Chapter 1:Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Did you offend someone?

"Yao Yao, are you back from the game?"

Huo Yao (yǎo) was riding a dazzling black bicycle. When she passed the street corner canteen, the old lady standing at the door called her to stop.

Huo Yao gently pressed the brakes with his toes on the ground, and skillfully took off the helmet. The long pony tail poured out in an instant. Her facial features were very delicate and beautiful. At this time, the whole person looked like an indescribable heroic and handsome appearance. Cool.

Looking at Huo Yao, the old lady couldn't help but sigh in her heart. This good-looking child is different. Riding a bicycle can bring out a different kind of temperament from ordinary people.

"By the way, your house seems to be a visitor, and you drove a car that looked impressive and magnificent. My son said that the car is worth millions of dollars. We can't find a car that can match it in the entire county. Than..." the old lady said, and gestured with her hands exaggeratedly.

Huo Yao listened thoughtfully, but there was no other expression on his delicate face.

Seeing that Huo Yao was silent, the old lady carefully looked around for a while and then approached Huo Yao. She deliberately lowered her voice and asked, "Little Yao Yao, tell the truth to your grandma, how did your family know such a rich person? Or is it... offended someone?"

She remembered that they drove a car to their house last year, and it seemed that they had a big fight in the end?

Huo Yao's eyelids trembled, and some dumbfounding looked at the old lady who was obviously wanting to be crooked, to avoid misunderstanding by the other party, she replied in a very soft voice, "It may be a distant relative."

As the words fell, the old lady's face immediately showed doubts, but before she could ask more, Huo Yao had put on the helmet again and waved at her, "Grandma Huang, I will go back first."

The old lady looked at the back of Huo Yao riding away, and it took a long time before she murmured, "Isn't your family a famously difficult household?"

Where did the distant relatives come from?

Or the super rich one?

Huo Yao was riding his car and saw the black car parked in the alley outside the courtyard gate.

The eagle logo soars in the sky, the body is majestic, linear and flexible.

For Bentley, it can't be millions.

Huo Yao hooked the corners of his lips, retracted his unexplained gaze, and slowly jumped out of the car, and then skillfully pressed down several buckles on the bicycle.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the huge car automatically folds up, and the entire folded size looks almost smaller than an 11-inch laptop.

The courtyard door was not closed. Huo Yao easily picked up the folded bicycle, raised his foot and stepped in. Before he reached the front room, he heard a sharp voice coming out one after another.

"Mom, why are you so stubborn? What's in this shabby place that you are worth keeping?"

"I said that I have bought you a big house in the city, and also hired a nanny to take care of you. The conditions in all aspects are definitely better than yours now."

"Look at the black lacquered floor, the faded walls, and the upstairs. Is it still leaking on rainy days?"

"You are not in good health, and you have been living in such a damp and moldy old house. People who don't know think that our family is very poor, and that we are children who are deliberately abusing the elderly..."

Hearing these words, Huo Yao, who was still in the yard, suddenly fell into thought, but soon she raised her head again.

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