Chapter 320:Meeting You Is My Simple Happiness

Don't go (6)

Chapter 320 Don't Go (6)

Ye Mu put all the documents into the cowhide bag again, and checked the time, it was too late.

Mo Shen is still working in the study. For nearly half a year, Mo Shen has been very busy. Although he leaves work on time every day, he often stays late in the study after returning home.

Ye Mu deliberately went into the kitchen and made a salad and milk to send to Mo Shen. At this point, something to eat can make a little more energy.

Ye Mu knocked on the door and entered the study, put the things in his hand on the desk, and said, "The milk is hot, uncle drink it while it is hot."

"Are you done with your business?" Mo Shen nodded, raised the milk glass from the table and asked her.

Yemu took a seat next to him, responding to a deep question: "I'm done, mine is much simpler than my uncle."

Mo Shen put down the milk cup and raised his eyebrows to look at Ye Mu: "The more you look at the simple things, the hardest is often. If you want to do well, you have to be more cautious."

"Everything my uncle says is like a famous saying." Ye Mu lazily supported his chin with his palm and looked at Mo Shen.

"If you think it is the most reasonable saying, then remember it carefully. It will only be good for the little lady." Mo Shen still walked on the keyboard with his fingertips, but looked at her.

Ye Mu cooperated with him, nodded solemnly, took the paper from the side, pressed it on the table and said, "I want to write down one by one, maybe I can publish a book later."

Mo Shen chuckled lightly, the curved corners of his mouth especially charming: "You can consider it."

Ye Mu spit out her tongue, joking that she couldn't go on anymore. His eyes were busy sweeping the objects on Mo Shen's table and he said, "What can I do for help?"

Ye Mu can still do general sorting tasks.

"No, I'm pretty busy already." Mo Shen said, casting his eyes on the computer very seriously.

Ye Mu looked at Mo Shen busy, and he was bothering him here. She got up and walked out as quietly as possible.

It took a long time for Mo Shen's busy schedule to end, and it was late at night after he finished. After he came back, seeing her asleep, he deliberately stepped lightly into the bathroom.

Ye Mu turned over, showing signs of waking up slightly. She opened her eyes slightly, stretched her waist, and her side was not deep.

There was the sound of water in the bathroom, and Ye Mu rubbed his eyes, knowing that Mo Shen was inside. She lifted the quilt and got up and went to the study in a daze.

There were still cups and plates on the table in the study. Seeing that the milk and salad were empty, she nodded in satisfaction.

She received the milk glass and salad plate for cleaning in the kitchen, and she turned on a small light to quickly clean things upstairs.

I don't know why, she always feels that someone outside looks at her.

The quiet living room was full of Ye Mu's movement upstairs. She was halfway up the stairs, and a shadow swayed on the European-style clock. Ye Mu's heart beat suddenly, not far from the bedroom. A little scared, but the light kept dangling in the living room, Ye Mu didn't dare to turn around, let alone judge whether it was his own illusion. She swallowed a deep breath, boldly turned around and took a quick look.

A dazzling light came in from the window downstairs, and the image reflected from the window looked like a person shone in with a flashlight. She was so frightened that she didn't dare to come out, and rushed back to the bedroom at the fastest speed.

She closed the bedroom door with a ‘pop’ and she panted and panicked.

"What's the matter?" Mo Shen, who was wiping her hair with a towel, came in and asked her like this.

Ye Mu's eyes didn't turn back, he moved sluggishly twice, and finally put it on Mo Shen: "I...downstairs, outside the living room...seems like someone is there."

"Someone?" Mo Shen threw away the towel, pressing one hand on Ye Mu's shoulder to soothe him: "Maybe you have read it wrong."

Ye Mu shook his head and denied: "It can't be wrong. He is standing outside with a flashlight and looking inside. How could it be wrong?"

Hearing Ye Mu's words, Mo Shen smiled: "You are mistaken, the glass in the living room is anti-projection, so the light can't come in."

"Impossible... Then what did I see?" Ye Mu frowned and explained, thinking that the flashlight wouldn't be able to shine through, and her entire back fell cold. She looked at Mo Shen and said nervously, "Uncle... Could it be a supernatural event?"

When I was studying in the past, I had often heard about supernatural events in the school dormitory. Ye Mu believes that there are some things that cannot be explained by science.

"Little madam believes this?" Mo Shen looked at and raised her eyebrows, her panic didn't affect him.

Ye Mu's face was scared: "But it's really weird."

Mo Shen smiled helplessly, probably able to guess what it was. He put on his bathrobe and said, "I'll go out and have a look."

"Don't go..." Ye Mu hurriedly held Mo Shen, she wouldn't let him go, she really felt that there was a problem outside.

"If you don't go to the little lady, you won't feel at ease." Mo Shen raised his hand and touched the top of Ye Mu's hair. If she thought there was a problem at home, then she would be in a trance every day.

Yemu pulled Mo Shen, she didn't worry about letting him out. Shaking his head and refusing: "Uncle, let's talk about it tomorrow morning."

Mo Shen has already opened the door: "Don't worry, there will be no problem."

Mo Shen insisted on going out, Ye Mu didn't worry about letting him go, what if there was a problem?

"I'll go with you." Ye Mu pulled Mo Shen's clothes corner and swallowed his throat.

Mo Shen nodded, squeezed her palm and walked out of the bedroom: "Are you afraid?"

He took steps, the same pace as usual.

"Not afraid." Ye Mu replied, sweeping his eyes around, Mo Shen held her hand, and she felt a little less fearful.

Seeing her somewhat timid, Mo Shen led her downstairs and suddenly stopped. Ye Mu squeezed Mo Shen's hand tightly, and his whole heart was lifted up: "What's the matter?"

Mo Shen took another step and pointed to the window to show her: "This is what you just saw?"

"Hmm..."'That person' still stood in that position with a flashlight. Ye Mu followed Mo Shen's hand. He was a little timid at first sight, but stared straight at him instead of being afraid.

Mo Shen took Ye Mu downstairs and raised his hand to turn on the light in the living room: "Anything else?"

"No more..." Ye Mu stared at the place in a daze, secretly wondering how he turned on the light and disappeared. Ye Mu was sure that he was not a person, and asked hurriedly: "What's the matter?"

Mo Shen turned around, pointed to the spotlight on the roof of the second floor, and said, "It should be that you just went to the kitchen to open it uncomfortably. It refracted from the metal object on the window, of course it seemed to come in from outside the window. "

"Refract..." Ye Mu repeated the word, biting the word. Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something. She was surprised and said: "I understand!"

Mo Shen looked at her and raised her eyebrows slightly. What did she understand that she should be so surprised?

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