Chapter 691:My Deep-sea Fishery

Antarctic crayfish

Suddenly, Xiang Yang saw a lobster with a distinctive appearance.

Xiang Yang was taken aback first, followed by ecstasy. Isn't that unusual lobster the Antarctic deep-sea crayfish he was thinking of?

Antarctic deep-sea crayfish, also called New Zealand Norwegian jellyfish, is small in size and fresh in color. Compared with ordinary lobsters, its double claws are more slender.

Although the Antarctic deep-sea crayfish is petite, it is very expensive because it is produced in the transparent and pure deep sea of ​​Antarctica. The quality is very good and pure and natural, without any trace of pollution.

All over the world, Antarctic deep-sea lobster is an extremely precious seafood. Its taste is delicious and mellow, its meat is tender and elastic, and its taste is smooth and sweet. Whether in terms of taste or nutritional value, Antarctic deep-sea lobster is there. Shrimp is among the best, and it is the best raw material for sashimi and porridge.

Xiang Yang quickly swam toward the Antarctic deep-sea crayfish.

About half an hour later, Xiang Yang surfaced and returned to the boat.

The crew members who went down came back one by one, and many people had some Antarctic deep-sea prawns in their net pockets.

"My mother, there are Antarctic deep-sea crayfish. I knew what cargo ship I was carrying and sent my crew to sneak through the New Zealand waters. How can I get a good fishing here?" Gao Chuang carried a net bag and he went up as soon as he came up. Muttered loudly.

"Mr. Gao, have you also caught Antarctic deep-sea crayfish?" Xiang Yang asked with a smile.

Gao Chuang nodded, "Well, not many. I only caught a dozen or so, but these more than a dozen Antarctic deep-sea prawns prove that there are Antarctic deep-sea prawns under this sea area. After I go back this time, I have to replace them. More advanced diving equipment, at least part of it needs to be replaced first."

Xiang Yang secretly said in his heart that Mr. Gao was resolute and resolute, but he said: "President Gao is really courageous. With so many fleets in your company, this replacement of diving equipment is not a small amount of money."

Gao Chuang waved his hand indifferently, "Begging on the sea. In the past, when fishery resources were abundant, he used courage. As long as you dare to go out to sea, you can catch fish. Nowadays, fishery resources are gradually becoming barren, and all you have to do is technology and equipment. The diving equipment on my boat hasn’t been changed for so many years. It’s time to change it now. Otherwise, I’m afraid I will be eliminated."

At this time, Fang Youqun craned his neck and moved his head over, "Brother Yang, Boss Gao, what were you talking about just now? What Antarctic deep-sea crayfish, is this stuff very valuable?"

It is not the first time that Fang Youqun has heard of the name Antarctic deep-sea crayfish. When he was in Xisha before, he vaguely heard Xiang Yang mention it.

Later, while passing through the waters of New Zealand, he heard about it again.

Now I heard Gao Chuang say that there are Antarctic deep-sea crayfish. Fang Youqun immediately felt as if he had been caught by a cat, and he was too curious.

Xiang Yang smiled and handed the net bag to Fang Youqun, and then said: "This is the Antarctic deep-sea crayfish, you show it to everyone, don't even see it under the seabed in the future."

Fang Youqun took the net bag and opened the mouth of the net bag, and his face immediately showed disappointment, "Is this the Antarctic deep-sea lobster? I thought it was a big lobster like Bolong and Aolong. Such a small shrimp can How much is it worth?"

Fang Youqun felt that Gao Chuang was just making a fuss. Just for this small shrimp the size of a finger, he had to replace the diving equipment for the fleet.

This is simply that the input is not proportional to the receipt.

When Xiang Yang saw Fang Youqun's expression, he immediately knew what he was thinking.

"Don't look at the size of this shrimp. The Antarctic deep-sea crayfish is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and astaxanthin, and it can also provide the human body with a variety of nutrients, such as protein and vitamins. Regular consumption can reduce body fat. The content and cholesterol are more nutritious than large lobster and salmon." Xiang Yang said with a smile.

"Is it valuable?" Fang Youqun asked with bright eyes. This shrimp has been seen by the group of friends, just now, just under the sea, it seems that there are still a lot of appearances.

However, Fang Youqun did not know Antarctic deep-sea crayfish, so he mistakenly used Antarctic deep-sea crayfish as ordinary small shrimp, and he didn't even bother to catch it.

Xiang Yang nodded, "Very valuable."

Xiang Yang knew that to introduce a thing to Fang Youqun, there was no need to disassemble that thing little by little, just tell Fang Youqun that the thing was very valuable.

Whether it is valuable or not is the only criterion for Fang Youqun to judge whether something is good or bad.

Sure enough, after getting Xiang Yang's affirmative answer, Fang Youqun couldn't sit still immediately. He immediately put on his helmet and walked toward the ship's gunwale.

Xiang Yang quickly stopped Fang Youqun, "Why do you want to go, kid?"

"Sunshine, UU Reading, I also encountered this kind of shrimp just now under the seabed, and there are still a lot of them. Just now because I don't know this shrimp, I didn't catch it. I will go down and take a look. See if there are any such shrimps in that water area." Fang Youqun replied loudly.

Xiang Yang smiled and shook his head, "Do you think this Antarctic deep-sea crayfish has no legs, or do you mean it will not run away? It will be a distance from you to see those Antarctic deep-sea crayfish and it has been so long in the past, and you are sure that they will not swim. Go, will stay where you are and wait for you to go back to catch it?"

Fang Youqun first smiled slyly, and then became active again, "Regardless of whether the Antarctic deep-sea prawns are still in place, I will go down and have a look before talking. What if I meet them? Wouldn't they make money? "

"You must be caught, but you can't be so impatient." Xiang Yang smiled.

Every half an hour of diving, he must return to the boat to rest for a while. This rule is set by Xiang Yang to ensure the safety of the diving crew. Of course, Xiang Yang cannot break the rule because of a few Antarctic deep-sea crayfish.

Fang Youqun was anxious and scratched his head immediately.

Xiang Yang said that the Antarctic deep-sea crayfish can swim. Fang Youqun is worried that he will stay on the boat for a while. The area of ​​water he sent before does not even have an Antarctic deep-sea crayfish.

In addition, Fang Youqun felt that he could stay under the sea for a while longer. He actually graduated and rested on the deck at all.

Of course, Fang Youqun dared not violate Xiang Yang's words. Seeing Xiang Yang, he was not allowed to go down for the time being. Fang Youqun had no choice but to stay on the deck and count his fingers.

Xiang Yang smiled and patted Fang Youqun's shoulder, "Don't worry, there will definitely be a place for you when you enter the water later, we are not in a hurry to enter the water so quickly."

"Brother Yang, you are not in a hurry, but I am in a hurry." Fang Youqun said helplessly.

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