Chapter 690:My Deep-sea Fishery


"Yes, good job." Gao Chuang smiled and said, "I'll add an extra bowl of fish blood soup for you later."

"Give me the knife." Gao Chuang took the knife from the sailor's hand, then hit the back of the knife against the back of the silver belly spot.

"Here is the back of its head, what you knocked on the forehead."

The silver belly spot has a very flat body and a long mouth. In addition, this fish is very rare, so many people who kill fish will mistake its forehead as the back of the head.

Knowing that he had made a mistake, the sailor quickly made a humbly acceptance.

Gao Chuang shook his head and handed him the knife back.

"Xiang Yang, do you know what the Three Treasures of Silver Belly Spot are?" Gao Chuang asked Xiang Yang with a smile.

Xiang Yang smiled. This silver-belly-spotted fish actually tasted just ordinary. If it wasn't for the fish glue, it wouldn't be bought by anyone even if it was sold for 100 yuan a catty.

So first of all, we must get rid of its fish.

"I guess it's fish maw and fish blood. I don't know what the last treasure is." Xiang Yang smiled.

"You guessed it right." Gao Chuang nodded: "I won't talk about this fish belly. As everyone knows, its blood is also a treasure. It contains very strong astaxanthin. As for this last treasure, that It’s the fish fat, which is the top fish oil raw material."

The fish is still being killed here, and someone is already setting up a pot over there.

You don’t need any seasoning to cook silver belly spots. Add some ** to remove the smell and add a little salt. This is all the seasoning. When eating, you can add a little chili or sesame oil according to your own taste.

Although the sailor had made a small mistake before, he could see that his craftsmanship was still very good. With a knife, he picked the entire fish skin from the silver belly spot. At the same time, he cut The fish maw that comes down is more processed than that cut by Chen Qingsheng.

"Let's fish for a while, this silver belly spot will take a while to become familiar." Gao Chuang handed Xiang Yang a fishing rod.

Xiang Yang smiled, "Fishing is not my strong point, Gao, do you want to go to the bottom of the sea to play?"

"Go to the bottom of the sea?"

Gao Chuang had some hesitations. He has been wandering at sea for most of his life. He is naturally adventurous and yearning for the sea.

But this is Antarctica.

Diving in Antarctica, can't it be frozen into popsicles?

Xiang Yang smiled and said, "The diving equipment on my boat has a warm- keeping function. I usually dive more than 100 meters to the bottom of the sea without feeling cold."

When Gao Chuang heard it, his eyes lit up.

Even in the tropical ocean, there is no temperature in the sea more than 100 meters below the sea.

Xiang Yang said that he doesn't feel cold more than 100 meters under the sea, but on the other hand, it also has the function of keeping warm under the sea in the Antarctic waters.

"Okay, then let's go down to the bottom of the sea and have a look." Gao Chuang quickly agreed.

Xiang Yang smiled and handed the fishing rod back to Gao Chuang, and then said, "General Manager Gao, wait for me here, and I will go back to the boat to get diving equipment."

Gao Chuang hurriedly said: "No, it's so troublesome to let you walk over and over again, let's go, I'll go to your boat with you."

Hearing this, Xiang Yang froze for a moment, and then Xiang Yang laughed. It seemed that Mr. Gao was very anxious.

Gao Chuang is embarrassed by the game. He is the boss of an ocean fishing company. As a result, the diving equipment on his ship is not as advanced as Xiang Yang. This is very shameless.

However, Gao Chuang also knows that Xiang Yang's diving equipment is said to flow out of the scientific research laboratory, and it is not easy to have money without special channels.

In addition, Gao Chuang is mainly engaged in aquatic operations, and underwater operations have never been his strong point. Therefore, Gao Chuang has nowhere to find these advanced diving equipment.

Thinking of this, Gao Chuang couldn't help but look forward to this diving activity. He has been to Antarctica many times, but this is really the first time diving in Antarctica.

At the same time, Gao Chuang made up his mind that if the goods were received well underwater this time, and Xiang Yang’s diving equipment was really that advanced, then after returning this time, he would also update the diving equipment on the ship. .

In recent years, whether it is trawling or purse seine, there has been less and less catch.

Seabed fishing may and indeed is a new way out for their fishing companies and fishermen.

Looking at the expression on Gao Chuang's face, Xiang Yang was really speechless. He thought that he was the boss of such a big fishing company, and he was so excited about a diving suit.

Since it is decided to dive and fish, it is certainly impossible that so many people are waiting for Xiang Yang and Gao Chuang on the boat.

Xiang Yang separated 30 sets of diving suits for Gao Chuang, and let him organize 30 people into the water, and then let Chen Qingsheng distribute the remaining diving suits to the crew on his ship to see if he could find them underwater. Something.

After going into the sea, Xiang Yang discovered that although the seawater in this area was very cold, it was not a forbidden zone for life.

The first one that reflects Xiang Yang's eyelids, UU Reading www. is a dense layer of transparent seaweed.

These seaweeds should be a kind of Antarctic krill food. Because Xiang Yang saw a lot of Antarctic krill among these seaweeds.

Not far behind Xiang Yang, Gao Chuang was shocked.

Gao Chuang discovered that the diving suit Xiang Yang lent him had better results than he had imagined.

First of all, Gao Chuang discovered that this wetsuit was designed to be a perfectly streamlined shape. Wearing this wetsuit, his swimming speed on the bottom of the sea was obviously much stronger than his normal swimming speed before.

Secondly, Gao Chuang discovered that the pressure brought about by the sea water pressure has also been reduced.

If a person wears a normal diving suit to a depth of 100 meters, the diving suit on board can definitely dive to 150 meters.

Most importantly, Gao Chuang discovered that this diving suit really has the effect of keeping out the cold. He is now in the cold Antarctic waters, but he is not cold at all now.

Xiang Yang didn't know what Gao Chuang was thinking.

Now that he was in the water, Xiang Yang naturally refused to go up empty- handed.

He continued to drill underwater. After diving for seven to eighty meters, Xiang Yang's feet finally stepped on the bottom of the sea.


After reaching the bottom of the sea, Xiang Yang was surprised.

Previously, Xiang Yang found a large number of Antarctic krill on the surface and middle of the sea.

There are seaweed and Antarctic krill.

The food is plentiful, and the sea is clean and clear, so according to Xiang Yang's estimation, there should be a lot of fish in this sea area.

But the fact is on the contrary, there are very few fish under this sea area.

Xiang Yangchao continued to look around for a few minutes, and found that there were no marine fish except for a few fish belly spots around. The most life on the entire seabed was the shellfish and barnacles lurking on the beaches of the sea.

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