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Everyone knows that Demon Venerable Hua Che is cruel and venomous, and if he doesn’t agree, he will kill people. What’s even more horrible is that he took Xianzun Chu Binghuan as a hostage, and shamelessly forced others to become a priest.
The world scolded him for acting shamelessly, he was all deaf, only cautiously pleased Bai Yueguang.

But until he died, all he got from Chu Binghuan was “shamelessness” and “unshamefulness” all kinds of hurtful words.

Fortunately to be born again, Hua Che saw it open, the twisted melon is not sweet, good time, is it not good to walk the cat and tease the dog?
First, I have to go to Chu Binghuan’s house and leave the baby kiss.
However, Gao Lingzhihua, who should have been obsessed with the Tao and dismissed his pursuit, suddenly changed her temperament and couldn’t get rid of it wherever she went.

Hua Che used his own way: “I don’t know how to be ashamed!”
Chu Binghuan: “You and I have a marriage contract long ago, and it’s just right for you to live on the same couch.”

Hua Che also treated his body: “I don’t share the same spirit with you!”
Chu Binghuan: “Then let’s go to the sky and be a couple of gods and goddesses.”
Hua Che: “…”

Double life, offensive and pet, one-on-one
Encounter young people, bamboo horses, bamboo horses
Daguan free and easy/indulge in eating and waiting for death
Qing Leng Gu Gao / Affectionate Attack of Inner Mong Sao

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One sentence introduction: The former Bai Yueguang cried and cried to marry me?
Conception: wherever you fall, you will get up from wherever you go

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