Chapter 381:Ms. Doctor Divine

She Wouldn’t Get That!

Chapter 381: She Wouldn’t Get That!

“Have you got anything for us now?” Gu Zhenkang asked in a reasonable tone.

His mother had been in charge of the family for dozens of years, and when his father was still alive, his mother was also in charge. Therefore, he believed that his mother must have something for them to solve the problem.

Also, his mother only had two children, and when Princess Gu got selected to be a concubine in the court, no dowries were needed. Therefore, his mother must have kept her dowries still. And if those could be used for Ruxue, then all problems would be solved.

Gu Zhenkang was thinking inwardly, realizing that the whole plan sounded so great. So he relaxed and was even ready to get the stuff he desired.

Madame Gu was shivering… she had been nervous, but now she was really pissed! So this was the son she had adored for dozens of years!

Instead of asking her if she was doing well in the yard, he was asking directly for her properties. What did she have in hand anyway!?

She was so angry. How did this son of hers come into being?!

“Nothing.” Madame Gu replied quickly. “I have got nothing left! Your wife drove me to this yard, and she is in charge of Pear Garden, what could I have?”

Gu Zhenkang’s smiling face sank instantly.

Nothing? That was impossible!

“What about your dowries?” Gu Zhenkang asked, unconvinced.

Madame Gu sneered. “My dowries? I sold them all and got the money for your sister! Your sister was not having an easy time back then. She needed money!”

As she finished saying the words… Madame Gu shook her head. “You can leave now.”

Then she looked at Cai Ming, suggesting that she should be pushed into the room.

She had just taken a few more steps, when Gu Zhenkang stopped Cai Ming in panic. “Mom, you have to help me! Ruxue is my favorite girl whom I am most proud of. She is definitely going to help us! I can’t treat her badly! I have to marry her off in glory!”

Madame Gu ignored him.

“You are in charge of the Gu Mansion. I am too old to come in handy.” Madame Gu told Cai Ming to move her away.

Gu Zhenkang was anxious and helpless. “Mom, I really have no way out!”

Madame Gu ignored him and asked Cai Ming to keep on moving her.

Some leaves fell from the ginkgo trees,and a breeze passed by. The yard was quiet again.

“Cai Ming, go and check if the Old Master is still there.” Madame Gu asked tiredly.

Cai Ming walked out and returned shortly, shaking her head.

Madame Gu sighed and said nothing more.

Gu Zhenkang returned to the Begonia Garden.

He looked embarrassed. “Ruxue, Madame Gu has no solution either. What about you just having a brief wedding? You are marrying the Lord anyway, and your life will get better when you become his concubine!”

“No way!” Gu Ruxue screamed. Why must she have a brief wedding?

“Ruxue, you are just a concubine, and Chaoyan is the Princess Consort, I just can’t…” Gu Zhenkang sighed as he spoke of this. “There is no solution for us now. I did not expect that a daughter of a business family would have such luxurious luck. But…”

Gu Zhenkang kept nagging…

Gu Ruxue had her fists clenched… She had luxurious luck? She was going to get that luck off that bitch!

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