Chapter 1518:Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Can’t Be Bothered Talking To You

Chapter 1518: Can’t Be Bothered Talking To You

Li Chenhui rubbed his eyes quizzically. It felt as though he was imagining things. Huo Yao’s phone seemed to be very high tech.

Huo Yao failed to detect the look on Li Chenhui’s face. After confirming the GPS location, she exited computer mode on her phone.

After putting away her phone, the coldness in her eyes dissipated. She raised her head and looked at Li Chenhui. “Did you say something?”

“Nope.” Li Chenhui prodded his forehead as he kept thinking about what he had just seen. “What’s up with your phone?”

It looked very high tech earlier.

Huo Yao knew Li Chenhui wanted to ask, so she replied calmly. “I was using a projector app.”

Was she sure about it?

Li Chenhui promptly thought about what he had just seen earlier and concluded that it did not seem like a projector app at all.

Huo Yao was in no mood to continue hanging out, so she stood up and said, “Thanks for taking me to the play, but I have something to attend to, so I really have to go. Talk again soon.”

Li Chenhui could tell that Huo Yao genuinely needed to get somewhere, so he nodded. “No worries. Just go ahead.”

He paused and added. “If you are going somewhere, maybe I can give you a ride. I’m sure it will help you save some time.”

Huo Yao thanked him and said, “I’m good. I can get a cab.”

Li Chenhui did not insist. “Sure.”

Huo Yao nodded politely before she strode off. As she walked, her coat fluttered slightly and she gave off a cool aura.

Li Chenhui looked from behind as she left and could not help feeling impressed by her.

Even though Huo Yao came from a poor family, her aura was no different from someone from a rich family.

She was candid and unpretentious, so he had a great first impression of her.


After walking out of the restaurant, Huo Yao promptly hailed a cab.

She looked out of the car window calmly after getting into the car. It was impossible to detect how she was feeling now.

When her phone rang again, she finally veered her eyes. She glanced at her caller ID. It was a call from the previous unknown number.

She hung up the phone immediately without answering at all.

The caller did not expect her to hang up the phone. This caught the caller by surprise and a ferocious look appeared on his face.

When his subordinate detected the look on his face, he asked cautiously. “Why didn’t the call get through?”

A young man was sitting in the corner nearby drawing circles on the ground with his finger. The moment he heard what they said, he raised his head and looked at them.

“It got through, but she rejected the call,” said the man as he frowned.

The subordinate narrowed his eyes. “Didn’t you mention that she had agreed to come over?”

His boss tightened his grip on the phone with a vicious look on his face. He was about to speak when the young man interrupted him.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll come. My big sister didn’t answer your phone since she can’t be bothered talking to you.”

The young man was roughly 15 years old and he was very good-looking. His eyes looked especially innocent and harmless.

The menacing-looking man turned and stared at the young man.

The young man shrugged as he crossed his legs and leaned against the wall. He said unhurriedly, “Maybe she’s already here.”

The scary-looking man narrowed his eyes. For some reason, he did not trust the young man. “What about the rest of your family?”

“I don’t know,” replied the young man.

The vicious-looking man did not know what to say.

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