Chapter 2:Meeting You Is My Simple Happiness

Get back your own things

Ye Mu, who left quickly, had nowhere to go, and sat in the park all night.

After dawn, a person walked down the street in a daze, and walked to the busiest corner of the city. Her eyes attracted the news broadcast on the screen on the opposite building.

"It is reported that the youth idol Ms. Ye Qiyi and Gu Yiming, a young man from Heng Europe, have obtained a certificate this morning. The wedding will be held at the end of this year. Fans of Ms. Ye Qiyi have heard the news and reacted strongly. The industry is very optimistic about the strong cooperation between Ye Gu and the two. Already..."

Ye Mu looked up at the screen, and she didn't hear what the female anchor said. Only the news that "Ye Qiyi and Gu Yiming" received the certification buzzed in my ears.

My fiance, who had been waiting for three years, suddenly married his cousin!

Obviously, there was a rumbling that she chose not to believe. She has always believed in Gu Yiming unconditionally, but this is the consequence of her believing in Gu Yiming...

"Gu Yiming, you lied to me..." Ye Mu bit his red lips and tasted his tears.

When her father died, he personally promised that he would never make her cry, but now the person who makes her cry the saddest is him.

It was cool in autumn, and Ye Mu walked on the street blankly. When I returned to Ye's house in the evening, his eyes turned red.

The Ye family’s hall is very lively, Ye Qimeng is clamoring to see Ye Qiyi’s ring: "Elder sister, the eight carat diamond ring that the older sister-in-law gave you, let me see it!"

"Qimeng, don't make trouble with your sister, your sister has been busy all day, let her go up and rest." Yao Rujun looked at Ye Qimeng with a smile on his lips, and handed Ye Qiyi the tea on the table: "Drink some tea to moisturize your throat ."

"Thank you mom." Ye Qiyi smiled lightly, so beautiful that she couldn't move her eyes.

Ye Qimeng looked at her mother dissatisfied: "Mom, you are partial. I haven't seen you let me drink tea since I came back. You will be like this when the eldest sister comes back, hum."

"Okay, let Mom Zhang give you a cup too." Facing the little daughter who was fighting for favor, Yao Rujun smiled.

Today there is a happy event in the Ye family, and all of them have joy on their faces. Ye Shanhu, who was sitting by and reading the newspaper, also turned his gaze over, with a satisfied expression on his face: "Yi Yi, from today, you will represent not only the Ye family, but also the Gu family. You can pay more attention to your words and actions in the future."

Ye Qiyi nodded like a happy little woman: "Don't worry, Dad, I will."

Standing in the hallway, Ye Mu looked at the happy scene of a family, suddenly felt that he was superfluous, and turned around to quit.

"Xiao Mu, where are you standing? Come in quickly." Ye Qiwen, who came down from the stairs, saw Ye Mu who was about to leave, and hurriedly stopped her.

At this time, everyone found that Ye Mu was back. The atmosphere suddenly changed a bit strange, and Ye Shanhu, who had always been kind to Ye Mu, smiled unnaturally: "Xiao Mu is back."

Ye Mu was silent for a long time and looked up at Ye Shanhu: "I'll pack my luggage."

In this Ye family, only Ye Qiwen treats herself sincerely. Ye Shanhu is a smiling tiger as the name suggests. When Ye Shanlong passed away, he took over Ye Shanlong’s company HN under the pretext of Ye Mu's underage. In the past two years, all shares in HN have been transferred. To own name. And the other three mothers and daughters of the Ye family have been extremely harsh on Ye Mu since the Ye family's change. After they were unprofitable, there were many cynicisms.

Ye Mu can accept these. HN gave it to Ye Shanhu, as long as he didn't live up to his father's management, she would give it with both hands. In the past five years in the Ye family, she didn't care about anything, waiting for Gu Yiming to return to complete the marriage contract, as long as Gu Yiming treats herself unchanged, she doesn't care about anything.

