Chapter 317:Meeting You Is My Simple Happiness

Do me a favor (3)

Chapter 317, do me a favor (3)

As far as Ye Mu knows, Secretary Liu has been in the company for many years and has not been close to other people in the company. There are a few who can talk to her, but those who talk to her know that Secretary Liu’s home is taboo. Even though they asked to visit Secretary Liu's house many times, Secretary Liu refused, and some of them got close to Secretary Liu earlier, but after making this request, they gradually moved away from Secretary Liu.

Ye Mu wanted to win over Secretary Liu. Ye Mu had asked a few people close to the company and Secretary Liu. These were learned from their mouths. At first, Ye Mu felt that Secretary Liu's behavior was strange, but now that he thinks about it, Secretary Liu's behavior can explain the pain.

She doesn't want others to come here, probably just to maintain her little family. Everyone in the company knows that Secretary Liu is single, but her friends outside the company always think that Secretary Liu is married. A woman who stays single for a long time must be suspicious. That's why. Wen Xin just mentioned about Secretary Liu and said that she was married and did not dodge at all. Presumably in Wen Xin's heart, Secretary Liu is already married.

Ye Mu stared at the photo for a long time. Wen Xin led Doudou out. She looked at Ye Mu gratefully: "Thank you for sending Doudou. I really troubled you today, otherwise you can stay here for dinner. "

"No, I have something to do, I should go back." Ye Mu turned around naturally, watching Wen Xin answer politely.

As she said, she bent over and touched Doudou's head again, and exhorted: "Be careful here. Dad will pick you up in two days."

Although Dudou did not reject Wen Xin, he still seemed reluctant to let her stay here.

Ye Mu ignored his reluctance and left the room.

If she is reluctant and everything is up to her, then the problem between her and Wen Xin will never be resolved.

The Shengshu driver waited for Ye Mu downstairs. After Ye Mu got in the car, he took out the address Zhou Shao asked her to write down again. She took another look and wrote down the address. After a while, it was time to mess up Ye Shanhu's house.

"Go to Mohs." Ye Mu told the driver when the car started.

"Okay, madam." The driver glanced at Ye Mu from the rearview mirror, and responded quickly.

Ye Mu went all the way to Mo's. Seeing her pushing the door into the office, Mo Shen asked more: "Is it finished?"

"Yeah." Ye Mu walked to the opposite side of Mo Shen and sat down. She just wanted to say something, and pointed to the cup in front of Mo Shen: "Can I drink some water?"

Her request made Mo Shen helplessly shook his head and nodded: "When will the little lady say hello to such things?"

Ye Mu smiled embarrassedly, and said, "I get used to it in the crew on weekdays."

She has become completely accustomed to being polite at work. This kind of politeness has been brought into her life and it is difficult to change it.

"Do you usually ask people for water like this?" Mo Shen raised his eyebrows and asked Ye Mu inquiringly.

Ye Mubai glanced at him, knowing how much he had thought: "Why?"

She will only be like this with people close to her, even if she knows, she will not take the initiative to ask others to give her anything.

The two were talking, and a secretary came in to deliver documents. Ye Mu glanced at the secretary and remembered the purpose of her coming here today.

The secretary just left, Ye Mu asked Mo Shen hurriedly: "Uncle, can you check someone for me?"

"Who?" Mo Shen asked her casually, lowering his head to sign the document.

"Ye Shanhu's secretary, Liu Yiyun." Ye Mu looked at Mo Shen very seriously.

Knowing something about Liu Yiyun will only benefit her, not harm.

Hearing the name she was exiting, Mo Shen looked up at her, pressed the inside line, and asked Yan Qi to come over.

"Tell Yan Qi what you want to know, and he will check it for you in detail." Mo Shen said to Ye Mu before Yan Qi came in.

Ye Mu took the initiative to ask for help, and Mo Shen would naturally help her.

Yan Qi was very fast, and as soon as Mo Shen's voice fell, Yan Qi entered.

According to Mo Shen's request, Ye Mu told Yan Qi what he wanted to know. Yan Qi listened, jot down them one by one, and replied: "Okay, I will try my best to give you what Madam wants tomorrow."

"Thank you." Ye Mu breathed a sigh of relief.

Mo Shen was satisfied and nodded: "Well, you go out first."

Yan Qi bowed to Mo respectfully before going out.

Ye Mu settled his own affairs, afraid of delaying Mo Shen's work, got up hurriedly: "Then I will go back first, my uncle will work hard."

"Want to go back now?" Mo Shen raised his head to look at her, and asked rhetorically.

"HN doesn't need me today. I asked Sister Ji for leave. I haven't had any filming recently. I have nothing to do. Of course, I went home." Ye Mu explained her leisure for these two days. She denied it after she finished speaking. Before going home, I might go to see Feifei."

Mo Shen nodded. Of course he wanted Ye Mu to have been so leisurely: "It's a good thing to rest more. Tell the driver where you want to go, don't be alone."

"I know." Ye Mu chuckled and shook his head. She is not a child, so could she get lost when she is alone?

Ye Mu left Mo Shen's office and out of Mo's hall. Suddenly someone stopped her behind him: "Ye Mu."

In Mohs, not many people know her. She turned sideways and looked at the voice. Sun Yaoqi was stepping on seven-centimeter high heels and approaching her.

Before Sun Yaoqi was about to go upstairs, she found that Ye Mu was also here today. She was waiting for her here, but she did not go up for a long time. She thought that Ye Mu would stay on top for a while, but she didn't expect it would only take ten minutes to get down.

"What's the matter?" Ye Mu was not as surprised as he was at first seeing Sun Yaoqi here, looking at her indifferently and asked.

Mui Ne wants to maintain a two-year cooperative relationship with Mohs. During this period, technical issues need to be communicated together. Sun Yaoqi is the person in charge of this project in Mui Ne, and of course she will come often.

Sun Yaoqi stood opposite Ye Mu. With the height of her high heels, she was a head taller than Ye Mu. Her arrogant aura was very full. She maintained a standard smile on her face and said to Ye Mu: "Can you have a cup of coffee? "

Ye Mu and Sun Yaoqi are not even friends. Sun Yaoqi suddenly asked her to drink coffee. She felt that it was unnecessary: ​​"No, if you have something to say here, please."

"Are you sure? There are people coming and going, you are not afraid to be recognized? I know, you have been ridden with news recently." Sun Yaoqi looked around and wanted to speak for Ye Mu.

Ye Mu lightly took a breath and pointed at the coffee shop next to Mo's: "Then be there."

She still has things to do and doesn't want to spend too much time with Sun Yaoqi.

In order not to be noticeable, Ye Mu deliberately chose a corner position when he entered the coffee shop. She directly said: "If you have anything, just say it."

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