Chapter 318:Meeting You Is My Simple Happiness

Ask him yourself (4)

Chapter 318, ask him yourself (4)

The waiter brought the coffee up, and Sun Yaoqi didn't rush to speak: "You taste it, I heard that the coffee here is not bad."

Sun Yaoqi seemed to be deliberately consuming Ye Mu’s patience. Ye Mu smiled at her, did not touch the cup of coffee, and said straightforwardly: "I think you let me come here, it should be more than just asking me to drink coffee. Right?"

Sun Yaoqi regards her as the biggest obstacle, how could she just ask her for coffee?

"I sometimes think, if Mo Shen did not marry you, we met on other occasions, I might become friends with you." Sun Yaoqi picked up the coffee, took a sip, and put it down again. This time, she didn't make any more fuss. , Said straightforwardly: "You are a smart person, I think we can talk directly about some things."

"This time, the cooperation between Mohs and Mui Ne will be the most influential cooperation in China. Mui Ne is headquartered abroad and has branches in many developed countries. This year, there are branches in China, you know Why?" Sun Yaoqi didn't say it thoroughly, but instead asked Ye Mu.

Ye Mu looked at Sun Yaoqi directly, without any cowardice: "Mine is where Miss Sun works, how would I know."

Sun Yaoqi chuckled: "The boss of Mui Ne is my godmother. She loves me very much. She will give me everything I want. I begged her to open a branch in China in order to get closer to Mo Shen."

Sun Yaoqi stared at Ye Mu with striking light in her big eyes. She would do her best to ** what she wanted.

"Oh." Ye Mu nodded, but responded in an extremely flat voice.

Sun Yaoqi hadn't said that she had returned to China for Mo Shen, but now that she mentioned this again, Ye Mu had no new feelings.

Sun Yaoqi ignored Ye Mu’s emotions and continued to speak: “This cooperation between Mui Ne and Mohs is also a result of my own initiative. It will bring great benefits to the two companies. Mohs, after this year, will be in foreign markets. It set off a storm, and its market has been unstoppable. You and I know how powerful Mo Shen’s ability is. This cooperation will bring him to a new level. The gap between you and him is already big. If you go up to a higher level, do you think you can maintain this way forever?"

One thing she always firmly believes is that she is the most suitable person for Mo Shen.

"Are you telling me to give up Mo Shen because of the difference in identity?" Ye Mu easily understood the meaning of Sun Yaoqi's words.

Sun Yaoqi nodded: "I said, you are a smart person. You should know that Mo Shen is devoted to his work. You should be able to understand which work and you are more important in his heart. At work, I can help. He, you have no effect on him. Do you really want to stay by his side and drag him?"

What Sun Yaoqi said was a bit hurtful. Ye Mu looked at her but didn't take it to heart. She looked at Sun Yaoqi plainly: "Since it's like what you said, why, he didn't choose you?"

"Mo Shen is a sentimental person, he won't take the initiative to say this." Sun Yaoqi's expression became a little ugly because of Ye Mu's directness, and she gritted her teeth.

Ye Mu nodded and asked, "If I leave Mo Shen, how are you going to help him?"

Sun Yaoqi looked stunned, Ye Mu's words had already determined all her reactions.

"Behind me is Mui Ne, godmother will fully support me, and in the future, I will take over Mui Ne." Sun Yaoqi raised her chin slightly, maintaining a polite attitude but she couldn't help showing a bit of arrogance.

Sun Yaoqi is very calm on any issue, but as long as it is related to Mo Shen, her calmness will be forgotten, and even her emotions will be led away by others.

"Mine, you take over? In this case, Miss Sun said it too early, and you didn't think about how you feel?" Ye Mu's mouth was stained with a smile, and he raised his eyes to look at Sun Yaoqi.

"Godmother has no children. Sooner or later I will take over the company. Our mother and daughter have a very good relationship. This is obvious to all." Sun Yaoqi did not restrain her emotions because of Ye Mu's words.

"You and I are arguing here, and it won't make any difference. It is Mo Shen who really has to choose, not you and me." Ye Mu lightly breathed a sigh of relief. She took out her mobile phone from her bag: "I'll call He, you can repeat the question just now."

"What do you mean?" Sun Yaoqi smiled coldly and took Ye Mu's hand.

Ye Mu took the phone and stared at Sun Yaoqi's expression, she stood up: "It looks like you don't want to."

"If you want me to take the initiative to leave Mo Shen, then you have a wrong idea. As long as he doesn't let me leave, I won't leave." Ye Mu and Sun Yaoqi made no sense to consume them like this. She picked up her own things. Go out first.

Sun Yaoqi didn't call Ye Mu, she gritted her teeth secretly. Placed on the table, the cup of coffee belonging to Ye Mu didn't move a bit. What was the state in the beginning, what state is still placed there.

Sun Yaoqi took a deep breath and got up too.

She suppressed her anger and entered Mohs. When the elevator door was about to close, she raised her hand and hurriedly pressed the floor number.

The elevator door reopened, and only Qin Xin stood inside.

"What are you doing here?" Sun Yaoqi walked in and pressed the button to ask casually.

Qin Xin put his hands in his pockets, and when he saw Sun Yaoqi, he took another look, and then quickly retracted: "I'm looking for Ah Shen."

Sun Yaoqi didn't speak. She looked at Qin Xin through the shadow reflected on the elevator door, as if she had thought of something. Her eyes lit up and she turned to ask Qin Xin: "You often come to see Ah Shen, right?"

Qin Xin didn't know what Sun Yaoqi was thinking, so he glanced at her: "So what? No, what?"

"We have known each other for many years, Ye Mu and I, you should be on my side, right?" Although Sun Yaoqi looked at Qin Xin inquisitively, her tone was convinced.

Qin Xin smiled coldly, only he knew the bitterness behind the smile.

The elevator door opened, and Qin Xin took the lead: "I don't stand either, I stand in Ah Shen."

Although he likes Sun Yaoqi, Qin Xin would not do anything to destroy the marriage of his many years of friends for the sake of women.

Sun Yaoqi stared at Qin Xin's back and squeezed her fist fiercely. They, even friends for many years, didn't plan to help her, did they?

After Ye Mu came out of Mo's, he went to Lin Feifei's crew to investigate. According to Ye Mu's current fame, the crew she went to Lin Feifei caused quite a stir. Many people did not expect that Lin Feifei and Ye Mu would be good friends.

"Hey, you came to visit the class today, and it gave me a lot of face." Lin Feifei slung Ye Mu's wrist, she said when she hit Ye Mu with her shoulder.

Ye Mu chuckled, "Then I should come often."

"No need, it's all over in a few days." Lin Feifei sighed, feeling a little disappointed: "The first movie to be the heroine is about to end like this. I really can't bear to think about it.

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