Gu Yiming is back now and married Ye Qiyi in just one day. She didn't say anything, but she knew in her heart that she couldn't stay in this Ye family anymore.

Hearing Ye Mu's words, Yao Rujun couldn't help but snorted: "I told you to move out last year and you didn't move. Now there is a happy event at home, you are moving out. Who are you trying to show?"

"Rujun!" Ye Shanhu coldly scolded Yao Rujun, and slowly looked at Ye Mu: "It seems that you haven't managed this place in the past few years, Xiaomu, if you want to move out, uncle has no objection, I will give Find a better apartment."

Ye Mu looked at Ye Shanhu and said faintly, "No, my uncle will leave my dad to me the house in Huajing."

Huajing, a well-known wealthy district in the whole city.

With such an exit from Ye Mu, Yao Rujun and Ye Qimeng fry the pot.

Yao Rujun hurriedly rushed out a few steps, and sternly said: "You are a lion with a big mouth! Why do you give Huajing's house to you!"

"That's right, Dad plans to give the eldest sister a wedding room for that house." Ye Qimeng looked at Ye Mu, adding fuel to the fire.

Since Ye Mu had spoken, he was bound to take the house back. She didn't look at the mother and daughter, but at Ye Shanhu: "Uncle, my father said before he died that the house was reserved for me."

Ye Shanhu's gray-brown face maintained a smile, but his brows wrinkled slightly: "Xiaomu, that house is yours and will naturally be given to you. However, at the beginning, your dad said that the house is going to stay. I'll make you a wedding room, you are not married..."

Ye Shanhu never expected that Ye Mu, who was only sixteen years old, would remember what Ye Shanlong said casually.

"What does uncle mean now? The house is to be reserved for the eldest sister as a wedding room?" Ye Mu looked at Ye Shanhu's eyes very calmly. How could she not let Ye Qiyi and Gu Yiming stay in the house left to her by her father.

"You girl! What happened to eating our house and drinking our house in the past few years and asking you to have a house?" Yao Rujun pointed at Ye Mu with a look of disgust, his eyes seemed to be looking at a white-eyed wolf.

Ye Mu has never refuted anything from Yao Rujun, but this time she looked at Yao Rujun lightly: "Who eats whom?"

"You turned against me! Nothing big or small!" Yao Rujun looked at Ye Mu with wide-eyed eyes and raised his palm.

"Okay! Isn't it shameful?" Ye Shanhu angrily scolded Yao Rujun who wanted to slap Ye Mu, calming his face to see Ye Mu. "Of course the house uncle will give it to you, but I have already agreed with the Gu family to move over in a week. , Let your eldest sister get married inside first, and talk slowly after the marriage. At the beginning, your father confessed in person that this house can only be given to you if you get married. You have just graduated and the marriage is still too early. Now I am not good to talk to Gu's family. , I will find you an apartment temporarily, let your eldest sister..."

"Thank you." Ye Mu directly interrupted Ye Shanhu's words, and his downcast eyes couldn't help but lifted up: "I'm getting married. Will uncle give it to me?"

Ye Shanhu was taken aback, nodding exactly: "That's natural, but a week later..."

"Okay." Ye Mu took a breath and looked at Ye Shanhu: "I will get married within a week, and I will ask my uncle to keep my word."

Ye Mu looked up at Ye Shanhu, until Ye Shanhu nodded to herself, her hand was tightly holding her bag, and then she stepped out of the Ye family.

"Xiao Mu..." Ye Qiwen raised her foot to follow her out.

Yao Rujun hurriedly stopped: "What do you do! Your sister is still here, what are you doing after her!"

"Dad, do you really want to give Ye Mu the house?" Ye Qiyi, who has not spoken, frowned. She has liked the house for a long time.

Ye Shanhu looked at his favorite eldest daughter, and he sighed: "Don't worry, who is she married to in a week?"

However, this little girl, Ye Shanhu had never noticed such stubbornness before.

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