Chapter 1:My Deep-sea Fishery

Poor boy in a backward fishing village

"Ding, Ding Dong, Ding Ling!"

After making a string of wind chimes with seashells, Xiang Yang couldn't help but sighed.

It has been more than a year since graduating from university, but because of a cold major, he has not been able to find a job, so Xiang Yang had no choice but to return to his hometown.

The blue sky, white clouds, silver-white beaches, vast seas, a long coastline stretching for ten miles, like a poetic and picturesque paradise on earth.

However, this is a very poor and backward fishing village, and it is also the hometown of Xiang Yang.

all say that relying on mountains to eat mountains and relying on the sea to eat the sea. However, in recent years, fishery resources have dried up. Even if Xiang Yang is a college student majoring in oceanography, it is difficult for him to make a difference in such a dry environment of fishery resources.

Xiang Yang, who returned to his hometown, could only rely on the beach to pick up some shells and string them into wind chimes, and sell them online to make a little money.

Xiang Yang can be said to have suffered from rolling his eyes in the past year.

Ha ha, who would have thought that the first college student in the beautiful village with big red flowers could not earn as many people after graduating from college than any other person in the village who went out to work?

"You kid don't know good or bad, your third uncle's face is so great that he introduced you to work in the electronics factory in Zhuhai. The basic salary of more than two thousand people, and the overtime salary is 16 yuan an hour, which is more than if you string this at home. The shells have earned a lot, and you have to follow me to your third uncle's house if you say anything today." Xiangmu said very harshly.


This is not the first time for Xiang Yang to find a job at home.

Xiang Yang responded with silence every time.

After all, Xiang Yang still has arrogance in his heart. After so many years of hard work, the village also pooled money to send him to university. In the end, did he train an assembly line for the electronics factory?

"Xiaoyang, mom knows you have a good face, and you don’t want to go to the factory to be an ordinary worker, but the worker makes money! It’s not that mom forced you. You are indeed getting married. These days you need money to get married and start a family. , This year you were at home and you made thousands and hundreds of dollars a month. How will you support your family in the future?" Xiang Mu softened when she saw Xiang Yang didn't eat hard.

"Okay, I'll go to San Shu's house to inquire tonight." Xiang Yang thought for a while and said, after being at home for nearly a year, Xiang Yang can be considered open. Indeed, if he can't make money in his hometown, Xiang Yang will sooner or later. If you want to go out, you can go to the electronics factory for a few months to work, accumulate some funds, and have confidence in what you want to do later.

"Did you agree?" Xiang Mu was overjoyed. She didn't actually force Xiang Yang to go out. She looked at the bright and intriguing people in the village, usually with tinted glasses and some mocking Xiang Yang, fearing that Xiang Yang could not stand it. He kept urging Xiang Yang to go out and find a job.

"Okay, mom won't bother you, so keep busy." Xiang Mu said to Xiang Yang, and walked quickly to the door, lest Xiang Yang regretted it for a while. Although going to work in an electronics factory is not the best thing in Xiang Mu's heart. Favorite choice, but better than Xiang Yang staying at home and stringing shells.

Xiang Yang laughed at himself, put down the shells in the basket, got up and walked outside the door, thinking of the seaside to breathe.

When you go out, you will inevitably see the villagers. Xiang Yang can hide and hide with his head low. If he can't avoid it, he greets kindly. In person, everyone from the villagers also talked and laughed, but he turned around. , Xiang Yang heard some small babbles.

"It is said that there is gold in books, how come this kid from the Xiang family has finished college and is not as good as an ordinary wage earner? He was not serious in college, maybe his grades are very poor, right?"

"Who knows? At the beginning I thought that the old Xiang family was going to be developed, but who knew I would string shells at home now."

"Isn't it? I heard other college students say that after graduation they sit in the office and blow on the air conditioner. The salary is high and it is easy to live. The old Xiang family is too unbelievable."

"It's useless to read so many books if you want me."

"Yes, that's it. The old Zhao’s child didn’t graduate from junior high school. Now he runs a barber shop in Yangcheng. He is the boss and hired a few employees. The net profit is tens of thousands of yuan a month. What's the use of reading so many books? ,Ha ha."


Xiang Yang’s mouth twitched, and he speeded up his pace subconsciously. The nature of the folks in the village is not bad. Xiang Yang also knows that everyone is gossip without maliciousness, but Xiang Yang really can’t stand these words and hurts his self-esteem.

These are okay. What outsiders say Xiang Yang doesn’t matter. I’m afraid that my family’s relatives will also say that his parents don’t look good on their faces. Xiang Yang is very disgusted with this. How can there be so many satisfactory jobs in this world? Isn't it all climbing from low to high step by step, how many people are good at Twenty Lang?

In fact, Xiang Yang still wants to stay in his hometown. It’s not easy to go outside. Now there are many college students in society and the pressure of competition is high. College students don’t actually have many advantages. For large companies, Xiang Yang can’t enter due to professional reasons. Go, the boss in the small business welcomes you, and is willing to talk about life and ideals with you. As long as you don't talk about salary, people are willing to talk about everything. Talking and talking, this life is basically over.

From Xiang Yang’s perspective, his hometown still has a lot of room for Of course, development is inseparable from money, and nothing can be done without money. This is also Xiang Yang’s willingness to go out and play for a few months. Accumulate funds for the reasons of work.

Coming to the beach, stepping on the soft silver-white sand, looking at the vast sea, Xiang Yang's panic mentality seemed to be purified.

Hey, what is that?

At this time, a deep blue but crystal clear shell on the beach attracted Xiang Yang.

"Is it a shell or a handicraft?" Xiang Yang's heart was pounding. Although Qinglongwan has a unique scenery, it is not a tourist area because of the inconvenience of transportation. There is a great chance that something crystal clear is a shell.

This crystal-clear thing looks like jade at first glance. Xiang Yang has never heard of it before. If it is really a shell, it must be very precious.


Just picking up the shell, Xiang Yang suddenly cried out in pain.

This crystal-clear shell was thinner than Xiang Yang imagined, like a cicada's wing, and the edge was sharper than Xiang Yang imagined. If he was not careful, Xiang Yang's palm was cut open with blood flowing.

The next scene almost scared Xiang Yang to death.

I saw blood dripping on the dark blue shell, as if it had been fitted with a straw. Not only the blood that had already flowed out, but even the blood in Xiang Yang's body also rushed towards the shell madly, and the shell , Just like sticking to Xiang Yang's hand, can't shake it anymore.

In just a moment, Xiang Yang felt dizzy and swollen due to excessive blood loss.

"It's over." This was Xiang Yang's last consciousness before he fell into a coma. The next moment, Xiang Yang's eyes went dark and completely fainted, and he fell straight toward the beach.

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