Chapter 692:My Deep-sea Fishery

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Gao Chuang also agreed at this time: "Xiang Yang, I think you can send someone down to have a look."

Gao Chuang felt that when the fishing boat stopped, as long as the crew wanted to go into the sea, they would just let them go down. There was no need to make a rule of getting on the deck to rest for a long time.

Xiang Yang continued to shook his head, "General Manager Gao, I am different from you. Trawling is not my main business. There are not many opportunities for you and your crew to enter the water.

In fact, what Xiang Yang really worried about was naturally the crew member he encountered.

As long as any of these crew members had an accident on the bottom of the sea, Xiang Yang would have a distressed conscience.

When Xiang Yang and the others went into the water in the first meeting, the people on the boat were not idle, one after another, the crew members thrown into the bottom of the sea.

At this time, the crew of the fleet who hadn't got into the water saw that the crew of the dive headed by Xiang Yang had all come up from the bottom of the sea, so one by one they started to set up their nets.

The answer is self-evident.

There are not many fish in this sea area. With so many nets going down, each ship has not received any goods except for a little Antarctic lobster.

Some of the more unlucky, even the Antarctic krill were not caught.

After all, the nets used by everyone are not small, and Antarctic krill can easily get out of the net through the holes.

In addition, Antarctic krill is not as easy to get into nets as crabs, so it is not surprising that there are free nets.

There were already enough Antarctic krill on the boat. Xiang Yang ordered the crew to put the net of Antarctic krill just caught back into the sea. As a result, it can be regarded as a controlled fishing and improve the environment.

Secondly, it is of course that Antarctic krill is not very valuable, and it is not worthwhile to drag a car back.

Soon, time passed by minute by minute.

Xiang Yang felt that the crew had enough rest, so he gave an order: "Enough, you can continue to enter the water, as before, you must get on the boat within 30 minutes, and at the same time, after everyone is in the water, you can’t leave you to enter the water. Point a kilometer."

The second article was temporarily added by Xiang Yang.

Antarctica is the sea area with the most ice floes in the world, and the entire Antarctic ice floe city covers an area of ​​34 million square kilometers.

If the crew is allowed to move freely under the water, it is very likely that they will encounter very thick ice floes and then be trapped and unable to get out.

In fact, although there is a lot of ice floes in Antarctica, and it can freeze at intervals, it is the sea area with the most ice floes in the world.

However, most of these ice floes are huge ice bodies connected to the Antarctic continent, except for a small part that is actually drifting on the sea.

It is precisely the existence of that line of ice that it is not easy for humans to log on to the Antarctic continent.

At the same time, because of the existence of these icebergs, Xiang Yangming ordered that the pedestrian who disembarked must be driven back to the sea within 30 minutes.

If it goes on for a long time, it is inevitable that it will freeze on the surface of the water and be trapped under the water.

Although as of a few days, there are many scientists from different countries all over the world taking root in Antarctica, but ordinary people still can't escape from under the ice with just a diving suit.

In addition, there are many floating icebergs in Antarctica.

There are different opinions on how the floating icebergs formed, and Xiang Yang is more inclined to rupture.

Icebergs are mainly concentrated in the waters of the North and South Poles.

Because the two polar regions get very little solar radiation, the low temperature and coldness all the year round.

Covered with snow and ice, combined with the accumulation of days and months, an iceberg is formed.

At first, these icebergs were said to be connected to the Antarctic continent.

But later, because of the buoyancy of the sea and the impact of waves at the end of the glaciers in the polar continents, the ends of the continents were broken. Pieces of giant ice blocks moved along the gentle ** of the continent to the ocean, and slowly formed glaciers.

With Xiang Yang's clear order that he could go into the water, all the crew members who had been looking forward to it were immediately excited.

Fang Youqun quickly put on his helmet, and stood on the side of the ship first, and then climbed into the sea through a suspended ladder.

The people behind were not to be outdone, and while queuing up, they cursed Fang Youqun for being cunning.

After reaching the bottom of the sea, Xiang Yang continued to search for the early Antarctic deep-sea crayfish.

Suddenly, Xiang Yang stepped on something that looked like a block of ice.

"Huh?" Xiang Yang's heart moved, "This, is it the legendary combustible ice?"

Combustible ice is a very magical energy source.

It is a kind of natural gas hydrate, which is an ice-like crystalline substance formed by natural gas and water under high pressure and low temperature conditions. It is called combustible ice because it looks like ice and burns when exposed to fire.

Combustible ice is widely distributed in the deep sea or permafrost on land. After burning, it generates only a small amount of carbon dioxide and water. It has far less pollution than coal and petroleum, and has huge reserves. Therefore, it is recognized internationally as a substitute energy source for petroleum.

The main distribution areas where combustible ice has been found on the seabed in the world are the Gulf of Mexico in the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the eastern continental margin of South America, the western continental margin of Africa, and the Black Sea platform off the east coast of the United Pacific Ocean The Bering Sea, the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, the Thousand Islands Trench, the Okinawa Trough, the Sea of ​​Japan, the Shikoku Trough, the South my country Sea Trough, the Sulawesi Sea and the northern waters of New Zealand also have very rich reserves.

In addition, it is said that the Central American Trough in the East Pacific Ocean, the Offshore California and the Peru Trough, the Gulf of Oman in the Indian Ocean, the Ross Sea and Weddell Sea in the Antarctic, and the Barents Sea and the Beaufort Sea in the Arctic. Traces of large amounts of combustible ice.

Approximately 27% of the land on the earth is a potential area for the formation of natural gas hydrates.

Approximately 90% of the water area is also such a potential area.

The discovered natural gas hydrates mainly exist in the permafrost regions of the Arctic region and the seabed, continental slopes, land-based and trenches of the world. It is not surprising that combustible ice is found in the Antarctic Circle.

Due to the different standards for the use of combustible ice in countries around the world, the estimates of the world's natural gas hydrate reserves vary greatly from different agencies.

However, Xiang Yang knows that in my country, combustible ice is very important. Although oil cannot be banned by other energy sources in a short period of time, my country has always attached great importance to the development of new energy sources.

Coupled with the huge consumption of conventional oil and natural gas resources in the world, they will soon be exhausted.

After evaluation by combustible ice scientists, it is shown that in the seabed area alone, the area of ​​combustible ice is 40 million km2, accounting for 1/4 of the total area of ​​the earth’s oceans.

At present, 116 combustible ice distribution areas have been discovered and published in the world. The thickness and scale of the deposits are unmatched by conventional natural gas fields. Scientists estimate that the reserves of combustible ice on the seafloor are at least sufficient for human use. 1000 years.

Therefore, Xiang Yang also attaches great importance to the new energy of combustible ice.

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