Chapter 319:Meeting You Is My Simple Happiness

Not far from that day (5)

Chapter 319 is not far from that day (5)

"I can't bear it too early now, there will be more crews in the future." Ye Mu and Lin Feifei moved away from the crowd, making it easier to chat.

Lin Feifei still carried Ye Mu, seeming very intimate: "I don't know when we can work together. Since our debut, we don't seem to be in the same crew."

"There will always be such a day. The development of this circle is getting narrower and narrower. It is easy to cooperate." Ye Mu raised his hand and picked a leaf from the willow tree leaning behind him, playing with it boringly.

On the crew's side, Ben's eyes were all focused on Ye Mu's side. But the arrival of another person caused a small commotion. Lin Feifei looked there, remembering something, turned around and said to Ye Mu: "I forgot to tell you, Song Zhuochen has a cameo in this drama!"

"Unexpectedly, although we are a small drama, there are big guys coming." Lin Feifei raised her eyebrows pretentiously.

Ye Mu looked over there, but did not answer Lin Feifei's words.

The last time Ye Mu and Song Zhuochen met should be to see Ye Qiwen off at the airport. After careful calculation, she and Song Zhuochen have not seen each other for half a year. On the one hand, they both try to avoid cooperation. On the other hand, each is busy with their own lives.

Although the two did not show up on the same occasion, there are still high voices on the Internet for the hope that they are together. The names of the two are very popular. Therefore, there was a big movie before inviting them to serve as the male and female protagonists, but the two almost unanimously refused. It is better for them to avoid meeting.

I accidentally met here today. Ye Mu still try to avoid meeting. Lin Feifei wants to go back to the venue to film. Ye Mu said goodbye: "You make a good film, I will go back first."

"Are you leaving now?" Lin Feifei pulled Ye Mu, somewhat reluctant: "I still want to wait until I finish work, and we will have a meal together."

Ye Mu also wanted to stay with Lin Feifei for a while, but when Lin Feifei wanted to make a movie, she couldn't always stand by and wait.

"There will be opportunities in the future, don't worry." Ye Mu turned around to appease Lin Feifei.

The field affairs side urged Lin Feifei to pass quickly. No, Lin Feifei could only say goodbye to Ye Mu.

Before leaving the crew, Ye Mu glanced in the direction of Song Zhuochen. It's been a long time since he hasn't seen much. But this year, Song Zhuochen settled down. Before, he was the king of lace. He had his lace news almost every week, and he was a different woman. In the past six months, there was very little news about his private life, most of which were his new works. This year, he is expected to enter Jiying.

Everyone in this circle knows that Jiying is a world-class dream factory, and those who can get in must be world-class actors.

Ye Mu bypassed Song Zhuochen's filming location and left the crew, Song Zhuochen did not find her.

Seeing Song Zhuochen, Ye Mu didn't feel anything. On the contrary, as long as he saw him, Ye Mu couldn't help thinking of Ye Qiwen.

Ye Mu has already heard about Ye Qiwen's ending song of a foreign blockbuster. She thinks it's not bad, Ye Qiwen's singing is inherently ethereal, no matter which language she sings, she is uniquely charming.

In the evening, when Mo Shen returned, he gave her the information that Yan Qi had found.

Ye Mu took the pile of information and was a little surprised: "Have you checked it out?"

"All you want is here." Mo Shen glanced at the paper, got up and poured himself a glass of water.

Ye Mu looked at it one by one. Mo Shen saw that she was serious and didn't bother: "If you have any questions, you can go to the study to find me."

"Okay." Ye Mu's gaze remained fixed on the information.

Ye Mu's gaze scanned the results shown above little by little. After reading all the content, Ye Mu had to admit that Ye Shanhu had done a lot to conceal the truth.

Ye Shanhu and Liu Yiyun are indeed not innocent, they also have a five-year- old son. Afraid of others' suspicion, the two sons were taken care of by their grandparents when they were one year old, and occasionally they would go home with Liu Yiyun. But most of the time it was with her grandpa and grandmother. Liu Yiyun always took the children with him, which would inevitably attract people.

Ye Shanhu also visits the children once a week. Ye Shanhu and Liu Yiyun have been together for many years. At the beginning, Ye Shanhu did not agree that Liu Yiyun gave birth to the child, but the child was already very old and he was a boy. Liu Yiyun didn't give up the child, and Ye Shanhu didn't give up, so Liu Yiyun gave birth to the child. Ye Shanhu was very happy to learn that he was really a boy. Although he was an illegitimate child, it could be seen that Ye Shanhu liked the child very much.

Holding the document in his hand, Ye Mu remembered that when he was in the Ye family, the Ye family servant had discussed the birth of three daughters by Yao Rujun. Hearing what they said, Yao Rujun originally only planned to give birth to one, but because he was a daughter, he was afraid that Ye Qiwen and Ye Qimeng would be unsteady in the Ye family. She was still a daughter and almost frustrated Yao Rujun. The second elder of the Ye family put a lot of pressure on Yao Rujun when she was still alive. She had to give birth to a son, but after giving birth to Ye Qimeng, she never recovered and she never became pregnant. When his three daughters grow up, Yao Rujun still wants to give Ye Shanhu a son. He has been taking various tonics. Ye Shanhu also cooperated with her. But a few years ago, Ye Shanhu suddenly changed his mind. He felt very content with the three daughters. Agree that Yao Rujun wants another child.

When Ye Mu heard the servant say this, he really thought about it, Ye Shanhu might be really frustrated. It turned out that he didn't want Yao Rujun to be born again. It had nothing to do with anyone, but because he already had a son.

Yao Rujun gave birth to three daughters. Hou Ye Shanhu's excuse for not allowing her to regenerate was to take care of her body. This reason has moved Yao Rujun for a long time, and she always showed off her happiness. Now it seems that her so-called happiness and jokes are nothing. Different.

Ye Shanhu has not announced that he is hiding his illegitimate child, and he should be afraid of affecting him. On the surface, he has been supporting Ye Qimeng. Ye Qimeng even became his righteous heir, but Secretary Liu helped Ye Qimeng so, presumably Ye Shanhu would do her no good. Ye Shanhu hid his son so carefully, he must have his own plan.

Ye Mu made a mistake and caught Ye Shanhu's biggest weakness. She will make good use of this on appropriate occasions! She wanted to see what it would be like if Ye Shanhu's mask was torn off in front of everyone!

"Dad, get your things back, it's not far away." Ye Mu firmly grasped the document and made a voice.

Ye Mu's expression was in a daze, she turned her gaze on the document again, and a smile opened at the corner of her mouth, which made people feel a little cold inexplicably.

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