Chapter 694:My Deep-sea Fishery

Invincible creatures

Xiang Yang felt that the most fundamental way to deal with spiny ** was to protect and vigorously cultivate the only natural enemy Dafa snails.

Because other methods, such as improving the natural conditions of fish life, or reducing the input of nutrients in the sea, or even artificially changing the temperature of the sea, have no effect on the spiny ball.

If only changing the environment of the sea water can eliminate the spiny ball, then the spiny ball will not be considered as a natural disaster. This kind of thing is pressing, and it can even leave the sea to survive on land.

Xiang Yang grabbed the spiny ball and placed it in front of him to take a closer look.

Its thorns are very long and densely packed. Each thorn is more than one centimeter long. At the bottom of the thorn, there is a very smooth fleshy wall. If you don’t consider its harm to other marine organisms, let alone, Its appearance is still very good, and it can be kept in a sea aquarium as an ornamental fish.

Of course, Xiang Yang only dared to think about this idea. If he really dared to take this spiny ball back and raise it, he would definitely be in trouble.

In January 2012, researchers found nearly a thousand spiny * on a sandy beach about 300 meters long on Ishigaki Island. Almost all of these spiny * crawled from the sea to the beach to find food because of starvation.

In fact, even earlier, local fishermen on Ishigaki Island discovered that the spiny ** nearby were growing explosively.

In just a few years, those spiny ** ate up all the marine life in the waters near Ishigaki Island, and then began to slowly move towards the beach.

Since the main food of spiny * is coral, scientists later speculated that it may be that the explosive growth of spiny * has eaten up the nearby coral polyps, so the remaining spiny ** had to be transferred to the beach.

But for the explosive growth of spines football, scientists have not understood the reason until now.

Xiang Yang looked around again.

After Xiang Yang deliberately searched for it, as expected, Xiang Yang soon found a number of spiny balls.

These spiny ** are gray-black and some are green, and they seem to be covered in moss.

Not far away, Xiang Yang even saw a pure white spiny ball with a diameter of more than fifty centimeters, like a huge spider web.

Xiang Yang breathed a sigh of relief after seeing the huge spiny ball.

The number of spines at the bottom of this sea area seems to be extremely large. In fact, there are a number of spines for each question type, and the numbers are relatively rare. This shows that spines are only reproducing naturally, not exploding.

This can also be seen from the side on the corals that are still growing around.

Corals are rare in Antarctica, but they are also not uncommon.

Although coral reefs are mostly distributed in tropical waters, in fact, coral polyps are only suitable for living in waters below 28 degrees Celsius, and some can only survive below 4 degrees Celsius. Excessive temperature will also cause corals to bleach and die.

Therefore, the current global warming has caused the water temperature to continue to rise, which will also accelerate the demise of coral reefs.

Of course, most corals still prefer to grow in warm waters with a water temperature of around 20°C. 23-27°C is the best water temperature for the growth and development of reef-building corals, so corals are still relatively rare in Antarctica.

These corals that grow in extremely cold waters also have different appearances and more colors, and the clusters are very beautiful. Seeing them, Xiang Yang seems to have arrived at the underwater dragon palace.

Xiang Yang worried that a crew member who did not know the spiny ball would be in danger on the seabed. He did not dare to stay on the seabed for a long time, and he didn't even bother to admire the beautiful corals. He stuffed the coral group into his net pocket, and then Xiang Yang quickly moved towards it. The ship went upstream.

"Captain, why did you come up so soon?" Some crew members were a little surprised when they saw Xiang Yang came up just a few minutes after he was in the sea.

"I found this under the seabed. As long as someone emerges from the seabed in a while, you will call people over, and I have something to say to them." Xiang Yang took off the net bag on his waist and took out the spiny ball.

As soon as the crew heard this, they were immediately excited. It must be a good treasure to make Xiang Yang take it so seriously.

A crew member asked, "Captain, what is this? Is it valuable?"

With that, the crew member stretched out his hand and wanted to touch the spiny ball.


Xu Fang on the side directly patted the crew's hand back, and then cursed: "Can't you see so many thorns? Do you dare to reach out and touch it for death?"

"I brought leather gloves." The crew member immediately grieved.

Xiang Yang shook his head, "This thing is called a spiny ball. The thorns on its body are very sharp. The main function of the leather glove on your hand is to keep out the cold, and it cannot resist the poisonous spines on the spiny ball."

"This thing turned out to be a spiny ball? Is it valuable?" the crew member asked.

"It's not valuable, and it's a terrible thing. I have seen this thing in the East China Sea. I didn't expect it to be found in Antarctica." Xu Fang frowned, "Captain, there are many such thorns under the seabed." ball?"

Xiang Yang nodded, "Yes, there are several that I found alone, otherwise, I wouldn't swim back to the boat to make everyone pay attention."

When Xu Fang heard this, the expression on his face immediately became serious.

Others don't understand the threat of spines, how could Xu Fang not understand?

Every year, a large number of diving enthusiasts die on this spiny ball.

There are a lot of neurotoxins in the spiny ball. Once the spiny ball's stinger is stabbed, people will lose consciousness immediately, and then live under the water and suffocate to death.

"Captain, can this spiny ball pierce our diving suit?" Xu Fang said with a rather ugly expression.

In Xu Fang's opinion, if the stinger of this spiny ball could not pierce the diving suit, the Yang would definitely not come up.

However, Xiang Yang Mingming is now holding a spiny ball with his hands. Looking at it this way, this spiny ball should not be able to break through the diving suits Xiang Yang bought.

“I’ve tried it. Wearing my diving suit, if I don’t die, there is still no danger under normal circumstances, but I’m afraid that some crew members don’t recognize this spiny ball and hold it as a baby. When I hit it up, this small puncture can't penetrate, it doesn't mean that the large ones can't penetrate either. I just saw a spiny ball with a diameter of about fifty centimeters under the seabed." Xiang Yang said.

When Xu Fang heard this, he was relieved immediately.

As long as it can't be pierced under normal circumstances, there will not be much danger for the crew under water.

But when Xiang Yang finished speaking, Xu Fang suddenly became nervous again. The spiny ball with a diameter of 50 centimeters, I am afraid that even the hare-skin turtle would not even provoke it, right?

Although the diving suits on their boats claim that sharks can't tear them, is it possible to resist the poisonous needles of the spines?

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