't mean to look at him, a pair of deep eyes kept staring at the violin player in Le Dui Li. The slender fingertips stroked his chin, just a profiled face is enough to attract the eyes of many women. This kind of man who is full of noble breath, once he shows a serious look, he has lethal lethal power.

The man who had just spoken opened his mouth and stopped talking. Who doesn't know that the man sitting across from him is the biggest rich man in the city, and the cheetah in the mall is deep.

The band was playing when Ye Mu suddenly staggered in. Pointing to the violin player drunkly: "Do you...can play "Song of the Wanderers"? I want to listen to it."

The music stopped, everyone turned their attention, the manager pulled Ye Mu in shock, "Miss, please go back to your position, don't disturb the band and other people dining."

Ye Mu stood there stubbornly, looking straight at the violin.

"Song of the Wanderer?" Mo Shen's slender fingertips stroked his thin lips, repeating in a low voice, full of magnetism. Someone once gave this piece to him.

"Mr. Mo, what are you talking about?" The man sitting across from Mo Shen heard him speak, his face was joyful, and he hurriedly asked.

Mo Shen moved his eyes from Ye Mu to the man, and his thin lips opened coldly: "Sorry, Mo's is not interested in considering the proposal you mentioned, please go back."

"Mr. Mo, if you think about it, no matter what, your father and I have been friends for many years..."

Mo Shen's gaze changed abruptly, and he got up and fastened his suit button. Taking a cold look at the man, he told the assistant beside him: "Mr. Liu will leave it to you."

"Okay, Boss." Special assistant Hong Li hurriedly responded.

Mo Shen walked towards the entrance of the restaurant, Ye Mu also staggered towards the entrance. She didn't see Mo Shen who came by, and slammed into him sideways.

"I'm sorry." Ye Mu dropped his head and apologized directly.

Mo Shen's big hands pressed her shoulders to stabilize her, preventing her from falling, and his voice was gentle: "Nothing?"

Ye Mu slowly raised her head, and the dazzling man was in front of her. She couldn't help but glance again, and she shook her head soberly for a moment: "It's okay."

The smile on Mo Shen's face grew warmer: "I haven't seen you in a few years, do you still know me?"

"Who are you?" Ye Mu was taken aback, as if there was no such person in her memory.

"Song of the Wanderer." Mo Shen uttered a few words lightly. Seeing that Ye Mu's expression was still in a daze, he reminded him: "Photographer's uncle."

Ye Mu lifted his eyes upwards, trying to think back. But he couldn't find the person he was talking about in his mind. Tentatively speaking: "Did you admit your mistake?"

"Ye Mu." Mo Shen said her name lightly: "Your name is Ye Mu, isn't it?"

It was just the fate of one side six years ago, and he didn't expect Ye Mu to remember that he did not forget. Ye Mu didn't know that at the beginning, she just acted unintentionally, but she took him out of the emotional swamp.

Ye Mu stared at Mo Shen with wide eyes, he knew her name!

Mo Shen raised his eyebrows and glanced at her, took a pen from the piano stand on the side, handwritten a series of numbers on the handkerchief, and handed it to Ye Mu: "If you encounter problems in the future, you can find me."

"Hehe..." Ye Mu chuckled dryly. She felt that the man in front of her must be as drunk as herself.

She tucked the handkerchief into her pocket cohesively, waved to Mo Shen and walked out.

Mo Shenyang took a look at the hand that had just helped her, and then casually put it in his pocket, with a warm smile: "I haven't seen you in a few years, I have grown up a lot."

Sitting in the seat, Hong Li was a little surprised to see the smile on Mo Shen's face. He had never seen his boss smile like this.

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