Chapter 316:Meeting You Is My Simple Happiness

Surprising (2)

Chapter 316 is surprising (2)

She wanted children so much, which seemed to make Mo Shen more certain that there were things she couldn't tell her. Otherwise, according to Ye Mu's personality, he would definitely be uncomfortable, and even make some choices for this reason.

He knows her, if this matter can be concealed, he will conceal her for life.

He opened his mouth on the sofa and ate the pieces of fruit that Ye Mu handed over. The small mouth was stuffed with a bulging sac and it was especially cute: "Mom wants to let the younger brothers and sisters come quickly.

Ye Mu couldn't laugh or cry as he listened to his words. Continue to fork a piece of fruit and deliver it to Doudou's little mouth: "Eat some fruit, and wait for Cui Ma to make sweet and sour pork ribs for you."

He nodded hurriedly, his eyes shining brightly, a complete snack.

Ye Mu tilted his head and saw Mo Shen standing at the door with a smile on his face: "What is my uncle doing while standing there? Why is there no sound?"

"No, just came in." Mo Shen returned to his senses and looked at Ye Mu to explain.

Ye Mu turned his head and continued to feed the fruit, just casually asked: "Does uncle need to deal with work tonight?"

Ok. Mo Shen walked towards Ye Mu and sat down on the other side of her.

Hearing Mo Shen's voice, Dudou frowned, and looked at Mo Shen with concern: "Papa Mo is as busy as Dad at work."

So is her father. He works almost every day, and he is busy working when he comes home, and he rarely spends time with her.

Mo Shen put his big hands on the top of his hair and looked at her softly: "Adults have to work hard, just like children have to study hard."

After eating fruit and satiated, Ye Mu handed it to her again. She shook her head and stopped, staring at Mo Shen: "There are rewards for studying hard. Are there rewards for working hard?"

"Of course." Mo Shen nodded.

Doudou and Mo Shen had a chat, Ye Mu quietly withdrew. I went to the kitchen and told Mama Cui to cook a few more dishes I liked.

For the few days that I stayed here, the most difficult thing about every day is Mo Shen. Every night he settled his work and came out of the study, his bedroom was already occupied. Every night, Dudou wrapped Ye Mu on Mo Shen's bed telling bedtime stories. After Ye Mu told her, Dudou fell asleep. Usually at this time, Ye Mu would accompany her to sleep within a few minutes. When Mo Shen came back, the two of them were already asleep on the bed. He had no choice but to lift her pockets lightly and put her into the small bedroom in the bedroom.

I lived here for a few days, almost every day. Ye Mu didn't mind, she liked going around, and going around stuck to her. She would accompany Dudou Pi for a while every night.

She asked Mo Shen, Zhou Shao would need to come back in about a week. In other words, Dudou will stay here for a week. In order to Doudou this week, Ye Mu deliberately customized a one-week nutritious breakfast for Doudou. When Doudou lived in Shengshu for the fifth day, Zhou Shao suddenly called and asked Ye Mu to send Doudou to Wen Xin.

Ye Mu received the call and thought he had a mistake in his ear.

Didn't Zhou Shao do everything possible to not allow Wen Xin to go around?

Zhou Shao knew that Dudou might be unwilling, and asked Ye Mu to give Dudou the phone. After talking to Dudou very patiently for a while, Dudou was still reluctant. Zhou Shao gave Ye Mu the address and asked her to send Doudou there. When he returned, he would pick up Doudou.

Ye Mu agreed to Zhou Shao, and he changed to let Dudou see his biological mother, which was a good thing for Dudou.

But Dudou was very resistant to Wen Xin, and Ye Mu sent Dudou to Wen Xin. She kept holding Ye Mu's hand and refused to let go.

"Doudou, you stay here for a few days, and you will come to pick you up when Dad comes back." Ye Mu bends down, and looks at Doudou to comfort him: "Look, it's beautiful here, isn't it?"

Doudou glanced into the room and quickly turned back, not interested: "I don't like this place. I can also wait for my father to come back from Mom's Mo. Why must I come here?"

"Dudou is a good boy, because the aunt here is very lonely and needs to accompany her around." Ye Mu opened Dudou's hand, persuading patiently.

Wen Xin watched from the side, seeing that Ye Mu loosened his hands to leave, Doudou immediately wrapped her up, not letting go.

"Mrs. Mo, can you please come in for a while? If you leave at this time, you won't stay here." Wen Xin put his hands in front of his abdomen, ashamed of the proposal.

Ye Mu looked down at the pockets who didn't want to let go. He couldn't, so he nodded in agreement.

Wen Xin invited Ye Mu in. Ye Mu and Wen Xin didn't know each other, but it was impossible to keep silent. Ye Mu asked casually, "You live here alone?"

"No... this is my friend's house. It's not convenient for me to go around. I borrowed my friend's place and want to spend a few days alone with Dudou." Wen Xin asked Ye Mu to sit down and spoke awkwardly.

She has her husband there, and she has a bad relationship with Dudou. If he were there again, it would be difficult for Dudou to accept her as a mother.

Ye Mu nodded and didn't ask any more.

Wen Xin tried to talk to Doudou. Ye Mu looked at the house and didn't listen carefully to Wen Xin and Doudou's conversation. Her eyes were suddenly placed on the photo against the wall, and she was shocked.

The picture shows Secretary Liu and Ye Shanhu. Secretary Liu is cuddling close to Ye Shanhu's side with a smile on his face. Standing in front of them is a four or five year old boy.

Seeing this photo, Ye Mu's face was instantly surprised, his eyes turned, and quickly grabbed. Secretary Liu and Ye Shanhu had such an intimate group photo, and they were placed upright in the living room.

Ye Mu glanced at Wen Xin and asked curiously: "This picture is..."

"It's my friend and his husband." Wen Xin's eyes slackened from Dudou for a while, then looked up at the photo and said.

Mr. Liu's husband?

Ye Mu's mouth suddenly got a smile, and she asked, "Which child is it?"

"It's their child." Wen Xin thought Ye Mu was just asking casually, and didn't show any caution.

Ye Mu chuckled and nodded, pretending to be unintentional, and looked away from the photo.

Before Ye Mu went out, I am afraid that she didn't think that she was the one who came here today with the greatest recovery.

It turned out that this was the reason why Secretary Liu became Ye Shanhu's reliable residence.

Wen Xin had been talking patiently with Doudou, sitting round and round at Ye Mu's side and looking at Wen Xin, it seemed that she didn't reject her so much. She offered to take Doudou to look at the clothes she bought specially for her. Doudou did not reject her, letting Wen Xin hold him into another room.

Ye Mu's eyes scanned all the photos in the house, she picked up some valuable ones and took them with her mobile phone. She put away her mobile phone, stared at the biggest family portrait, and said to herself: "No wonder you are not close to the rest of the company. Are you afraid that others will discover your secret?"

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